Give a Character Sketch of William Douglas and swimming instructor from Class 12 English Chapter 3 Deep Water

Character Sketch of William Douglas


William Douglas had a severe phobia of water. He was a young boy when he had an awful experience. At the age of five, he was pushed into the deep end and he almost drowned in a swimming pool. He was a shy, reserved individual who lacked confidence. Because of his fear, he was afraid of being teased, mocked, and denigrated by his classmates. His fear of the water often gets in the way of his confidence. He could not fulfil his desire of swimming in fresh water lakes. He made the decision to get over his phobia of water, and with the help of a swimming instructor, he started taking swimming classes. He practiced continuously until he mastered swimming because he was dedicated to his objective and was motivated to achieve it. Finally, he defeated the fear and realized that it only existed in his mind. The victory made him live a better and fulfilling life.

Deep Water Overview – This lesson is taken from William Douglas’ autobiographical book “Of Men and Mountains,” which deals with the subject of conquering fear. He talks about how he finally overcame his early phobia of the sea. The incident in the swimming pool where a bully nearly drowned him as a youngster and the infanthood experience of being knocked down by the waves at the California beach contributed to a dread of water that haunted him even as an adult. He ultimately made the decision to face his anxiety because he was unable to enjoy swimming, fishing, or boating like others. His further attempts to get over the fear, demonstrate his guts and willpower. Therefore, the message being sent to us is that one must get above their fear.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of William Douglas


Q1. How does William Douglas react to water and why?
Q2. What are some of William Douglas’s personality traits?
Q3. How does William Douglas overcome his fear of water?
Q4. What does William Douglas’s character represent in the chapter “Deep Water”?
Q5. How does William Douglas’s fear affect his behavior in the chapter “Deep Water”?


Character Sketch of Swimming Instructor Mr. Ross

Mr. Ross, the swimming instructor
, is a kind and understanding individual. He is a passionate swimming coach who is knowledgeable and experienced. His students feel comfortable around him since he is approachable, kind, and calm. He has a great sense of humor, that adds to the fun of learning to swim. He is aware of how crucial it is to be patient and kind when interacting with phobia sufferers. By supporting William, complimenting him for his accomplishments, and paying close attention to him, he helps William in overcoming his fear. Along with teaching him how to swim, he also conveys him the important life lessons like the value of conquering one’s anxieties, the benefits of hard effort and perseverance, and the joy of accomplishing one’s goals

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Swimming Instructor

Q1. Who is the Swimming Instructor in the chapter “Deep Water”?
Q2. How does the Swimming Instructor help William Douglas overcome his fear of water?
Q3. What is the role of the Swimming Instructor in the chapter “Deep Water”?
Q4. How would you describe the personality of the Swimming Instructor?
Q5. What message does the character of the Swimming Instructor convey in the chapter “Deep Water”?
Q6. Both the swimming instructor and Mahatma Gandhi helped William Douglas and the peasants of Champaran overcome fear, respectively. Elaborate on the personality traits that are essential for a good leader who can impact others.


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