Give a Character Sketch of Umberto Eco from Class 12 English Chapter 7 The Interview

Character Sketch of Umberto Eco


Although Umberto Eco has an intense love for writing, he desires to be recognised and admired by the public as an academician. He sees himself as a scholar who only writes novels on Sundays. Umberto Eco, a man with an open mind, acknowledges that an interview is not unlawful or otherwise improper. He is eager to converse with his interviewer and is kind with his time. He also exhibits a remarkable sense of humour, often including witticisms and humorous tales into his comments. He regarded the idea of “interstices” as a way to utilise even the free moments of time that are available to us, which helped him to complete a great deal of work as a writer and a scholar.

The Interview Overview – The interview has two stories. In story one the narrator tells us about the reaction and views of celebrities towards an interview. Most of the famous personalities find them to intrude on their personal lives and some have never given an interview all their life. The story has the theme of how the freedom of the press can curtail an individual’s privacy.

The second story is a part of an interview of the famous writer and academician Umberto Eco. In this story we get to know the various qualities of time management used by the famous writer. These help him gather so many feathers in his hat. He gives the details of the various aspects which contribute to a person’s success.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Umberto Eco


Q1. What is Umberto Eco’s demeanor like in the chapter “The Interview”?
Q2. How is Umberto Eco’s appearance described in the chapter “The Interview”?
Q3. What topic is Umberto Eco knowledgeable about in the chapter “The Interview”?
Q4. What is Umberto Eco’s speaking style like in the chapter “The Interview”?
Q5. What is Umberto Eco’s personality like in the chapter “The Interview”?


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