Rain on the Roof MCQs NCERT Class 9 English Poem 3


Rain on the Roof MCQs


CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book Poem 3 Rain on the Roof MCQ Questions with Answers


Rain on the Roof MCQs – Practise free MCQ Questions from Class 9 English Beehive book Poem 3 – Rain on the Roof by Coates Kenney. Students can take the help of this resource and prepare MCQs from Class 9 English Beehive reader. The CBSE has revamped the exam pattern. Under the new Exam Pattern, MCQs have been introduced.


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Q1- What poetic device has been used in ‘Starry Spheres’ and ‘darling dreamers’?

A) Metaphor
B) Alliteration
C) Personification
D) All of these



Q2- What revives the sweet memories in the poet’s mind?

A) Busy schedule
B) Daily routine
C) Raindrops falling on the roof
D) None of these



Q3- What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?

A) abcbdefe
B) aabbccdd
C) abbccdde
D) aaabbbab



Q4- Which of these words is the use of the literary device of onomatopoeia?

A) Bliss
B) Shadows
C) Shingles
D) Patter



Q5- What does starry spheres mean?

A) Places where stars are born
B) Sky filled with stars
C) Star groups in the sky
D) All of these



Q6- What is the favourite activity of the poet during the rainy season?

A) Listening to music
B) Eating snacks
C) Roaming on the roof
D) Listening to the pitter-patter sound of the rain



Q7- Who are darling dreamers in the poem?

A) Children
B) Mothers
C) Family members
D) Poet’s memories



Q8- What is the memory that comes to the poet’s mind repeatedly?

A) His mother
B) His friends
C) His siblings
D) None of these



Q9- What is bliss in the poem for the poet?

A) His memories
B) His mother
C) Listening to the sound of rainfall
D) All of these



Q10- What haunts the poet?

A) His friends
B) Sounds of rainfall
C) His mother’s memory
D) None


Q11- What weeps in rainy tears?

A) Poet
B) Darkness
C) Poet’s mother
D) None of these


Q12- What does ‘woof’ mean?

A) Dreams
B) Memories
C) Woven cloth
D) None of these


Q13- What are shingles?

A) Tiles on the roof
B) Window pane
C) Wall
D) None of these


Q14- How does the mother look at the children?

A) With hatred
B) With sadness
C) With pity
D) With fondness


Q15- What does ‘cottage-chamber’ mean?

A) Type of bed
B) A room in the cottage
C) A separate building next to the cottage
D) All of these


Q16- Which of these is NOT a sound word?

A) Tinkle
B) Patter
C) None of these
D) Both A and B


Q17- Recollections mean ______?

A) Memories
B) Dreams
C) Nightmares
D) None of these


Q18- What does the tinkle cause an echo?

A) Mind
B) Heart
C) Stomach
D) None of these


Q19- What does the poet feel when he listens to the refrain?

A) His mother’s wise teachings
B) His mother’s affectionate smile
C) His mother’s kind heart
D) His mother’s fond look at him


Q20- What does ‘list’ mean?

A) Listen
B) A list
C) Write down
D) None of these



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