Class 6 NCERT Honeysuckle Book Chapter wise difficult word meanings 

Class 6 English word meaning (Chapter wise) – Here, the difficult words and their meaning of all the Chapters of CBSE Class 8 English Honeysuckle Book have been compiled for the convenience of the students. This is an exhaustive list of the difficult words and meanings of all the Chapters from the Honeysuckle book for NCERT Class 6 English. The difficult words meanings have been explained in an easy language so that every student can understand them easily.

Chapter 1  Who Did Patrick’s Homework


  1. Amazed: surprised
  2. Attitude: a feeling about someone or something
  3. Bleary.: looking dull because of tiredness
  4. Britches: breeches, or short trousers. The writer here spells it, for fun, to rhyme with the word ‘witch’s’.
  5. Cursed: ill fated
  6. Dishcloth: a cloth used for washing dishes
  7. Drag (an informal word): something dull and uninteresting
  8. Elf: a super -natural creature 
  9. Glitch (an informal word): a fault in a machine that prevents it from working properly;
  10. rabbed: caught
  11. Grimaced, scowled, pursed his lips: his face had these expressions, showing disgust, anger and disapproval
  12. hamper: a basket with a lid
  13. here, hitch or problem
  14. Ignoramus:  an ignorant person, who lacks education 
  15. kid (an informal word): a child chores: work that must be done everyday, often boring
  16. Lucky: fortunate
  17. nag: one who troubles someone all the time by complaining or asking them to do something
  18. Nintendo: a video game 
  19. problems: difficulties
  20. semester: a half or quarter term in school or university
  21. shrieked: gave a short, high-pitched cry
  22. slyly: secretively
  23. squeaked: cried aloud
  24. tiniest: smallest
  25. Weary: extreme tiredness
  26. Wrinkled: slight folds on skin because of old age

Chapter 2  How the Dog Found Himself a New Master


  1. Bare: unclothed
  2. Beast: animal
  3. Behind: at the back side of something
  4. Cliff: a steep, high rock (often at the edge of the sea) 
  5. dared: to be brave enough to do something
  6. Darted: moved quickly
  7. Fierce: violent; frightening
  8. Freedom: liberty, without any constraints,
  9. Frightened: afraid of
  10. Hastily: hurriedly
  11. Herd of cows: a group of cows  
  12. Ill pleased: old fashioned way of saying not happy
  13. In a panic: a strong feeling of fear
  14. Kinsman: (old fashioned word for) a relative
  15. Loyal: tried and true, faithful
  16. Master: owner, ruler, sovereign
  17. Mooing: sound made by cows 
  18. Offend: upset or annoy
  19. Servant: attendant, helper, who works for others
  20. Sniffed: draw up air audibly through the nose to detect something
  21. Suddenly come over you: affected you 
  22. Take up service with: become the servant of
  23. Terrible: horrible
  24. Wandering: to move here and there aimlessly

Chapter 3  Taro’s Reward


  1. Chopped: cut into pieces
  2. Climbed: to come up
  3. Cracks: narrow gaps/openings
  4. Cupped a little in his hands: took some water in his hands (as if in a cup)
  5. Delicious: very tasty
  6. Delighted: to feel happy
  7. Direction: the position towards which someone or Something moves or faces
  8. Dropped out: left 
  9. Encourage: to motivate
  10. Expensive: costly
  11. Greedily: as if desiring more
  12. Hidden: concealed, being out of sight
  13. Intended: planned
  14. Kneeling: to bent
  15. Lonely: isolated, remote
  16. Made his way to: went to
  17. Muttering: speaking unclearly, whisper, murmur
  18. Pitcher: a pot usually made of mud
  19. Politely: softly
  20. Procession: a march as a part of the ceremony a number of people or moving forward in an orderly fashion
  21. Remember: have in or be able to bring to one’s mind an Awareness of something    
  22. Rushing: moving with urgent haste
  23. Saké: a popular Japanese drink (‘sa’ is pronounced like ‘fa’ In ‘father’ and ‘ke’ rhymes with ‘way’) 
  24. Sent for: called
  25. Shivering: shaking slightly
  26. Swallow: to gulp down
  27. Take off: put off suddenly
  28. Thirsty: feeling a need to drink
  29. Thoughtful: caring 
  30. Tricked: deceived
  31. Usual: routine
  32. Waterfall: an area where water flows over a vertical drop
  33. Whistled through: passed through with a whistling sound

Chapter 4  An Indian – American Woman in Space


  1. Aboard: on an aircraft or spacecraft
  2. Aeronautical: science of building aircrafts
  3. Allowed: permitted
  4. Astronaut: a person trained to serve as a crew member of a spacecraft
  5. astrophysics: branch of astronomy that studies physical nature of celestial bodies (stars etc.)
  6. Awe-inspiring: stunning, astonishing, amazing, remarkable
  7. Besides: apart from
  8. Blast off: take off from a launching site
  9. Broke apart: crashed
  10. Disaster: a sudden accident or natural calamity that causes damage or loss of life
  11. Disbelief: lack of belief
  12. Encyclopedic: comprehensive, complete
  13. Enormous: huge
  14. Gliders: fixed- wing aircraft
  15. Glued: sticked
  16. On board: on or in aircraft
  17. Pollinating: the process of taking pollen from one place to another for fertilization.
  18. Pursuing: following or continuing

Chapter 5  A Different Kind of School


  1. Are on their honour: have promised
  2. At play: playing 
  3. Awful: bad
  4. Come to talk: who has come to talk
  5. Cripple: disable
  6. Crutch: a long stick to support a disabled person
  7. Frightening: terrifying, making afraid
  8. Ghastly: causing fear or horror
  9. Glad: happy
  10. Gradually: slowly
  11. Great deal: to a great extent
  12. Hopeless: unfortunate; without hope
  13. Hopping: to leap or jump with quick short steps
  14. In sight: to be seen
  15. Kindly: friendly
  16. Lame day: day on which she acts as if she was lame
  17. Misery: difficulty; unpleasantness
  18. Misfortune: unfortunate condition; bad luck
  19. Overlooked: have a view of something from above
  20. Plump: stout, pleasantly fat
  21. Responsible: aware of the duties
  22. Still: without moving
  23. Their eyes are bandaged: they are blindfolded 
  24. Thoughtless: careless
  25. Troublesome: annoying, irritating
  26. Troublesome: difficult

Chapter 6  Who I Am


  1. Beaches: seaside, seashore
  2. Borrowed: to take something from someone for oneself
  3. Climbing: going up
  4. Comfortably: in a relaxed manner
  5. Favourite: most liked, dearest
  6. Find out: to discover or search
  7. In advance: beforehand
  8. In the fork: bifurcation (where branch of a tree splits into two parts)
  9. Interval: gap between two periods of time, break time
  10. Preserve: to conserve or protect
  11. Pyramids: a monumental structure with a square or triangular base and sloping sides that meet in a point at the top, especially one built of stone as a royal tomb in ancient Egypt.
  12. Raft: a flat floating structure to travel across water bodies 
  13. Sensible: responsible
  14. Spends: to pay for some goods or service
  15. Spread out: to open or arrange something over a large area

Chapter 7  Fair Play


  1. Abide by: accept
  2. Algu’s heart sank: Aglu felt discouraged
  3. Allowance: some share of money
  4. Became indifferent: lost interest in or did not care for
  5. Conscience: moral sense
  6. Cross-examined: questioned
  7. Defence: protection
  8. Deviate: move away from
  9. Dignity: high rank, respect
  10. Grudged: gave unwillingly: felt angry/ unhappy about giving 
  11. Looked after: take care
  12. Make it up: stop quarreling, come to an agreement with 
  13. Mum: quiet/silent
  14. Nominate: propose/ suggest someone’s name for something
  15. Obvious: clear
  16. Opinion:  view, thinking
  17. Proposed; suggested
  18. Respected: to have a high opinion of, to show regard 
  19. Seeking: asking for, to make a request
  20. Seldom: rarely
  21. Swallowed these insults: tolerated
  22. Tight spot: difficult situation
  23. Wretched: poor and unhappy

Chapter 8  A Game of Chance


  1. Encouraged: to inspire, to motivate a trifle: an object of little value
  2. Far and wide: a large number of distant places
  3. Leading: giving direction
  4. Obliged: to do a favour
  5. Patted: slapped lightly with love 
  6. Pleased: happy, delighted
  7. Promised: to give one’s word
  8. Sympathy: feelings of pity
  9. Tempt: to attract
  10. Tradesmen: shopkeepers or people who have goods to sell 
  11. Tricks: to dupe or befool
  12. Trifle: a thing of little value or price
  13. Warned: to alert

Chapter 9  Desert Animals


  1. Amusing: interesting; enjoyable.
  2. Chipmunks: small ground squirrels having light and dark stripes
  3. Coil: to turn, to make a loop
  4. Dodge: move quickly to avoid its enemy
  5. Domesticated: to tame to keep at home or any other place
  6. Dunes: heaps of sand formed by the wind 
  7. Forage: search for food
  8. Frightening: scaring
  9. Gerbils: mouse-like desert rodents with long hind legs
  10. Hollow log: a piece of wood having a hole in it.
  11. Mound: heap
  12. Nuisance:  annoyance
  13. Pebbly: stony
  14. Pierce: to make hole into
  15. Predator: an animal naturally preying on others.
  16. Rattle: sharp knocking sound
  17. Scarce: meagre, less in quantity
  18. Scorching: very hot
  19. Shaggy: covered with long, untidy hair
  20. Suspicious: doubtful
  21. Twittering: Sparrow’s sound
  22. Venom: poisonous toxin
  23. Vibration: movement
  24. Voles: small plant-eating rodents

Chapter 10  The Banyan Tree


  1. Catapult: a forked stick with an elastic band fastened to the two prongs, used by children for shooting small stones.
  2. Clearing: an open space in a forest where there are no trees 
  3. Clump: bunch
  4. Collide: come into conflict
  5. Combatants: participants in a fight
  6. Crude: primitive, raw
  7. Dart: move quickly, suddenly
  8. Defensive: defending, protective
  9. Defiance: rebellion; resistance
  10. During the fig season: the time when figs appeared
  11. Emerged: came out
  12. Fangs: long sharp teeth (of a snake or dog) 
  13. Gliding: sliding, moving smoothly
  14. Glistened: shone 
  15. Grandstand view: a clear view from the best position (a grandstand is a large covered space with rows of seats for people to watch sports) 
  16. Grimly: in a very serious manner
  17. Invasion: invading a country or region with an armed force
  18. Magnificent: Marvellous, wonderful
  19. Mesmerise: here, magically persuade a false move: an unwise action 
  20. Morsels: small bits of food
  21. Outcome: result
  22. Perch: repose, settle
  23. Pieces of food delving: going deep into
  24. Pretended: acted 
  25. Propping myself up: leaning against
  26. Pull up: here, stop
  27. Resent: dislike; feel angry about
  28. Sacs: a part (of an animal or plant) shaped like a bag
  29. Shrill: high pitched
  30. Snout: the nose and mouth of an animal
  31. Spectators: those who watch a show, games, etc. 
  32. Spy: secret agent, watch secretly
  33. Squabbling: fighting over small things
  34. To no avail: with no success
  35. Twisting: twiddle, turn
  36. Whipped back: moved…back suddenly