Give a Character Sketch of M Hamel and Franz from Class 12 English Chapter 1 The Last Lesson

See this post to understand the character sketch of M Hamel and Franz from the Chapter  “The Last lesson in Class 12 English! This post covers everything you need to know about M Hamel and Franz from the lesson. We provide answers to questions related to character sketch of M Hamel and Franz, including their traits, personalities, and motivations. Our explanations are easy to understand, and we offer examples from the lesson to support our points. So, read on and learn all about the character sketch of M Hamel and Franz from the last lesson!


Character Sketch of M Hamel

Hamel has been a dedicated and passionate teacher of French for forty years at the same institution. M. Hamel is devoted to his work and takes great pride in introducing his students to the French language and culture. He comes across as a stern enforcer in the classroom, but he also has a sharp sense of humour that he uses to keep his students interested. His commitment to the mother tongue is demonstrated when, in spite of the fact that it was now against the law to teach French in schools, he chooses to conduct his final session in French despite the enforcement of the German orders. His character embodies the values of patriotism, courage, and dedication to one’s profession.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of M Hamel

Q1. What kind of teacher is M. Hamel?
Q2. How does M. Hamel feel about the annexation of Alsace and Lorraine by the Germans?
Q3. What values does M. Hamel’s character embody?
Q4. What is the significance of M. Hamel’s decision to teach his last lesson in French?
Q5. How does the character of M. Hamel impact the readers? 

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The Last Lesson Overview – The importance of language and its connection with nationalism are the central themes of the chapter “The Last Lesson.” The protagonist of the narrative is a little kid, Franz, whose teacher, M Hamel is compelled to flee his native town in France’s Alsace region because German settlers are annexing it and making German its official language. Now the mother tongue, French will not longer be taught in the schools of French districts of Alsace and Lorraine. Even though it is obvious that his students won’t be able to speak French in the future, the narrator’s French teacher, Monsieur Hamel, is determined to give them one more lesson in the language. The teacher emphasizes that language is an integral element of one’s identity and culture and that its suppression constitutes an act of oppression, as done by the enemy country. The French villagers realize that they have been overpowered by the enemy soldiers because they did not value their country and their mother tongue.

 The Last Lesson Summary, Explanation

Character Sketch of Franz

Franz is a young boy who lives in a small town in Alsace district of France, which was annexed by Germany (then Prussia) in the Franco-Prussian war. Franz is a typical young boy who likes to play with his friends, go fishing in the river, and daydream. Although he is a talented student who is constantly eager to learn new things, he is not particularly interested in learning French. Franz is shown to be ignorant of the political tensions between France and Germany and to be naive. Knowing that the Germans are imposing their language on the region, he is horrified to find that this will be his final French session. Despite his initial disinterest, Franz eventually comes to appreciate the beauty and value of his mother tongue and has a profound feeling of loss as he witnesses its disappearance. He also develpos a liking for the teacher M Hamel who he earlier despised. Now that they will not be taught French, Franz wants to learn it!

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Franz

Q1. How would you describe Franz’s attitude towards education in the story “The Last Lesson”?
Q2. What is the role of Franz in the story “The Last Lesson”?
Q3. How does Franz feel about M. Hamel?
Q4. What is the significance of Franz’s decision to skip school on the day of the last lesson?
Q5. What similarity can be drawn between the parents of Saheb e alam, Mukesh and Franz?

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