MCQ Question Answers for Class 11 English Chapter 6 “The Browning Version”

CBSE Class 11 English Chapter 6 The Browning Version MCQs with Answers from Hornbill Book


The Browning Version MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 11 English Hornbill book Chapter 6 The Browning Version. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new Exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference


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1. Who has written ‘The Browning Version’?
A. Terence Rattigan
B. Mr Edgar S. Woolard
C. Mr. Lester Brown
D. Kushwant Singh


2. Who are the three characters of the play ‘The Browning Version’?
A. Taplow, Alice and Mr. Harrow
B. Taplow, Frank and Mrs. Harris
C. Taplow, Frank, and Mr. Crocker – Harris
D. Alice, Frank and Mr. Crocker – Harris


3. What is the age of Taplow?
A. Fourteen
B. Sixteen
C. Twenty
D. Five


4. What does Frank do?
A. Student
B. Teacher
C. Principal
D. Parent


5. Who is Mr. Crocker-Harris ?
A. Principal
B. School Teacher
C. middle-aged schoolmaster
D. Don’t know


6. Where is the starting scene of the play set ?
A. School Classroom
B. School Playground
C. Home
D. Road


7. What was Taplow doing on the last day of school?
A. Extra Work
B. Time pass
C. Can’t say
D. completing homework


8. In which class does Taplow study in?
A. Lower fifth
B. seventh
C. ninth
D. lower tenth


9. Why does Taplow have to do extra work?
A. because he has missed his previous week due to illness
B. because he didn’t perfomed well in his studies
C. because he was there to help his teacher
D. because he was called by his teacher


10. Why does Taplow want Science as a remove?
A. because he has no option
B. because he finds the subject extremely interesting
C. because he is confused
D. Cant say


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11. Why did Taplow call Mr. Crocker – Harris ‘Hardly Human’?
A. because he is a sadist
B. he is all shriveled up
C. He is very rude to everyone
D. he finds peace in failing students


12. What book was Taplow reading?
A. History textbook
B. The Agamemnon
B. Julius Caesar
D. Englsh Novel


13. At what time was Mr. Harris supposed to come to school?
A. Six-thirty
B. seven
C. eleven
D. twelve


14. Why was Frank jealous of Mr. Crocker – Harris?
A. because of the effect he has on students
B. because of his fame
C. because he was senior schoolmaster
D. because he was paid well


15. What short name does Taplow call Mr. Crocker – Harris in his absence?
B. Harris
C. Crocker
D. Teacher


16. How does Taplow react when Mr. Crocker – Harris cracked a joke in the class?
A. he laughed
B. he ignored it
C. he asked him what it meant
D. he did nothing


17. What is the name of Mr. Crocker – Harris’s wife?
A. Millie Crocker – Harris
B. Miley Crocker – Harris
C. Haley Crocker – Harris
D. never noticed


18. When did Mrs. Crocker – Harris entered the classroom?
A. When Taplow and Frank were discussing Mr. Harris
B. When no one was in the classroom
C. with Mr. Crocker – Harris
D. when only Taplow was in the classroom


19. How would you describe Millie Crocker – Harris?
A. Thin Woman, late thirties, smartly dressed
B. fat woman, forties
C. thin woman, in her twenties
D. thin women, smartly dressed


20. Who said the lines, ‘Come along, Taplow. Do not be so selfish as to keep a good joke to yourself.’?
A. Mr. Crocker – Harris
B. Millie
C. Frank
D. Principal


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21. Why was Taplow worried that Mrs. Crocker – Harris might have heard what they were saying?
A. as she had been standing for a few minutes when they were busy talking
B. as she interrupted them talking about his husband
C. as she heard them talking about Principal
D. Don’t know


22. What was Millie carrying when she entered the classroom?
A. basket
B. books
C. knits
D. flowers


23. Where was Mr. Crocker – Harris?
A. At the Bursar’s
B. At home
C. At market
D. At library


24. What did Millie suggest to Taplow in her husband’s absence?
A. to go to chemist to get her prescription filled
B. to go to his home
C. to play golf
D. to wait


25. Does Taplow think that Mr. Crocker – Harris is baised?

A. Yes
B. no
C. May be
D. Can’t Say


26. How is Mr. Crocker – Harris different from other teachers?
A. as he is not biased
B. as he is strict
C. as he is old
D. as he is rude


27. How did Frank react upon the arrival of Mrs. Crocker – Harris?
A. he was happy
B. he was nervous
C. he was relieved
D. nothing as such


28. Who was Agamemnon?
A. he was American astrologer
B. he was an Egyptian king
C. he was the king of Mycenae in Greek mythology
D. Don’t know


29. What does ‘Remove’ mean in the chapter?
A. a division in British Schools
B. take away something
C. unfasten
D. get rid of


30. Does Mr. Crocker – Harris come to the school in the play?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Can’t say



Answer key for Class 11 English Hornbill Book Chapter 6 – The Browning Version


Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 A 11 B 21 A
2 C 12 B 22 A
3 B 13 A 23 A
4 B 14 A 24 A
5 C 15 A 25 B
6 A 16 A 26 A
7 A 17 A 27 C
8 A 18 A 28 C
9 A 19 A 29 A
10 B 20 C 30 B




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