Character Sketch of A house is Not a Home


Give a Character Sketch of Narrator, Mother and Cat from Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 8 A house is Not a Home


Character Sketch of Narrator

The author is a bright, loving, affectionate, sensitive and emotional girl. She is academically bright and popular among her old teachers and old class fellows. She actively participates in the activities. When she moves from Junior school to High School, initially she finds some difficulties in adjusting to life in the new school. She feels lonely and lost when her house gets burned down in a fire. The author gets shocked but she shows presence of mind and runs out to the neighbours to call the fire brigade. She loves her mother too much. When she saw her mother running into the burning house, she tried to follow her. The firemen stopped her forcefully, otherwise she would have jumped into the fire and lost her life. When the narrator lost everything in the fire, she did not cry but when she realised that her cat was missing, she broke down in tears. She used to visit her old house every day hoping to find her missing cat. She feels depressed at the loss of her house and cat. The friendly and helpful actions of her new school class fellows changed her understanding of life and people and comforted her emotionally. She displays the value of gratefulness. She is grateful to the lady who brought her cat back.

A house is Not a Home Overview – The story highlights the thin difference between a house and a home. While a house is a building where people live, a home is a place where a family lives together sharing the unique bond of love and oneness.
The narrator’s house gets destroyed by fire and he gets a new house. Then he realizes that his home is the one built by the love and affection of his family and loved ones. Love and affection for one’s family are precious.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Narrator

Q1. How did Zan’s life change after the tragic fire?
Q2. Why was Zan feeling insecure?
Q3. Why was Zan sad in a new high school?


Character Sketch of Mother

Zan’s mother was a brave woman who faced life with grit. Her husband died when Zan was very young, still, she took upon herself the responsibility to raise her single handedly. She heroically retrieves the photos and letters of her husband when fire engulfs their house. Her attempt to save the only memories of her late husband arouses admiration from her child. She is a responsible parent. She knows that going back to school would normalize things for Zan. Therefore, she compels her to go to school. Overall, she is an admirable woman of love, compassion, self-respect and grit.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mother

Q1. Why did the mother run back into the house for the second time?
Q2. What happened to Zan’s mother when she ran into the burning house?


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Character Sketch of Cat

Cat was the author’s constant companion and a source of entertainment. She used to sit next to her as she did her homework and other household chores. Author could never think of living away from her. The author and her cat shared a strong bond because she had rescued her when she was a small kitten.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Cat

Q1. Why did the author love her cat so much?
Q2. Describe the author’s love for her cat.


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