Class 6 NCERT A Pact with the Sun Book Chapter wise difficult word meanings 


Here, the difficult words and their meanings of all the Chapters of CBSE Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun book have been compiled for the convenience of the students. This is an exhaustive list of the difficult words and meanings of all the Chapters from the A Pact with the Sun book for NCERT Class 6 English. The difficult words’ meanings have been explained in an easy language so that every student can understand them easily.



Chapter 1  A Tale Of Two Birds


  1. Alike: similar, identical
  2. Amazed: surprised
  3. Blew down: to make fall
  4. Comfortable: suitable, to be at ease
  5. Fortunately: luckily, happily, by good luck
  6. Hunt: to chase and try to catch and kill, to pursue
  7. Imitates: copies
  8. Robbers: Person who commits robbery, a thief, a burglar
  9. Welcome: to greet



Chapter 2  The Friendly Mongoose


  1. Cradle: a small bed for a baby
  2. Frankly: honestly
  3. Rocked: to move or sway from one side to another



Chapter 3  The Shepherd’s Treasure


  1. Astonished: wondered
  2. Cloaks: a kind of clothing
  3. Compliment: an expression of appreciation
  4. Cottage: a small house
  5. Delight: joy
  6. Discovered: found
  7. Disguised: an appearance that hides the actual form
  8. Embarrassed: feeling of shame and awkwardness
  9. Fastened: fixed or tied
  10. Hospitality:  act of being friendly and warm reception 
  11. Humble: not proud but modest
  12. Indeed: in reality
  13. Meagre: inadequate, quite less in amount
  14. Mockingly: making fun of
  15. Mule: an offspring of a male ass and a female horse
  16. Ordinary: common
  17. Pleased: happy
  18. Provinces: States
  19. Shepherd: Person who takes care of the sheep
  20. Summoned: called



Chapter 4  The Old-Clock Shop


  1. Pawnbroker- a person who lends money on interest with security of the article pawned



Chapter 5  Tansen


  1. Disciples.: pupils
  2. Frighten: scare
  3. Grove: a group of trees planted together
  4. Impressed: to cause someone admire deeply
  5. Insist: to say something firmly and forcefully
  6. Legend: a person who is admired for his abilities
  7. Punish: to hurt a wrongdoer
  8. Rejoice: to feel happy
  9. Talented: skilled



Chapter 6  The Monkey and the Crocodile


  1. Dilemma: to be or not to be situation where one has to make a difficult choice
  2. Hatched: process of emergence of young baby from an egg
  3. Pester: to irritate someone by asking something repeatedly



Chapter 7  The Wonder Called Sleep


  1. Alert – quick to notice and react to something unusual
  2. Fatigue- tiredness
  3. Great deal – a lot of
  4. Reveal- disclose, tell
  5. Unconscious- not awake and aware
  6. Unfathomable – here, very deep that it cannot be measured
  7. Winding- a twisting path



Chapter 8  A Pact With The Sun


  1. Bolsters: pillows
  2. Dingy: dark and dirty
  3. Hovel: a small dirty place
  4. Persuaded: to move someone to believe something by arguing
  5. Relented: to get soften in feelings
  6. Trinkets: piece of jewellery



Chapter 9  What Happened To The Reptiles


  1. Anxiously: curiously
  2. Cliff: a pointed high-end point of a rock
  3. Giant: very big
  4. Grab: to hold, to catch
  5. Nastier: unclean
  6. Slimy: unpleasant 
  7. Somersaults: physical exercise, movement
  8. Squeaky: making a very high sound
  9. Straggling: to move and spread in a very shabby manner
  10. Venom: poison
  11. Wriggled; to move body in small quick movement



Chapter 10  A Strange Wrestling Match


  1. Apprehension: suspicion or fear about some future happening
  2. Awkward: to cause worry or problem
  3. Boasting: to speak too proudly about one’s belongings and accomplishments
  4. Eccentricities: strange behaviors
  5. Haunted: place visited by ghosts
  6. Landmark: place or building that can be easily recognised
  7. Marshalling: reordering
  8. Murmurs: to speak in a low voice, whispers
  9. Nonchalantly: to behave in a calm manner that shows disinterest
  10. peered into; To look at carefully to search something
  11. Proclaimed: to announce something publicly
  12. Size up: to guess
  13. Stout: fat and solid
  14. Taken aback: surprised
  15. Thrust: to push forcefully
  16. Wilderness: an area which is not inhabited by human beings
  17. Wrestler: a person who fights with others as a part of game or sport