Tansen Summary, Explanation, Word meanings Class 6

Cl-6 A Pact with the Sun Book Chp-4

By Jyoti Verma

CBSE Class 6 English Lesson 4 Tansen Summary, Line by Line Explanation along with Difficult Word Meanings from A Pact With The Sun Book

Tansen – Here is the Class 6 English  A Pact With The Sun Book Lesson 4 – Tansen Summary and Detailed explanation of the poem along with meanings of difficult words.



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Introduction of Tansen

This lesson is the story of famous Indian musician Tansen. It talks about the importance of complete information and the wisdom of finding solutions. How Tansen with his deep knowledge of music and wisdom to apply that knowledge was able to save himself.


Tansen Summary

This is the story of the famous Indian musician named, Tansen. He was the only child of singer Mukandan Mishra.They lived in the village Behat near Gwalior. Tansen was a naughty but wise and talented child. One day, in the forest, Swami Haridas found Tansen roaring like a tiger.
Then, Tansen started learning music from him. He learned music for eleven years and became a great singer afterward. His father’s last wish was to send Tansen to Mohammed Ghaus of Gwalior. There, Tansen got married to Hussaini. Soon after Tansen became a famous Musician.He became the official singer in Emperor Akbar’s court. Being a favorite of Akbar, he was a victim of jealousy of the few courtiers. Courtiers even planned to kill Tansen. Shaukat Mian, a courtier in Akbar’s court requested Akbar to make Tansen sing Raga Deepak.
Tansen knew that Raga Deepak could produce heat around the singer and turn him into ashes and Raga Megh could bring Rain. So, he prepared his daughter Saraswati and her friend Rupvati to sing Raga Megh in the court.
The girls sang Raga Megh when fire spread out near Tansen and lamps were alighted as per the plan. Tansen’s life was saved when drops of rain fell down on him. After this incident Tansen became sick. Akbar punished the courtiers. Tansen recovered from his illness and people rejoiced and celebrated his recovery.

Tansen Summary in Hindi

यह प्रसिद्ध भारतीय संगीतकार तानसेन की कहानी है। वे गायक मुकंदन मिश्रा की इकलौती संतान थे। वे ग्वालियर के पास बेहट गांव में रहते थे। तानसेन एक शरारती लेकिन बुद्धिमान और प्रतिभाशाली बच्चा था। एक दिन जंगल में स्वामी हरिदास ने तानसेन को बाघ की तरह दहाड़ते देखा। फिर, तानसेन ने उनसे संगीत सीखना शुरू किया। उन्होंने ग्यारह साल तक संगीत सीखा और बाद में एक महान गायक बन गए।
उनके पिता की अंतिम इच्छा तानसेन को ग्वालियर के मोहम्मद गौस के पास भेजना था। वहां तानसेन ने हुसैनी से शादी कर ली। तानसेन के प्रसिद्ध संगीतकार बनने के तुरंत बाद, वह सम्राट अकबर के दरबार में आधिकारिक गायक बन गए।
अकबर का चहेता होने के कारण वह कुछ दरबारियों की ईर्ष्या का शिकार था। दरबारियों ने तानसेन को मारने की भी योजना बनाई। अकबर के दरबार के एक दरबारी शौकत मियां ने अकबर से तानसेन को राग दीपक गाने का अनुरोध किया।
तानसेन जानता था कि राग दीपक गायक के चारों ओर गर्मी पैदा कर सकता है और उसे राख में बदल सकता है और राग मेघ वर्षा ला सकता है। अत: उसने अपनी पुत्री सरस्वती और उसकी सहेली रूपवती को राजदरबार में राग मेघ गाने के लिए तैयार किया। तानसेन के पास आग फैलने पर लड़कियों ने राग मेघ गाया और योजना के अनुसार दीपक जलाए गए।
बारिश की बूंदों के गिरने से तानसेन की जान बच गई। इस घटना के बाद तानसेन बीमार हो गया। अकबर ने दरबारियों को दण्डित किया। तानसेन अपनी बीमारी से उबर गए और लोगों ने खुशी मनाई और उनके ठीक होने का जश्न मनाया।

Tansen Lesson Explanation

Passage – Tansen was the only child of his parents.
Naughty but talented, he imitated the calls of birds and animals perfectly.
Once he tried to frighten a group of travelers by roaring like a tiger.
YOU may have heard the name of Tansen — the greatest musician our country has produced.

Word meaning
Talented : skilled
Frighten : scare

Explanation of the above passage – Being his parents only child,Tansen was a naughty but skilled child. He used to copy birds and animals sounds.One day he tried to scare a group of travellers by making the roaring sound of the tiger. It was Tansen -the greatest musician of our country.

Passage – A singer called Mukandan Misra and his wife lived in Behat near Gwalior. Tansen was their only child. It is said that he was a naughty child. Often, he ran away to play in the forest, and soon learnt to imitate perfectly the calls of birds and animals.
A famous singer named Swami Haridas was once traveling through the forest with his disciples. Tired,the group settled down to rest in a shady grove. Tansen saw them.

Word meaning
Disciples.: pupils
Grove : a group of trees planted together

Explanation of the above passage – Tansen was Mukandan Misra’s son who lived at Behat near Gwalior with his wife.Tansen was a naughty child. He used to go to the forest to play. There he learnt the art of copying the sounds of birds and animals.
One day a renowned singer Swami Haridas was crossing the forest with his disciples. Feeling tired, they stopped under a shady tree to rest. Tansen was looking at them.
Passage – ‘Strangers in the forest!’ he said to himself. ‘It will be fun to frighten them’. He hid behind a tree and roared like a tiger. The little group of travelers scattered in fear but Swami Haridas called them together. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Tigers are not always dangerous. Let us look for this one.”

Word meaning
to scare

Explanation of the above passage – He thought that it would be fun to make strangers scared.So he hid behind the tree and made a sound like a tiger’s roar. Out of fear all the travelers ran here and there but Swami Haridas asked them to come and sit together. As there was nothing to be scared of. Tigers were not always dangerous.

Passage – Suddenly, one of his men saw a small boy hiding behind a tree. “There are no tigers here, master,” he said. “Only this naughty boy.”

Explanation of the above passage – All of a sudden, one of the travelers saw a small boy behind the tree.He told Swami that there was no tiger but it was a naughty little boy.

Passage – Swami Haridas did not punish him. He went to Tansen’s father and said, “Your son is very naughty. He is also very talented. I think I can make him a good singer.”
Tansen was ten years old when he went away with Swami Haridas. He lived with him for eleven years, learning music, and became a great singer. At about this time, his parents died.
Mukandan Misra’s dying wish was that Tansen should visit Mohammad Ghaus of Gwalior. Mohammad Ghaus was a holy man. Mukandan Misra had long been devoted to him, and often visited him.
While living in Gwalior with Mohammed Ghaus, Tansen was often taken to the court of Rani Mrignaini, who was a great musician herself. There he met and married one of the ladies of the court. Her name was Hussaini.

Word meaning
Punish: to hurt a wrongdoer

Explanation of the above passage – Swami Haridas did not punish him, rather he went to his father and told him that his son was very naughty but was very skilled. He suggested to him that he could make him a good singer.
Tansen was 10 years of age when he went away with Swami.
Swami Haridas became Tansen’s music teacher. Tansen learnt music from him for 11 years and became a great singer of his times. During this time his parents died.
His father’s last wish was that Tansen must visit Mohammad Gaus of Gwalior. He was a holy man. He even lived with a holy man Mohammad Gaus.
There he was frequently taken to the court of Rani Mrignaini. She was also a great musician. There he married Hussaini who was in the court of Rani Mrignaini.

Passage – Hussaini also became Swami Haridas’s disciple. Tansen and Hussaini had five children who were all very musical.

Explanation of the above passage – Hussaini also became Swami Haridas’s disciple.They had 5 children and they all  were also musical.

Passage – Tansen had, by this time, become very famous. Sometimes he sang before Emperor Akbar, who was so impressed by him that he insisted Tansen should join his court.

Word meaning
Impressed: to cause someone admire deeply
Insist : to say something firmly and forcefully

Explanation of the above passage – Tansen became very famous. He got opportunities to sing before Emperor Akbar. Akbar was very impressed by his music so he asked Tansen to join his court.

Passage – Tansen went to Akbar’s court in 1556, and soon became a great favourite of the Emperor. Akbar would call upon Tansen to sing at any time during the day or night. Quite often he would just walk into Tansen’s house to hear him practise.
He also gave him many presents. Some of the courtiers became jealous of Tansen. “We shall never be able to rest till Tansen is ruined,” they declared. One of the courtiers, Shaukat Mian, had a bright idea.

Explanation of the above passage – Tansen joined Akbar’s court in 1556 and Akbar liked him very much.Akbar used to call him to sing very often at any time of day or night.Rather he used to go to his house as well to hear him sing. He gave him many gifts.
His growing popularity and Akbar’s interest in him made other courtiers jealous of him.They were so jealous that they planned to ruin him. Shaukat Mian had a clever idea .

Passage – “Let us make him sing Raga Deepak”, he said. “How will that help us?” asked another man. “If Raga Deepak is properly sung, it makes the air so hot that the singer is burnt to ashes. Tansen is a very good singer. If he sings Raga Deepak, he will die, and we will be rid of him.”

Explanation of the above passage – He suggested that Tansen should sing Raag Deepak. Another man asked how could that help them.He answered that  if that Raag would be sung correctly it would make the air so hot that the singer would be burnt to ashes. Tansen was a very good singer. If he did that he would die and they would get rid of him.

Passage – Shaukat Mian went to Akbar and said, “We don’t think Tansen is a great singer. Let us test him. Tell him to sing Raga Deepak. Only the greatest singers can sing it properly.”

Explanation of the above passage – Shaukat Mian went to Akbar to say that in their opinion Tansen was not a good singer. If he was, then let them test him and ask him to sing Raag Deepak. As only the greatest singers could sing that.

Passage – “Of course he can sing it. Tansen can sing anything. ” Akbar said. Tansen was afraid, but could not disobey the king. “Very well, my lord,” he said, “but give me time to prepare myself.” Tansen went home.
He had never been more downcast and unhappy. “I can sing the Raga,” he told his wife, “but the heat it gives off will not only set the lamps alight, it will also burn me to ashes.”

Explanation of the above passage – Akbar replied firmly showing full trust that Tansen could sing anything. But  Tansen was scared  and was unable to say ‘no’ to the king. So Tansen asked the king to give him some time. Tansen went home and was unhappy.
He told his wife that he was able to sing that Raag but with its heat not only the lamps would be lit but he would also be turned into ashes.

Passage – Then he had an idea. “If someone sings Raga Megh at the same time, and sings it properly, it will bring rain. Perhaps our daughter, Saraswati, and her friend, Rupvati, could do it,” he said

Explanation of the above passage – Then an idea struck him that if somebody could sing Raag Megh, at the same time, Raga Megha if sung correctly would bring rain. He asked his daughter Saraswati and her friend Rupvati to do that.

Passage – He taught the two girls to sing Raga Megh. They practiced night and day for two weeks. Tansen told them, “You must wait till the lamps start burning, and then you start singing.”

Explanation of the above passage – He taught them Raga Megh. They practiced very hard for two weeks. Tansen told them not to sing  till the lamps would start burning.

Passage – The legend goes that on the appointed day the whole town assembled to hear Tansen sing Raga Deepak. When he began to sing, the air became warm. Soon people in the audience were bathed in perspiration.
The leaves on the trees have dried up and fell to the ground. As the music continued, birds fell dead because of the heat and the water in the rivers began to boil. People cried out in terror as flames shot up out of nowhere and lighted the lamps.

Word meaning
Legend :
a person who is admired for his abilities

Explanation of the above passage – Tansen went as per the plan. The whole town got together to listen to him sing. As he started singing, the air became hot, people started sweating. The leaves dried and fell on the ground. Birds died and the water in the rivers started boiling. People started crying in fear and the lamps were lit.

Passage – At once Saraswati and Rupvati began to sing Raga Megh. The sky clouded over and the rain came down. Tansen was saved. The story goes that he was very ill after this, and Akbar was sorry that he had caused him so much suffering.
He punished Tansen’s enemies. When Tansen got well, the entire city rejoiced. Tansen remained Akbar’s court singer till 1585 when he died. He composed several new ragas. Tansen’s tomb is in Gwalior. It is a place of pilgrimage for musicians.

Word meaning
Rejoice :
to feel happy

Explanation of the above passage – Saraswati and Rupawati started singing Raga Megh as soon as the lamps were lit. The sky was immediately clouded and the showers of rain began pouring down on the earth. Tansen was saved.
After that incident, Tansen fell ill and Akbar felt sorry for causing him pain. He punished Tansen’s enemies. When Tansen recovered from his illness, the whole city was joyous and celebrated it. Tansen remained Akbar’s court singer till his death that is 1585. He composed many new Ragas.




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