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Article Writing 10 Examples based on previous question papers

Q1. Our performance in the Rio Olympics has told us that we do not pay enough attention to athletics and outdoor games. It is time we revised our attitude. Sports should be an important part of a school’s daily routine. Write an article in 150-200 words in ‘Importance of Outdoor Games’. You are Sreeja/Thomas.


Importance Of Outdoor Games
– By Sreeja/ Thomas

Sports occupy a prominent place in the life of a nation. It not only helps keep you healthy and fit but also plays an important part as a recreational event. Unfortunately, in our country, the trend is such that it focuses only on the academic front. To grow a tree, we have to water it’s roots; just like that, to prepare athletes that could play for the country, we need to inculcate the concept of sports at the primary level, i.e., the school level. What we are missing out is that sports play a vital role in imparting complete education.

Clearly, things did not go well in the Rio Olympics, and as everyone gets down to doing the post-mortem of our performances, often breathless, blame the quality of attention being given to athletics.

The benefits of playing sports are several, as it leads to balanced mental growth. It teaches the children life skills like team efforts, leadership, patience and social skills. It inculcates confidence, discipline and playing without crossing the rules.

Thus, it becomes all the more important to change the attitude of schools towards sports. It should be made a compulsory activity. It has been rightly said,

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, they learn how to learn.”
Thank you.

Q2. Recent floods in many metropolitan cities of the country during the monsoon season laid bare the hollowness of the claims of the civic authorities of their preparedness. The poor had to bear the brunt of the problem while no one was ever held accountable. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on the common man’s woes during the monsoons and the need for accountability of the officials concerned. You are Sumit/Smita Verma.


Common Man’s Woes During Monsoon
-by Sumit/ Smita Verma

The much awaited Monsoon brings respite from the scorching heat. But Monsoon and madness walk together. Every year during the monsoons, chaos reigns supreme. The roads are flooded; the sewage system collapses; a huge loss of crops, fruits, life, and property is caused. Water logging and breeding of mosquitoes together becomes the reason for a lot of people falling ill. Network connectivity gets weak.

In spite of 71 years of independence, the Indian Government has not been able to tackle the flood problem caused by monsoons. Recent floods have laid bare the hollowness of the claims of the civic authorities of their preparedness. The poor had to bear the brunt of the problem.
One of the causes behind this chaos is the lack of strict laws and accountability of the officials and the Ministries responsible for tackling the floods. The Government formulate and pass strict laws regarding the projects launched to relieve people of their distress but there is hardly a sign of effective implementation of the scheme. There needs to be strict accountability.

When the Ministers will be accountable, they will ensure the officers, officials involved in the projects surely create foolproof systems. It is only through strict accountability laws the system can be made efficient.

Thank you

Q3. India is a land of diversity. One way in which it makes us feel proud of it is the number of festivals we enjoy. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Festivals of India’. You are Karuna/Karan. 10


Festivals Of India
– Karan/ Karuna

It is said that “Greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals”. India has proved every word of the saying right by being famously known as the “Land of Festivals” .

True to this belief, India has scores and scores of festivals that bring happiness and joy all across the country.

This is because of the diverse cultures that exist in this subcontinent. All these different cultures and religions get tied together in bonds of love with these invisible threads of celebrations.

Every festival has a social, religious and mythological value. Accordingly, Dussehra has a great significance. Similarly, the Janmashtami festival has also a great religious and social significance. This is the occasion when Lord Krishna was born to kill Kansa and other demons and save the people from a great danger. This festival also teaches us how to fight evil and falsehood and establish truth.

On these festivals, people offer prayers to their deities, wear ethnic clothes and make merry with their near and dear ones. Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid Ul Fitr, Baisakhi, Onam, Pongal, Gurupurab, Ram Navami and Durga Puja are some of the festivals that are celebrated with immense zeal in different parts of India with some of these being specific to a particular region.

No wonder, our country is called a land of festivals.
Thank you.

Q4. ‘Grow more trees to reduce pollution.’ Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic given above for your school magazine.
(SOURCE- CBSE compartment 2018)


Grow More Trees to Reduce Pollution

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.”
Trees and plants are one of the main reasons why mankind came into existence. The importance of planting trees has been emphasized time and again. This is because of the numerous benefits they offer.

They make the world a better place to live in. They exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide to maintain the ecological balance in the environment. They also absorb all the harmful gases and give us fresh air to breathe.

Trees build a sheet to protect us from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Not only this, they serve as a habitat for birds and various species of animals. This is not it. Trees help in controlling water pollution and preventing soil erosion.

The places inhabited by large numbers of trees are quite cooler compared to the concrete jungles that cannot do without air conditioners. Unfortunately, urbanisation is leading to clearing of forests and parks despite the numerous benefits they offer. People come here for morning walks, evening strolls, yoga sessions and laughter therapy. These also serve as a safe place for the kids to play and socialise. The only way left to preserve them and reap these benefits is by growing them at a faster rate.

As a Chinese proverb states, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So do your bit and make this place more beautiful.

Thank you.

Q5. By 2050, India will be amongst the countries which will face acute water shortage. You are highly alarmed and terrified of the future world without water. So, write an article on “Save water- are we doing enough?” for the local daily in 150-200 words.


Save Water- Are We Doing Enough?

Many people are living with less water than they need, whether in the world's most prosperous cities or in its bountiful agricultural heartlands.
Droughts have also become more frequent, more severe, and affecting more people around the world. As many as four billion people already live in regions that experience severe water stress for at least one month of the year. With populations rising, these stresses will only mount.

Water is the precious gift of God on earth. Life exists on the earth because of the availability of water. Itself being tasteless, odourless and colourless, it adds taste, colour and nice smell in the life of living beings on the Earth.

Here are different methods we can follow to save clean drinking water and deal with the water scarcity. Rain water harvesting is one of the most effective and suitable methods among save water techniques.

Deforestation is also a good method as it reduces the surface runoff and recharges the groundwater. It promotes underground water conservation. By practicing such methods we can conserve more water naturally and ensure the availability of it for future generations. We should take a pledge and make it a lifelong motto to preserve water because,

“If you conserve water, it means you conserve life.”

Thank you.

Q6. The media shows things which range from interesting to questionable. One of these is how they project beauty. Write an article on how media influences the life of women, especially teenage girls in 150-200 words. You are Rahul/Rahana.


Role of Media in the Lives of Females
-By Rahana

The disadvantages of the media have been discussed for a long time. We can all agree that despite being a good place to make connections, the media has a negative impact on us, especially on the youth. One such negative impact is the projection of beauty, which influences the lives of females, especially teenage girls.

Ever since the start of media, we see multiple people, ranging from celebrities to fashion critics, informing us of the latest fashion trends. This has influenced the nature of the wardrobe of women. Due to the fast-paced nature of fashion, the majority of women are never satisfied with their clothes. Women lose sense of what they really want to wear and what they feel comfortable in. This has led to women feeling conscious of their appearance, making them feel like they will never be beautiful enough. The media has also projected skinniness, resulting in teenage girls not eating enough. Teenage girls now go through various eating disorders which have a negative impact on their health.

It is time that we stop dictating over the fashion and bodies of women and give them the freedom to choose how they want to look. Whether they are wearing outdated threads or they have a lot of fat on their bodies, we should not make them insecure of their appearance.

Q7. You are a teacher. You have observed a decrease in the number of students applying for Humanities. Write an article on how the parents force their students to take up Science or Commerce in 150-200 words for the local daily.


The Freedom to Choose
-By Ms. Jyoti

As a class teacher who has 28 years of experience of being a teacher of the senior secondary section, I have seen various students who wish to study social science and languages in their higher studies. However, parents persuade their children to take up Science or Commerce.

Parents believe that professions like doctor, engineer and chartered accountant are the only lucrative jobs. However, there are so many other occupations one can do. Clinical psychologist is a high paying job which requires Psychology with Humanities. If the child is an IAS aspirant, then Humanities is the perfect stream. Lawyer, Policeman and Criminologist are good career choices as well. If your child is a maths-enthusiast but likes social science too, then economics is the perfect subject. There are so many other career choices which are fun and lucrative.

It is important to know that forcing your child to do a particular job is not healthy for your child. Don’t just join the bandwagon! Humanities can lead one on to success, as long as one is willing to work hard.

Q8. Agriculture is always considered to be an occupation for illiterates. Write an article debunking this saying in 150-200 words for the local daily. You are Simran/Samrat Sharma.


Agriculture and Education
-By Simran Sharma

We know that the majority of the villagers are engaged in the agriculture sector. The majority of farmers are illiterate, which is why agriculture is always considered to be an occupation for illiterates. However, agriculture can become an easy occupation with the advanced knowledge of science.

Indeed, agriculture requires knowledge of Chemistry and Biology. In agriculture, one is required to understand the nature of soil. We can make unfit soil suitable for cultivation with the knowledge of biology including information regarding microbes and nitrogen fixating plants. Agriculture requires use of chemicals like pesticides and insecticides and organic material like natural gas and cow dung cake. The expertise required to use these chemicals efficiently requires knowledge of Chemistry. In addition to this, with economics, we are aware of the loans and government schemes which will help a farmer overcome financial insecurity.

Therefore, Agriculture is not an occupation for illiterates. With the power of education, we can be a much more efficient farmer. In fact, there is also an Undergraduate course called BSc. Agriculture, which gives the student the required material for expanding their awareness on this subject.

Q9. Chess is a sport which utilises only the strength of the mind of the player. It is not considered to be a real sport for this reason. Write an article on why chess should be recognised in 150-200 words for the sports section of the local daily.


Why Chess should be Recognised
– By Nandini

Chess is a sport which requires mindfulness and cleverness of the player. A sport is defined as an activity which results in exercise and pleasure in the form of a test of skill and physical capabilities and a competition.

On comparing chess with the basic crux of the word “sports”, we see that the only difference is that chess does not test the physical capabilities of the player nor the opponent. Due to this difference alone, the majority of people, including sports enthusiasts, claim that chess is not a real sport. Chess is a sport resulting in the exercise of the brain. It also tests the skillset of the player, challenging the person to think and act not only quickly but accurately too. There are many chess competitions taking place both online and offline, making this game competitive.

A sport should not be judged just on the basis of physical exertion. In fact, chess does require physical stamina, as in a professional chess competition, a player is required to sit still for hours at one spot.

Q10. It is said that science is a field which does not involve creativity. Write an article on why this mindset should be corrected.


Science and Creativity
-By Nandini

It is said that science is a field which does not involve creativity. If a child shows high creativity, then the child is advised not to go into the field of science, as science is a more logical and practical field. This is wrong, as creativity is an important skill for children aspiring to be a research scientist or an inventor.

Science and creative thinking have a direct relationship. Without creative thinking, one cannot think of interesting questions, develop theories behind phenomena, and find a way to test out their theories. One cannot develop creative thinking without science, as the subject broadens the flexible minds of young children. As an inventor, you need creativity in order to find solutions to a particular problem and make a suitable design of any product. The field of architecture is a perfect blend of maths, science and creativity. It allows a person to think of different designs of buildings while keeping in mind the plot, the people, and the environment surrounding the building. Clinical psychology and Medicine are the fields in which you use logical and critical thinking to figure out the problem with the patient and creativity in figuring out the best way to cure the patient.

Therefore, there are many interesting fields which require both science and creativity. It is important to view all careers and the child’s likes and opinions with an open mind in order to choose the right field.


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