Character Sketch of The Lost Child


Give a Character Sketch of Lost Child and Unknown Man from Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 1 The Lost Child


Character Sketch of Lost Child

The lost child is an obedient and disciplined child who follows rules and instructions. The child was very excited as he was going to a fair with his parents and played with everything that came his way. He was fascinated by many things like toys, sweets, a garland, etc. in the fair. He asked his parents to buy things for him, but they refused. He wanted to enjoy the roundabout. But as he moved back to request his parents for it, he couldn’t find them anywhere. His face was shaken with fear and tears rolled down from his eyes. A man from the crowd heard his cries and tried to console him by offering different things which previously he wanted to have. The fear is so predominant that the child did not show any interest in taking those things. He only wanted his parents.

The Lost Child Overview – The Lost Child is the story of a small child who gets lost in a fair. He had gone with his parents to the fair but lost them when he got engrossed in looking at a roundabout swing. The story highlights the bond of love and affection that the child shares with his parents. Before losing them he had been demanding different things like sweets, balloons, flowers, swings, etc. Once he loses them, he is picked up by a stranger. The stranger tries to quieten the child by offering him all these things that he had demanded from his parents but the child does not want them anymore. He wants his parents first.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Lost Child

Q1. How would you describe the personality traits of the child in “The Lost Child”? Provide evidence from the chapter to support your answer.
Q2. What are some key emotions experienced by the child in “The Lost Child”? How do these emotions shape the character’s actions throughout the story?
Q3. Analyze the child’s relationship with his parents in “The Lost Child.” How does this relationship influence his behavior and decisions?
Q4. Discuss the transformation or growth of the child’s character in “The Lost Child.” What lessons does the child learn by the end of the story, and how do they impact his outlook on life?


Character Sketch of Unknown Man

The unknown man was a very kind and generous man. In the crowd, he was the only one who came forward to help the lost child. First, he lifted up the lost child in his arms. He asked the child about him and his parents and got to know that he had lost his parents. He tried each and everything to console the lost and sobbing child. He offered every exciting thing in the fair to the child which earlier he had wanted to buy. The unknown man is a symbol of humanity who is ready to help the lost child in all aspects.
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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Unknown Man

Q1. In the chapter “The Lost Child,” what are the key characteristics and traits of the unknown man who appears in the story?
Q2. How does the unknown man’s interaction with the lost child reveal his personality and attitude towards children?
Q3. What role does the unknown man play in the overall theme and message of the chapter “The Lost Child”?
Q4. The unknown man in the story ‘The Lost child’ and Sergei in the story ‘The Beggar’ help the protagonist. Based on your reading the stories, draw a comparison between the them.


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