Give a Character Sketch of Toto, Grandfather and Grandmother from Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 2 The Adventures of Toto

Character Sketch of Toto

Toto is a baby monkey who is bought for five rupees from a tonga-driver by the narrator’s grandfather. He has bright eyes that sparkle with mischief. He is quick with his fingers and lifts things in a wicked manner. His tail adds to his beauty and acts as his third hand. He hangs from trees and scoops out goodies with his tail. He is playful and restless, that is why he cannot be kept under hiding for long. He is destructive too as he tears away the narrator’s blazer and wallpaper of the bedroom. He is a total misfit with other animals. He is curious by nature and lands in trouble because of this. He almost boils himself alive as an example. His mischievous nature is the main trait that makes it difficult to keep him as a pet.

The Adventures of Toto Overview – This is a humorous and adventurous story of a naughty monkey named ‘Toto’. The writer’s grandfather bought the monkey from a tonga driver. The pranks played by Toto have been narrated in an interesting way and make the story a must read for us.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Toto

Q1: How would you describe Toto’s physical appearance in “The Adventure of Toto”?
Q2: What are some of Toto’s notable personality traits and behaviors in the story?


Character Sketch of Grandfather

Grandfather is a lover of animals. So much so that he has his own private zoo. Despite the possibility of upsetting his wife, he has no problem spending money to acquire animals and birds. He already has a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, and a squirrel when he buys a baby monkey from a Tonga driver. He finds a valid reason to continue keeping pets even if that leads to material loss. He does not mind when Toto destroys the wallpaper and the narrator’s school blazer. Instead, he finds it as an act of cleverness. He was a devoted animal-lover but he is also wise. He accepts that it is not possible to keep a destructive animal like Toto as a pet at home for long, so he sells the monkey back to the tonga-driver even if that incurred him a loss.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Grandfather

Q1: What are some of Grandfather’s key personality traits and how do they influence the story?
Q2: How does Grandfather’s relationship with Toto reflect his character and values?
Q3: How does Grandfather’s perspective on nature and animals contribute to the overall theme of the story?


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Character Sketch of Grandmother

The grandmother of the author is quite a smart lady, she is exactly the opposite of his grandfather. She is short-tempered and strict on rules. She was quite fussy about bringing the new animal home. She was a very religious lady. She was very strict so grandfather had to hide the arrival of Toto at the home. Despite being fussy about new animals, Grandmother eventually accepted Toto. She was quick to rescue him from the boiling kettle.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Grandmother

Q1: What are some of the personality traits exhibited by the grandmother in the story?
Q2: How does the grandmother’s relationship with Toto evolve throughout the course of the story?
Q3: What role does the grandmother play in shaping the narrator’s perspective on animals?
Q4: How does the grandmother’s attitude towards animals differ from the rest of her family, and what does this reveal about her character?


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