Class 6 NCERT Honeysuckle book Poems difficult word meanings 


Here, the difficult words and their meanings of all the Poems of CBSE Class 6 English Honeysuckle Book have been compiled for the convenience of the students. This is an exhaustive list of the difficult words and meanings of all the Poems from the Honeysuckle Book  for NCERT Class 6 English. The difficult words’ meanings have been explained in an easy language so that every student can understand them easily.



Poem 1  A House, A Home


  1. Chimneys: smokestack, a pipe which takes smoke or combustion gases up from the fire.
  2. Eaves: the part of the roof that hangs out over the walls to provide shade, elevations of the roof
  3. Kindly: lovingly, considerate
  4. Stucco: fine paint used for wall surface
  5. Unselfish: without any selfish interest, selfless
  6. Yard: A measuring unit (1-yard equals to 3 ft. or 36 inches), garden or corridors outside the house



Poem 2  The Kite


  1. Blue: it is a color but here it is used for the clear sky without clouds
  2. Climbs: to go up
  3. Crest: mountain top or a tuft of feathers on the head of a bird or animal
  4. Dive and a dip: to go into water with a force and softness together
  5. Raggeder: torn or tattered
  6. Sail: A cloth on a ship or a boat used to catch wind and help the boat to propel 
  7. Slack: loose
  8. Snaps: cracking sound
  9. Soars: fly high
  10. Tides: rising and falling waves



Poem 3  The Quarrel


  1. Quarrelled: fought (2nd form of verb for fight)
  2. Slight: small, modest
  3. Thumped: hit
  4. turned black: to become unpleasant



Poem 4  Beauty


  1. Chanting: singing
  2. Corn: the chief cereal crop of wheat, oats, maize, barley etc.
  3. Deeds: acts
  4. Earnest: sincere and honest conviction
  5. Harvest: the time of the year when the crop is ready
  6. Repeat: to happen again and again
  7. Sighing: sound of a deep, loud breath or exhale taken in relief



Poem 5  Where Do All the Teachers Go


  1. Hymn books: religious books
  2. Pick their noses: an activity to waste time, poking and inserting finger in the nose to clear boogers means dried mucus 
  3. Pyjamas: here is used for clothes
  4. Scribbling: draw or write something that is not readable



Poem 6  The Wonderful Words


  1. Game: it is used here for enriched language
  2. groomed and fed— nurtured
  3. Handsomely: elegant style, attractive manner
  4. Marvellous: amazing
  5. Play: here means use
  6. Shrivel: to wither, shrink, wrinkle and contract
  7. Wonderful: extremely good, marvellous, inspiring delight



Poem 7  Vocation


  1. Baked in the sun: Heated because of excessive sunlight, excessive Sun exposure
  2. Chasing: pursue, run after
  3. Crystal: a jewel which looks clear and transparent just like ice
  4. Digging away: to devote serious and consistent effort
  5. Digging: break up the soil or earth with hands or tools.
  6. Giant: an imaginary superhuman
  7. Gong: an object made of metal which gives sound when struck
  8. Hawker: Person who travels and shouts to sell goods
  9. Spade: a sharp-edged tool used for digging and cutting
  10. Swings: to move from one side to another
  11. Vendor: a street salesman
  12. walking up and down: to move back and forth, from one side to the other



Poem 8  Whatif


  1. Crawled – crept
  2. Dumb – silly person
  3. Flunk – fail
  4. Pranced – jumped around
  5. Whatifs – questions