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Wind MCQ Questions with Answers


CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book Poem 2 Wind MCQ Questions with Answers


Wind MCQs – Here are free MCQs of Class 9 English Beehive book Poem 2 Wind as per the new exam pattern introduced by the CBSE. Students can take help of these free MCQs of Class 9 English Beehive book Poem 2 – Wind and prepare for the exams. The correct answers have been given at the end of the page.


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Q1- According to the poet, who will be our friend if we are strong?

A) Wind
B) Snow
C) Fire
D) None of these



Q2- Who breaks the shutters of the window?

A) Children
B) A boy
C) A naughty boy
D) Wind



Q3- Name the things the wind had done.

A) Brought rain
B) Torn the pages
C) Broke the shutters  of the windows
D) All of these



Q4- In the line – “You tore the pages of the books”, who is ‘you’ referring to?

A) The Poet
B) The wind
C) The books
D) the pages of books



Q5- Which word has been repeated in the poem

A) Steadfast
B) Crushes
C) Strong
D) Crumbling



Q6- Who are negatively affected by the wind?

A) weaklings
B) Strong people
C) Both A and B
D) None of these



Q7- Whom does wind God like?

A) Weak people
B) Those who talks to it
C) Strong people
D) None of these



Q8- Which word in the poem means ‘to prosper’?

A) Steadfast
B) Flourish
C) Winnows
D) Crumbling



Q9- The destructive power of the wind is a symbol of _______.

A) Adversities
B) Problems
C) Challenges
D) All of these



Q10- What is the message of this poem?

A) Be firm and strong
B) Make strong windows
C) Stop the wind
D) All of these



Q11- Whom does the poet make a request to?

A) The books
B) His children
C) Wind
D) All of these



Q12- Which figure of speech has been used in the poem?

A) Symbolism
B) Anaphora
C) Personification
D) All of these



Q13- Tell a word in the poem which is the antonym of foolish?

A) Clever
B) Praise
C) Steadfast
D) All of these



Q14- How can we be friends with the wind?

A) By building strong homes
B) Having strong body
C) Having a strong heart
D) All of these



Q15- What does the word ‘winnows’ in the poem mean?

A) Cleams grains
B) Sorts grains
C) Blows strongly
D) None of these



Q16- What should the people do to save their homes?

A) Use good cement
B) Build strong homes
C) Consult a good architect
D) None of these



Q17- Wind has been compared to _______.

A) Fire
B) Flood
C) Earthquake
D) God



Q18- “He won’t do what you tell him”. Who is he in this line?

A) The reader
B) Wind God
C) Weak people
D) All of these



Q19- Find a synonym for loyal from the poem.

A) Weak
B) Clever
C) Steadfast
D) None of these



Q20- Find a word from the poem for “thrown in different directions”

A) Scatter
B) Throw
C) Break
D) All of these




1 A 11 C
2 D 12 D
3 D 13 A
4 B 14 D
5 D 15 C
6 A 16 B
7 C 17 D
8 B 18 B
9 A 19 C
10 A 20 A


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