NCERT Class 9 English Poem 6 MCQ Question Answers “No Men Are Foreign”

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No Men Are Foreign MCQs


CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book Poem 6 No Men are Foreign MCQ Questions with Answers from Beehive Book


No Men Are Foreign MCQs – Here are free MCQs of Class 9 English Beehive book Poem 6 – No Men Are Foreign by James Kirkup  as per the new exam pattern introduced by the CBSE. Students can take help of these free MCQs of Class 9 English Beehive book Poem 6 – No Men Are Foreign and prepare for the exams. The correct answers have been given at the end of the page.



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Q1- What does the title of the poem convey?

A) all the people belong to the same earth
B) people belong to one country
C) all people should live in one country
D) none


Q2- What message this poem conveys?

A) equality and brotherhood
B) individuality of everyone
C) everyone is different
D) none


Q3- What is the rhyming scheme of this poem?

A) aabb
B) abcd
C) aabc
D) no rhyming scheme,it is free verse


Q4- What is this poem emphasising?

A) All people are equal
B) All people are different
C) different people live in different countries
D) none


Q5- Who have created border, discriminations and countriesaccording to the poet?

A) nature
B) god
C) people themselves
D) all


Q6- How do we pollute the earth according to the poet?

A) by throwing waste
B) by hating and killing others
C) by cutting plants
D) all


Q7- What do we do when we hate others according to the poet?

A) we hate ourselves
B) we protect ourselves
C) we save ourselves
D) we love ourselves


Q8- Who is the poet of this poem?

A) James Williams
B) James Austen
C) James Kirkup
D) None


Q9- In what ways are people alike?

A) all are born same
B) all breathe to live and die in the same way
C) all wear clothes
D) all


Q10- What are the things in nature that a man needs to live with?

A) sun
B) air
C) water and plants
D) all


Q11- What are the similar things in all the countries?

A) Sun ,earth
B) air, sky
C) water and plants
D) all


Q12- Who instigates the ordinary people to hate?

A) religion
B) God
c) selfish people for their personal interests
D) none


Q13- What causes war?

A) hatred
B) love
C) religion
D) countries


Q14- What things are common in all the people?

A) all are born and brought up in same way
B) all sleep to take rest
C) all breathe and eat to live and die in the same way
D) all


Q15- What does hate do?

A) kills enemy
B) proves power
C) spreads more hate and divides everything
D) none


Q16- How is man’s vision clouded?

A) by hate and narrow thinking
B) by other people
C) by other countries
D) none


Q17- How can we understand common life on every land?

A) by hating
B) by proving ourselves powerful
C) by leaving narrow thinking and hatred
D) none


Q18- What does the poet ask the people to keep in mind in the last stanza?

A) to hate more
B) to be powerful
C) not to pay attention to the words of hate by selfish people
D) all


Q19- How did the poet prove that there are no foreign countries?

A) with the help of people
B) with the same way of living and dying
C) with the help of nature
D) None


Q20- What should be discouraged according to the poem?

A) the practice of love and brotherhood
B) equality
C) ill practice of hatred and discrimination
D) None



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