How the Dog found himself a New Master Summary, Explanation and Question Answer

How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Summary Class 6

Class 6 Chapter 2 How the Dog found himself a New Master Summary, Explanation and Question Answer


How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Summary Class 6 English Honeysuckle Book Lesson 2 – Summary and detailed explanation of the lesson along with the meanings of difficult words. All the exercises and Question and Answers given at the back of the lesson has been covered.


Class 6 English (Honeysuckle Book) Chapter 2

How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!


Dogs and wolves belong to the same family. Rather dogs have evolved from wolves. Another fact is that over the centuries, wild animals have been mastered and tamed by man. This story informs us how a dog changed to a tamed animal.

How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Summary

In olden times, dogs, just like wolves were forest dwellers. They were bold, free and we’re not afraid of anyone. They were their own masters. Then one day, a dog who was sick and was scared of other stronger animals decided to look for a master who was the strongest on this earth.

To find his master, he began his search and first of all, he met a big wolf. He asked him if he would like to be his master. The wolf accepted him as a servant. Both of them started walking and on the way they met a bear. The wolf tried to hide himself as soon as he noticed the bear.

On enquiring the reason, the dog came to know that the wolf considered the bear to be stronger than him. On this, the dog left him and joined the bear. Very soon, the dog found that the bear was afraid of the lion. The dog immediately left him and went to the lion. The lion agreed to accept him as his servant. The dog lived with him happily for a long time as he enjoyed a secure and happy life, the way he wanted.The lion was the strongest animal in the forest. Once, both of them were strolling amongst the rocks on a narrow path. Suddenly, the lion saw a man and he asked the dog to run away with him to avoid any trouble.

As soon as the dog realized that man was the strongest creature on the earth, he bid adieu to the lion as well.

Dog came to man as his servant and lived as a faithful servant to him then after.

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How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Explanation

Passage – Dogs were once their own masters and lived the way wolves do, in freedom, until a dog was born who was ill-pleased with this way of life. He was sick and tired of wandering about by himself looking for food and being frightened of those who were stronger than he.

Word Meaning
ill pleased:
old fashioned way of saying not happy
Freedom: liberty, without any constraints,
wandering: to move here and there aimlessly
frightened: afraid of

Explanation of the Passage – Dogs and wolves are closely related family and there were times when dogs used to wander and live freely just like wolves, without any restrictions or constraints. Once such a dog was born who was sick of finding food for himself and was unable to move freely in search of food. He would feel tired and was scared of healthier and stronger beings.

Passage – He thought it over and decided that the best thing for him to do was to become the servant of one who was stronger than anyone on earth, and he set out to find such a master.

Word Meaning
attendant, helper, who works for others
Master: owner, ruler, sovereign

Explanation of the Passage –  After thinking repeatedly, he decided to work as a helper to someone who was the strongest or the most powerful on this earth. So, he started searching for the strongest one.

where are you going dog

Passage – He walked and he walked and he met a kinsman of his, a big wolf who was as strong as he was fierce. “Where are you going, Dog?” the Wolf asked. “I am looking for someone to take up service with. Would you like to be my master, Wolf?” “I don’t see why not!” the Wolf said, and this agreed upon, the two of them went on together.

Word Meaning
(old fashioned word for) a relative
fierce: violent; frightening
take up service with: become the servant of

Explanation of the Passage – After a long walk and search, he met one of his relatives. This relative was a wolf who was not only strong but also had a frightening look. He asked the dog where he was going. The dog replied that he was looking for a master and if the wolf would like to be the one? The wolf agreed and the two went on together.

Passage – They walked and they walked, and all of a sudden the Wolf lifted his nose, sniffed, darted quickly off the path and into the bushes and crept deeper into the forest. The Dog was much surprised. “What’s come over you, master?” he asked. “What has frightened you so?” “Can’t you see? There’s a Bear out there, and he might eat up both of us — you and me.”

Word Meaning
moved quickly
suddenly come over you: affected you
Sniffed: draw up air audibly through the nose to detect something

Explanation of the Passage –  After walking a long distance, suddenly the wolf sniffed, moved quickly and went deeper into the forest. He was detecting something and was trying to hide. The dog was unable to understand this behavior so he asked his master what was affecting him? Then the wolf told him that there was a bear who might eat them.

Passage – Seeing that the Bear was stronger than the Wolf, the Dog decided to take up service with him, and he left the Wolf and asked the Bear to be his master. The Bear agreed to this readily and said, “Let us go and find a herd of cows. I’ll kill a cow and then we can both eat our fill.”

Explanation of the Passage – On realizing that the bear was stronger than the wolf, the dog changed his mind. He left the wolf and turned to the Bear. He asked him to be his master. The Bear agreed to it easily. He suggested him to search for a herd of cows so that he could kill a cow to fill their stomachs.

Passage – They walked on and soon saw a herd of cows, but just as they were about to come up to it they were stopped by a terrible noise. The cows were mooing loudly and running in panic in all directions.

Word Meaning
herd of cows:
a group of cows
mooing: sound made by cows
terrible: horrible
in a panic: a strong feeling of fear

Explanation of the Passage –  After walking some distance they noticed a group of cows. But as they tried to approach them, they were stopped by a horrible noise made by the cows. They were mooing aloud and were running here and there because of fear.

Passage – The Bear looked out from behind a tree, and then he too ran hastily deeper into the forest.
“Now, why did I have to come here!” he said to the Dog. “It is the Lion who rules the forest in these parts.” “The Lion? Who’s he?” “Don’t you know? He is the strongest beast on earth!” “Well, then, I’ll say goodbye to you, Bear. I want a master who is stronger than anyone on earth!”

Word Meaning
beast: animal
behind: at the backside of something

Explanation of the Passage –  The bear looked from behind a tree and started running quickly into the dense forest. He told the dog that this part of the forest was ruled by the lion. He was the strongest and the most powerful animal on this earth. The dog was surprised to hear this and he immediately left the bear

bear looked behind a tree

Passage – And off the Dog went to ask the Lion to be his master. The Lion agreed to it, and the Dog stayed with him and served him for a long, long time. It was a good life, and he had nothing to complain of, for there was no stronger beast in the forest than the Lion, and no one dared touch the Dog or offend him in any way.

Word Meaning
to be brave enough to do something
offend: upset or annoy

Explanation of the Passage –  Now the dog turned to the lion and requested him to be his master. The lion accepted and the dog started staying with him and served him for a longer duration. He felt good and enjoyed his life. He had nothing to fear and complain of. Now he was with the strongest master. Here no one was brave enough to upset him.

Passage – But one day the two of them were walking side by side along a path that ran amid bare cliffs when all of a sudden the Lion stopped. He gave a great roar and struck the ground angrily with his paw with such force that a hole formed there. Then he began to back away very quietly. “What is it, Master, is anything wrong?” asked the Dog, surprised. “I smell a man coming this way,” the Lion said. “We’d better run for it or we’ll be in trouble.” “Oh, well, then I’ll say goodbye to you, Lion. I want a master who is stronger than anyone on earth!”

Word Meaning
a steep, high rock (often at the edge of the sea)
bare: unclothed

Explanation of the Passage –  Sometime later when the two of them were strolling together amidst high steep rocks, the lion stopped instantly. He roared aloud and struck the ground with his paws so intensely that a hole was formed there. After that he was on backfoot. Surprisingly, the Dog asked his master if anything was wrong. The lion told him that a man was coming their way and that they must run away to save themselves. Hearing this, the dog bid him adieu because he wanted the strongest being on the earth as his master.

Passage – And off the Dog went to join the man and he stayed with him and served him faithfully. This happened long, long ago, but to this day the dog is man’s most loyal servant and knows no other master.
Loyal: tried and true, faithful

Explanation of the Passage – Now the dog went to be with the man. He stayed with him and became his tried and true friend. This incident took place way back but till date the dog is man’s most faithful servant.

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How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Question Answers

Discuss these questions in pairs before you write the answers.
1. Why did the dog feel the need for a master?

A.The dog was sick of searching for food and was afraid of stronger beasts. So he  felt the need for a master who could keep him safe and secure.

2. Who did he first choose as his master?  Why did he leave that master?

A.He first chose the wolf as his master.
He left that master because he was not the strongest of all.

3. Who did he choose next?

A. Next, he chose the bear as his master.

4. Why did he serve the Lion for a long time?

A.He served him for a long time because he felt safe and secure with him. He had a good life there.

5. Who did he finally choose as his master and why?

A. He finally chose man as his master because he found him to be the strongest.


B. A summary of the story is given below.
Fill in the blanks to complete it taking appropriate phrases from the box.

a dog stronger than anyone else the strongest of all a wolf
the bear afraid of man his own master a lion

This is the story of —–––––—————————–, who
used to be ——————————————. He decided
to find a master —–––––––———————. First
he found ————————————,  but the wolf
was afraid of –––————––———————. The dog thought that
the bear was —————————————.  After some time the
dog met —————————————,  who seemed to be the strongest.
He stayed with the lion for a long time. One day he realised that
the lion was ———————––—————— . To this day, the dog remains man’s best friend.

Answer key: a dog, his own master, stronger than anyone else, a wolf, the Bear, the strongest of all, a lion, afraid of man


Grammar exercises

Each word in the box given below indicates a large number of…

For example,‘a herd of cows’ refers to many cows.

Complete each of the following phrases with a suitable word given in blue.

school, fleet, brood, bundle, bunch, pack, flock, herd
1. a —————––—— of ships                      5. a ———––———— of sticks
2. a ——————––— of flowers                   6. a ——––————— of sheep
3. a ——————––— of chicks                    7. a —––—————— of fish
4. a ———————–– of cattle                     8. a ––——————— of wolves



Make nouns from the words given below by adding –ness or – ity. (For some words we need to add just –ty, or –y.)
1. honest —————————                     7. creative ———————————–
2. kind ——————————                      8. sincere ———————————–
3. cruel ——————————                     9. cheerful ——————————
4. calm ——————————                     10. bitter ————————————
5. sad ———————————                    11. sensitive——————————-
6. active ——————————-                  12. great ————————————-

A.1. honest -Honesty              7. creative -creativity
2. kind -kindness                     8. sincere -sincerity
3. Cruel- cruelty                      9. cheerful -cheerfulness
4. Calm- calmness                  10. bitter-bitterness
5. Sad- sadness                     11. sensitive-sensitivity
6. active -activeness              12. great-greatness

C. Wordsearch
There are twelve words hidden in this table.
• Six can be found horizontally and the remaining six vertically.
• All of them are describing words like ‘good’, ‘happy’, etc.
• The first letters of the words are given below:
Horizontal: H                         R         F         F         S         G
Vertical:      A                         W         S          F          L          Q




Horizontal: Hasty      Ready             Fierce              Fright                         Strong             Good

Vertical:      Angry      Worse              Surprise           Free                             Loyal              Quiet


Read the following passage and do the exercises that follow. Then complete the family tree of dogs given on the facing page.

The Dog Family
The dog family is one of the 11 families that make up the Carnivores, a large group of intelligent, flesh-eating, backboned animals. In this group are such varied animals as bears, pandas, raccoons, cats, hyenas, and even seal. The dog or canine family has many wild species like wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, and wild dogs. The dog is the only domesticated member of the canine family though now and then someone tames a wolf, fox or coyote as a pet. All members of the dog family are descendants of a wolf-like animal which lived about 15 million years ago. From this distant ancestor, the true dogs gradually developed. But nobody knows the exact ancestor of the modern domestic dog. Several wild dogs look and behave like domestic dogs. The dingo or wild dog of Australia is one of these. It is possible that the dingo was a tamed dog brought to Australia long ago which then ran wild. Dogs were the first animals tamed by humans — perhaps 20,000 years ago. Tamed dogs were brought from Asia to the New World 5,000 or more years ago. Dogs were first used for hunting.


1. Find the opposites of these words in the text above.
(i) ancestor — — — — — — — — — —
(ii) wild  t — m —
(iii) ancient — — — — — —
(iv) near  d — — — — — t
(v) suddenly  gr — — —

Answers:(i) ancestor — descendants
(ii) wild — tame
(iii) ancient — modern
(iv) near— distant
(v) suddenly- gradually


2. Complete the following sentences.
(i) The dingo is ————————— .
(ii) Dogs were the ————————animals
tamed by humans. The other animals tamed by humans
are ——————————————————
(Think and name some other such animals.)
(iii) The New World refers to ———————— .
Dogs were brought there from ———————— .

(i)- one of several wild dogs who look and behave like domestic dogs.
(ii)-wild ,flesh-eating,backboned
(iii)- the western hemisphere of the earth      


carnivores domesticated



Raccoon, Hyena, Canine, Panda, Bear



Wild fox, coyotes, Jackal


The Kite


the kite