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Past Tense of Come and Other Verb Forms | Past Tense of Come Example Sentences

past tense of come

What is the Past Tense of Come? Come Past Tense in English and Hindi with Example Sentences

The past tense of the verb “come” is “came”, spelled with an ‘a’. The verb “come” has an irregular past tense form as it does not accept the addition of “-ed” or “-d”. What is more puzzled for second and/or foreign learners of English is that the past participle of the verb “come” goes back to the root form “come”, and not “came”.




Past tense of Come and other forms of the verb come

In Hindi, ‘ come’ means आना

root or present form

Come  आया हूं आता हूं आए हैं

 third person singular / ‘s’  form

Comes आया है  आता है

 past form

came आया था आए थे

 present participle/ ‘ing’  form

coming आ रहा है आ रहे हैं

 past participle form

Come  आ चुका है आ चुके हैं



Let us see some example sentences to understand the usage of the different forms of the verb ‘come’.


Please come inside.

Present form)

The mail comes every day at 12.

(III person singular / ‘s’ form)

They came from the rear door.

(past form)

Are you coming to the party?

present participle form)

The lifeguard has come to my rescue many times.

(past participle form)

Please watch the following video to understand the lesson better-



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