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Past Tense of Bite and Other Verb Forms | Past Tense of Bite Example Sentences in Hindi and English

Past Tense of Bite Explained in Hindi


What is the Past Tense of Bite? Bite Past Tense in English and Hindi with Example Sentences

The bit is the past tense of the verb bite. Bitten is the past participle. Examples and Explanation (in Hindi) of the forms of the verb “BITE” is given below:



Past tense of bite and other forms of the verb bite

In Hindi, ‘bite’ means काटना

 root or present form

Bite  काटता हूं काटते हैं काटती हूं

 third person singular / ‘s’  form

bites काटता है

 Past form of Bite

Bit  काटा था

 present participle/ ‘ing’  form

biting काट रहा है काट रही है काट रहे हैं

 past participle form

bitten काट चुका है काट चुका हूं काट चुके हैं


Let us see some example sentences to understand the usage of the different forms of the verb ‘bite’.



My dogs bite strangers.

(Present form)

The boy bites his sister when he is angry.

(III person singular / ‘s’ form)

A stray dog bit him yesterday.

(past form)

Stop biting the eraser.

(present participle form)

The mad dog has bitten ten people.

(past participle form)


Please watch the  following video to understand the lesson better-





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