Who I am Class 6 NCERT Solution Honeysuckle book Chapter 6 Summary, Video Explanation, Question and Answer

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By Jyoti Verma

NCERT Solution for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Book Chapter 6 Who I Am Summary, Explanation and Question Answers

Who I Am – NCET Class 6 English Honeysuckle Book Lesson 6 Who I Am Summary and Detailed explanation of the lesson along with the meanings of difficult words. All the exercises and Question and Answers given at the back of the lesson has been covered.


Class 6 English (Honeysuckle Book) Chapter 6 – Who I Am





This lesson speaks about diversity.It tells that everyone has something special in him or her.Everyone is unique in their own way. There are six different people whose uniqueness has been shared in this lesson.

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Who I Am Summary

Everyone Is Unique. Here, different people have shared their unique experiences and feelings.


Radha shared her likings and daring acts.She said that her choicest thing was to climb trees. Climbing trees gave her a feeling that she was able to rule the whole world. Though,her mother often advised her not to do this as it was not good for girls. But one afternoon she also climbed along with her and both of them enjoyed it.


Nasir shared his feelings and wish to be a seed collector..His family owned cotton fields in the village.His father spent a lot of money on buying seeds to grow new plants every year.He wanted to stop this as his grandfather told him that in their times,they used to grow new plants from the seeds of their own plants.But this was not applicable in the present times.This was bothering him and he wanted to know the art of seed preservation.


Rohit was fond of travelling.If his pocket allowed, he would have visited the whole world.His love was mountains of Newzealand and the amazon river in South America. Beaches of Lakshadweep and the Konark temple in Orissa were also on his wish list.His choice also included city of Beijing in China and the pyramids of Egypt.He loved nature more than buildings.


Serbjit was full of anger. As the people around him often showed him distrust even when he spoke the truth.When he told his teacher that he couldn’t do his homework because his book was with Ravi, she thought he was a liar.His parents blamed him for starting a fight whereas it was started by  his brother. He was feeling angry for all the distrust and was trying to control it.


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Dolma was a girl of high aspirations. Her wish was to be Prime Minister. As Prime Minister, she wanted to serve her country and make things better for the people. Her belief was that she had leadership qualities.She often solved her friends’ problems. Teachers showed their interest in her abilities whenever some new thing was to be done in the school.



Second Sunday of the month was Peter’s love.On this day his family often went for an outing. They watched films, ate peanuts, ice-creams etc. All this refreshed everyone’s mood and they felt happy.


Chapter 1 A tale of two birds Chapter 2 The Friendly MongooseChapter 3 The Shepherd’s Treasure
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Who I Am Explanation

Part I – Many voices



My favourite activity is climbing trees. Just outside our house, there is a mango tree which I love to go up. Its branches spread out, so it is simple to climb up the tree, and I can sit comfortably in the fork of two branches. My mother tells me it is not sensible for girls to climb trees, but one afternoon she climbed up too, and both of us sat there talking and eating raw mangoes. When I am high up in the tree, I feel like I can rule the whole world.

Favourite: most liked, dearest
Climbing: going up
spread out: to open or arrange something over a large area
Comfortably: in a relaxed manner
Sensible: responsible
in the fork: bifurcation (where branch of a tree splits into two parts)

Here, Radha is sharing her liking and daring acts.Radha relates that her choicest thing was to climb trees.Outside her house, there was a mango tree. She loved to climb that tree.Its branches covered a large area which made it easier to climb and sit in the bifurcated part of the tree. Her mother tried to stop her from climbing trees by saying that it was not good for girls. But one noon she also climbed with her and two were able to enjoy talking and eating raw mangoes. Radha said that climbing trees made her feel as if she could rule the whole world.


When I grow up, I want to become a seed collector. We have cotton fields in our village and every year, my father spends a lot of money on buying new seeds to grow our cotton plants. My grandfather told me that many years ago, he could collect the seeds from his own plants which could be sown to grow new plants during the next year. But today that doesn’t work so we have to spend money to buy new seeds every single year. I want to find out why that is so. I want to learn how to preserve seeds so that we can use them again and not spend money every year.


Spends : to pay for some goods or service
find out: to discover or search
Preserve: to conserve or protect

Nasir says that once he grows up he would like to be a seed collector. As his family had  cotton fields and every year his father had to spend a good amount of money on buying seeds to grow cotton plants. He wanted to stop this expenditure. His grandfather told him that in their times,they used to get seeds from their own plants. These seeds were used to grow new plants. He wanted to search the ways to preserve seeds. As it would help them save money.


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If I had a huge amount of money I would travel and travel. I want to see the mountains of New Zealand because they looked beautiful in a magazine picture. I wish I could sail down the Amazon river in South America on a raft. I want to live on the beaches of Lakshadweep and dive down to see coral. I suppose I should go to the Konark temple in Orissa or the old city in Beijing in China and the Pyramids in Egypt too, but what I actually enjoy is seeing nature more than old buildings.

Raft : a flat floating structure to travel across water bodies
Beaches: seaside, seashore
Pyramids: a monumental structure with a square or triangular base and sloping sides that meet in a point at the top, especially one built of stone as a royal tomb in ancient Egypt.

Rohit is sharing his passion for travelling. He says that if he had a big amount of money he would like to travel a lot. He wished to visit the mountains of Newzealand because they look good on magazines. He also wanted to raft on the Amazon river in South America. He wanted to live on the beaches of Lakshadweep and dive down to see coral.His wish list also included Konark temple in Orissa,the old city in Beijing in China and the pyramids in Egypt. But more than buildings his wish was to be within nature.

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What makes me very angry is when people don’t believe me when I am
telling the truth. For example, if I tell my teacher that I couldn’t do my homework because Ravi borrowed my book and forgot to return it. Or I tell my parents that it wasn’t me but my little brother who started the fight. Or if I tell my teacher that I really did study for the test even if I have got bad marks. They all look at me as if they think I am telling lies. The look on their faces really angers me. Sometimes I have to look down at my shoes and count to ten so that I do not show that I am angry.

Borrowed:to take something from someone for oneself

Serbjit felt angry when people showed disbelief in him. When he spoke the truth, people did not believe him. They thought that he was lying to them.Be it he couldn’t complete his work because Ravi borrowed his book and did not return it. or he couldn’t score good marks in spite of the fact that he studied or it was a matter of fight which he didn’t start rather his brother did that. No one was ready to believe him neither his teachers nor his parents. He tried to control his anger by looking down at his shoes and counting to ten.

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two girls


When I grow up, I am going to be the Prime Minister of India. People always laugh when I say that, but I am sure that I will do it. Everyone in my class asks me what to do when they have a problem, and my teacher always trusts me when something needs to be done in school. I want to make things better for everyone. I want us to have good hospitals and roads and schools. I want to make sure that there are many good scientists in India who will invent cures for diseases and send a spaceship to Mars.

Dolma wanted to be Prime Minister to serve and make things better for everyone. People laughed at her ambition but she was sure that she would achieve it. Whenever her classmates were stuck they asked her for solutions. Her teachers showed trust in her whenever something new was to be done in the school.She said that she wanted to make good hospitals, roads and schools for the country. She also wanted that capable scientists should be there so that cures for diseases could be found and spaceships to Mars could be sent.




My favourite day is  the second Sunday of every month. On this
day our whole family always goes to the cinema hall to see a
film. My father gets the tickets in advance and all of us — my
grandmother, my parents, my two brothers and I —take the bus there. In the interval my father buys us peanuts and I love to sit in the darkness of the hall eating and watching the film. Afterwards we always stop to eat ice cream. Everyone is in a good mood and we all feel very lucky that we are such a happy family.

in advance: beforehand
Interval : gap between two periods of time, break time

Peter’s choicest day was second Sunday of the month.On that day their family used to go out to watch a film. His father would have tickets before hand and inform them.They all – his parents, grandmother, two brothers and himself- would take a bus to reach the cinema hall. During break time,  his father would buy peanuts for them which he loved to eat in the darkness of the hall while watching the film. After the film is over they would stop to eat ice cream.This kept everyone in a good mood and they took it as fortune that they were a happy family.


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Part II – Multiple Intelligences

Each one of us is skilled or good at something. But do you know that different people are intelligent in different ways?


who i am


Being good at your studies is one kind of intelligence, but there are many others too.

Read the descriptions to find out which of the following types of intelligence best describes you. Remember that there will probably be more than one type of intelligence which fits you.


Chapter 7 The Wonder Called SleepChapter 8 A Pact with the SunChapter 9 What Happened to the Reptiles
Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match


You like to: control your body movements and handle objects skillfully. You have a good sense of balance and can catch or hit the ball well, and like to dance. You like to move around while learning. You are good at: dancing, physical coordination, sports, crafts, acting, miming, using your hands to create or build. You express emotions through your body. You can become a: dancer, athlete, physical education teacher, actor, firefighter, craftspersonYou like to: play and enjoy music. You think about sounds, rhythms and patterns. You immediately respond to music either appreciating or criticising what you hear.
You are good at: singing, whistling, playing musical instruments, recognising tunes, composing music, remembering melodies, understanding the structure and rhythm of music.
You can become a: musician, disc jockey, singer, composer.
You like to: understand others. You try to see things from other people’s point of view in order to understand how they think or feel. You are a good organiser and manage to get other people to cooperate and work as a team.
You are good at: seeing things from others’ view, listening, understanding other people’s moods and feelings, solving problems, cooperating with groups, noticing people’s moods, communicating, building trust. You can become a: counsellor, salesperson,politician, business person, teacher.




Who I Am Question Answers

A. Answer the following questions.

Peter’s favourite day of the week is Sunday because —————

A. Peter’s favourite day of the week is Sunday because on this day his family goes  for outing.


Nasir wants to learn ———— —————
A.Nasir wants to learn the art of  seed preservation.


Dolma believes that she can make a good Prime Minister because ———————

A.Dolma believes that she can make a good Prime Minister because she has leadership qualities in her. People come to her for ideas to begin new things and solutions to solve their problems.


B. Write True or False against each of the following statements.
1. Peter is an only child. ——————————
2. When Serbjit gets angry he shouts at people. ——————————
3. Nasir lives in the city. ——————————
4. Radha’s mother enjoys doing things with her. ——————————

Answers: 1- False , 2- False, 3- False,4 – true


Fill in the blanks to name the different kinds of intelligence. One has been done for you.
When I enjoy listening to people and solving their problems I use my interpersonal intelligence.
(i) When I enjoy dancing or physical activity, I use my ————————————— intelligence.
(ii) When I enjoy looking at maps and examining pictures I use my ————————————— intelligence.
(iii) When I enjoy working with numbers and solving maths problems I use my ——————— intelligence.
(iv) When I enjoy telling a story or arguing, I use my ————————————— intelligence.

A. (i) Interpersonal   (ii) Bodily Intelligence (iii) Mathematical Intelligence (iv) Verbal Intelligence


Match the job on the left with its description on the right.

NavigatorAdvises people what to do about jobs, personal problems etc.
ArchitectWorks in politics usually by standing for election.
PoliticianFinds and monitors the route to get to a place, or the direction of travel.
EngineerReports on recent news for newspaper, radio, or T.V
ComputerPlans the design of a building,programmer town, or city.
AthleteControls and puts together a programme of music.
Disc jockeyWorks in sports or activities such as running, jumping,etc.
ComposerDesigns and builds things like roads, bridges, or engines.
CounsellorMakes up notes to create music.
JournalistDesigns the system by which a computer runs or gives information.


NavigatorFinds and monitors the route to get to a place, or the direction of travel.
ArchitectPlans the design of a building,programmer town, or city.
PoliticianWorks in politics, usually by standing for election.
EngineerDesigns and builds things liker roads, bridges, or engines
ComputerDesigns the system by which a computer runs or gives information.
AthleteWorks in sports or activities such as running, jumping, etc.
Disc jockeyControls and puts together a programme of music.
ComposerMakes up notes to create music
CounsellorAdvises people what to do about jobs, personal problems, etc.
JournalistReports on recent news for newspaper, radio, or TV.


Read these columns about careers in environment, that is, working to keep our world — the land, air, water and the people, animals and plants — safe from natural and man-made dangers. Check out the personality profiles needed to be successful at different kinds of careers in the environmental field. Find out whether you are more adventurous than your partner, or whether your partner is a better inquirer than others. You may wish to prepare a personality profile of yourself/your partner. In  groups, attempt some of the activities suggested at the end.


whats your nature


whats your nature


Word-finders group1. Thinker becomes Tinker if we leave out an ‘h’. Who is a tinker?
2. Make a list of words that your classmates want to find out the meanings of. Then find out the meanings by consulting a dictionary or asking your teacher. Tell your classmates what you have found out. Find people in the jobs mentioned
People-finders groupFind people in the jobs mentioned here.
They may be people you know, or people mentioned in newspapers,etc. Make a chart.
Picture-finders groupGet pictures or photographs of the kinds of people, subjects, activities,places, etc.mentioned above.


Why does Radha’s mother tell her that it is not suitable for girls to climb trees? Find points to agree with Radha or her mother. Plan what you will say by making notes like this:
Girls should be able to climb trees if they wish
1. ————————————————
2. ————————————————
3. ————————————————

Girls should not be allowed to climb trees
1. ——————————————————
2. ——————————————————
3. ——————————————————

  1.  It is not wise
  2. They can get hurt

1. The Hirakud Dam is built on a major river. Name it.
2. In which state is Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of the mainland?
3. Name the channel that separates the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  1. Mahanadi river
  2. Tamilnadu
  3. The Ten Degree channel


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