NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 6 Weathering the Storm In Ersama MCQs


Weathering the Storm In Ersama ‌MCQs



CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 6 Weathering the Storm In Ersama MCQ Question Answers from Moments Book


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Q1- What does this lesson speak about?

A) storm
B) A young boy and his ventures
C) Importance of courage and positive approach towards life
D) How to face storms


Q2- Where did the storm hit?

A) Coastal town of Ersama in Odisha
B) Odisha
C) A town
D) A remote area


Q3- When did the storm hit the town Ersama?

A) 1989
B) 1979
C) 1969
D) 1999


Q4- Who faced the fury of the storm?

A) A young boy Prashant
B) Villagers
C) People
D) All


Q5- How old was Prashant?

A) 18 years
B) 17 years
C) 19 years
D) 20 years


Q6- What was the name of Prashant’s village?

A) Maligudi
B) Kalikuda
C) Ersama
D) None


Q7- Why did Prashant go to Ersama?

A) to see a new place
B) to visit his relatives
C) to visit his friend
D) none


Q8- How did people in Ersama survive during the storm?

A) by eating tender coconut and remaining on the rooftops
B) remaining in the water
C) by hanging on trees
D) all


Q9- Whom did Prashant meet on the way back home after the storm?

A) two friends and their uncle
B) cousins
C) his father
D) none


Q10- What was the impact of the cyclone?

A) destruction
B) homes were lost
C) many lives were lost
D) all


Q11- How did Prashant help the storm victims?

A) by arranging food for them
B) formed a volunteer group and NGO to help widows
C) helped in fostering families and playing with the orphans
D) all


Q12- Whom did the flood victims send signals to for food help?

A) Military helicopters
B) Strangers
C) People of the town
D) Government


Q13- Who helped the orphans?

A) widow women
B) military
C) men
D) all


Q14- Why did Prashant and other volunteers not want a separate institution for widows and orphans?

A) to save them from isolation and grief stricken feelings
B) for their personal benefits
C) to take work from them
D) none


Q15- What are the things which could be used by youngsters to help overcome any adversity?

A) strength
B) courage
C) energy
D) all


Q16- What happened when Prashant visited Ersama?

A) A cyclone hit the village
B) two friends came to meet him
C) he saw many things on the road
D) none


Q17- What role did the women of Kalikuda play?

A) mothers’ role
B) caretakers
C) cooks
D) none


Q18- What kind of person was Prashant?

A) wise
B) helping and caring
C) thoughtful and courageous
D) all


Q19- What did Prashant love to play?

A) badminton
B) football
C) cricket
D) chess


Q20- How did Prshant clean the filth?

A) With the help of volunteers
B) with machines
C) hired sweepers
D) none



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Answer key
Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 C 11 D
2 A 12 A
3 D 13 A
4 A 14 A
5 C 15 D
6 B 16 A
7 C 17 A
8 A 18 D
9 A 19 C
10 D 20 A


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