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A House Is Not A Home MCQ Questions with Answers


CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 8 A House is Not a Home MCQ Question Answers from Moments Book


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Q1- What is the story ‘A House is not a Home’ about?

A) defines a home
B) defines a house
C) None
D) differentiates between a house and a home


Q2- What is a house?

A) a building which people use to live
B) a place
C) a property
D) None


Q3- What is a home?

A) where people live together and share a bond of love and care
B) a house only
C) a property
D) None


Q4- What is most precious according to this lesson?

A) a well furnished house
B) bond of love and care amongst the members of a family
C) a house
D) None


Q5- Why did the narrator feel strange in high school?

A) because he was fresh
B) all his friends went to other places
C) because he was all alone
D) All


Q6- What was Zan doing when fire broke out?

A) was playing
B) was in neighbourer’s house
C) was sleeping
D) was doing his homework


Q7- Who noticed the fire first?

A) Zan’s friends
B) Zan’s mother
C) Zan
D) zan’s grandmother


Q8- What did Zan notice while doing his homework?

A) cat was jumping
B) cat was sleeping
C) smoke pouring through the ceiling
D) None


Q9- Why was the author feeling shy in the school?

A) he was not wearing shoes
B) because he did not have his school bag and books
C) his dress was casual
D) All


Q10- Mention the words which express the author’s embarrassment.

A) embarassed
B) geek and strange
C) weird and backpack
D) all


Q11- Why did the author want to die?

A) because he was not happy
B) because his desires were not fulfilled
C) because he was not ready to face the harsh miserable life state after the fire
D) none


Q12- Who used to wake up the cat?

A) Zan’s mother
B) Zan’s aunt
C) Zan
D) None


Q13- What did the cat do to entertain herself?

A) jump on the bed
B) would hit Zan’s pen with its tail
C) shout and cry meow
D) None


Q14- What changed Zan’s perception of life and made him accept his new life?

A) his new friends’ compassionate behavior
B) arrangement of all basic necessities by his classmates
C) when his new friends started inviting him to their place
D) All


Q15- Which words tell that Zan was able to accept his new life and came out of his gloom?

A) “My cat was back and so was I”
B) I am happy
C) I got a new life
D) All


Q16- What did the teachers of the old school tell Zan?

A) graduall, he will adjust and accept his new school
B) they will support him
C) they will help him
D) none


Q17- Why did the author cry after the fire?

A) because of smoke
B) because he was not able to find his cat
C) because smoke choked his throat
D) all


Q18- Where did the author run when the fire broke out?

A) to his neighbour’s house
B) to his grandparents
C) on the roof
D) all


Q19- Why did the author run to his neighbour’s house?

A) to ask for help
B) to call the fire department
C) to get water
D) All


Q20- Where did the author’s mother run and why?

A) to the backyard of their house to save few precious memories
B) to their neighbours
C) to the roof
D) none



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Answer key

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 C 11 C
2 A 12 C
3 A 13 B
4 B 14 D
5 D 15 A
6 D 16 A
7 C 17 B
8 C 18 A
9 D 19 B
10 D 20 A





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