NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 1 MCQs – The Lost Child


The Lost Child MCQs


CBSE Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 1 The Lost Child MCQ Questions with Answers

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Q1- Name the things that the child saw on his way to the fair?

A) toys
B) sweets and garlands
C) balloons
D) all


Q2- Why did the child lag behind his parents?

A) because of the stops he took to look closely at his favourite things
B) because he was walking slow
C) because he was crying
D) all


Q3- Why did the child keep moving without getting any answers?

A) because of distractions
B) because of too many attractions
C) because of his experience and assumed notions about his parents
D) none


Q4- What did the child want to eat at the fair?

A) Burfi
B) pastry
C) ladoo
D) jalebi


Q5- When did the child realize that he had lost his way?

A) while running
B) while eating icecream
C) when he turned to take permission from his parents to take a ride on a roundabout
D) none



Q6- What did the child do when he realized that he had lost his way?

A) cried and ran here and there
B) felt happy
C) reported to the office
D) none

Q7- Why did the child lose his interest in all the things he was interested earlier?

A) because of separation from his parents and losing his way
B) because of no response from his parents
C) because his interest was changed
D) can’t say


Q8- What did the child realize?

A) The fair was charming
B) the toys were attractive
C) that parents are the most valuable asset
D) None


Q9- What did the child speak repeatedly after losing his parents?

A) I want my father I want my mother
B) I want ride
C) I want toys
D) I want swings


Q10- How did the generous man try to calm down the child?

A) showing him different toys
B) taking him to rides
C) talking to him and diverting his attention
D) All


Q11- Who is the author of the lesson “The Lost child”?

A) Sudha Murthy
B) Mulkh Raj Anand
C) Amrita Pritam
D) All


Q12- What does the story show?

A) working of a fair
B) working of a village
C) village people are good
D) working of a child’s mind


Q13- Where did the child go with his parents?

A) village fair
B) cinema hall
C) circus
D) All


Q14- What is the theme of the story?

A) Close bonding between parents and children
B) village people are good
C) we must go to village fairs
D) None


Q15- Who took the child to the fair?

A) parents
B) kind man
C) friends
D) none


Q16- Why were the parents holding the hand of their child?

A) to protect him from the crowd
B) because of their fears
C) to help him
D) None


Q17- List the things that the generous man did after picking up the child?

A) asked his name
B) consoled & offered many attractive things
C) asked his parents’ names
D) all


Q18- What does the child’s refusal to all the attractive things show towards the end?

A) child lost his interest
B) child’s obstinacy
C) bond of love between child and parents is above evrything.
D) None


Q19- Name the characters in the lesson .

A) parents
B) generous man
C) The Lost Child
D) All


Q20- Why did the child say “No” to all the things he was earlier crying for?

A) lost interst
B) his interst was changed
C) because being with parents was more important
D) none



Answer key

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 D 11 B
2 A 12 D
3 C 13 A
4 A 14 A
5 C 15 A
6 A 16 A
7 A 17 D
8 C 18 C
9 A 19 D
10 D 20 C


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