Character Sketch of Lushkoff Sergei and Olga The Beggar


Give a Character Sketch of Lushkoff, Sergei and Olga from Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 9 The Beggar


Character Sketch of Lushkoff

Lushkoff is a pretentious and lying beggar. He disguises his true identity and lies blatantly about his plight to invoke the sympathy of others and gain alms in return. He sometimes poses as an expelled schoolmaster and sometimes an expelled student. Lushkoff’s clothes are tattered and untidy. He is deprived of both physical and emotional strength as a consequence of his alcoholic addiction. He was a singer in the Russian choir but lost his job because of his reckless drunkenness. He compromises his dignity and integrity just to satiate his urge to drink.

He does have some positive values like keeping his word for the sake of shame and pride. Olga, the cook, appears to him as a motherly figure. He quietly takes all the scolding from Olga because he knows that he is wrong. It is she who helps him become a better person by helping him. At the end of the story, Lushkoff eventually grows into a better personality, shining with dignity and an honest salary.

The Beggar Overview – The beggar is the story of the transformation of a beggar into a good person. The behaviour of a woman made him leave alcohol and lead a good life.



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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Lushkoff

Q1. What was the first work assigned to Lushkoff? What value did Sergei want to teach him?
Q2. What character traits helped Lushkoff to improve his condition?


Character Sketch of Sergei

Sergei is an advocate at a law firm. He is a middle-aged man. He finds Lushkoff on the streets begging for alms and immediately recognises him as the beggar whom he had met the previous week. He catches Lushkoff’s lies. However, he offers Lushkoff to work for him to chop woods and pays him half a rouble for it. Sergei made this offer because he believed that people could be reformed by hard work and not by giving sympathy or alms. He lets him work different things at his house. He keeps on advising him about working hard and not to drink. Later he offers him a more decent work, by asking him to copy write and sends him off to deliver a letter. Two years later he meets Lushkoff at a play and feels proud of himself after seeing Lushkoff’s decent conditions.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Sergei

Q1. What kind of a man was Sergei?
Q2. Why does Sergei help the beggar?
Q3. What was Sergei happy about?
Q4. The unknown man in the story ‘The Lost child’ and Sergei in the story ‘The Beggar’ help the protagonist. Based on your reading the stories, draw a comparison between the them.


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Character Sketch of Olga

Olga was the gentle and caring cook of the advocate Sergei. Though she appeared to be tough and rude on the outside, she was very kind hearted. She paid motherly affection to Lushkoff. She realised the miserable condition of Lushkoff and felt pity for him. Her affection was exhibited by the fact that she chopped the wood for Lushkoff, so that he could earn a bit money. She kept criticising him in order to improve him. Olga made Lushkoff realise the powers vested in him. Olga’s genuine outpouring of concern touched Lushkoff‘s heart and he vowed not to let her down.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Olga

Q1. How did Olga save Lushkoff?
Q2. How did Olga transform the beggar?
Q3. What was the Behaviour of Olga towards the beggar?

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