The Quarrel, Class 6 English Poem 3 Explanation, Question Answer

The Quarrel, Class 6 English Poem 3 Explanation

By Jyoti Verma

The Quarrel Class 6 NCERT Solution Honeysuckle book Poem 3 Explanation

The Quarrel Class 6 English Honeysuckle Book Poem 3 – Detailed explanation of the Poem along with the meanings of difficult words.

Also, the explanation is followed by the literary devices used and a Summary of the Poem. All the exercises and Question and Answers given at the back of the Poem has been covered.


Class 6 English (Honeysuckle Book) Poem 3 – The Quarrel

By Eleanor Farjeon

The Quarrel Poem Introduction

Generally, brothers and sisters quarrel with each other. It is a very common situation. Many times they quarrel with each other without any reason. Their quarrels begin over very small, petty issues and how with a small kind act the quarrels end. It is very mystic and beautiful. So let’s read this poem to feel the same.

The Quarrel Poem Summary

The poet is trying to explain how a quarrel between two brothers began and ended without any reason. The poet says that he quarrelled with his brother over something and he was not even aware why he was quarelling about. One thing was giving way  to another and while fighting both of them fell down. Initially, it was a small, petty issue but gradually, it became serious.The poet was claiming to be right whereas at heart he knew that he was wrong. Both of them didn’t like one another. In the afternoon, something went wrong.Then, suddenly, his brother hit him on the back and asked him to come along as it is not possible or right to linger the issues throughout the night. He also claimed to be on the wrong side. So he was actually right. It shows his generosity.

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The Quarrel Poem Explanation

I quarrelled with my brother
I don’t know what about,
One thing led to another
And somehow we fell out.
The start of it was slight,
The end of it was strong,
He said he was right,
I knew he was wrong!

Slight: small, modest
Quarrelled: fought (2nd form of verb for fight)

The poet had a fight with his brother. Both of them were fighting and were not even aware of the cause of the fight was. The fight was happening because of a series of things.

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One thing was giving way to another. While fighting both fell down.In the beginning, the fight was modest and was not very serious. But gradually, it grew intense and became a serious issue.His brother said that he was right whereas the narrator was thinking of himself on the right side.

We hated one another.
The afternoon turned black.
Then suddenly my brother
Thumped me on the back,
And said, “Oh, come along!
We can’t go on all night —
I was in the wrong.”
So he was in the right.

– Thumped : hit
turned black: to become unpleasant

In the noon the fight became serious and both started hating each other. They didn’t like one another.All of a sudden poet’s brother hit him on the back and asked him to get along as it was not the right thing to pull the matter throughout the night.He also declared humbly that he was wrong which proved his generosity. This moved the poet’s heart and he realized that he was wrong.


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The Quarrel Poem Class 6 Question and Answers

1. With your partner try to guess the meaning of the underlined phrases.

(i) And somehow we fell out.

(ii) The afternoon turned black.

Answers: Fell out means to drop down

Turned black means something went bad and unpleasant

2. Read these lines from the poem:

(i) One thing led to another

(ii) The start of it was slight

(iii) The end of it was strong

(iv) The afternoon turned black

(v) Thumped me on the back
Answers: One thing led to another means a series of things were happening, one thing leading to another.

The start of it was slight means beginning was with small, petty things, very ignorable things but

the end of it was strong means finally it became a big issue.

The afternoon turned black means something went wrong and was unpleasant in the afternoon.

Thumped me on the back means hit me heavily on the back.

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