Give a Character Sketch of Ashokamitran, The Office Boy, Kothmangalam Subbu, Legal advisor and Stephen Spender from Class 12 English Chapter 6 Poets and Pancakes

Character Sketch of Ashokamitran

Ashokamitran was a prolific writer and a prominent figure in Tamil literature. He is presented as a shy, introverted individual who is devoted to his work in the Class 12 chapter “Poet and Pancakes.” He takes an intense approach to writing, and this commitment to his profession is demonstrated by the meticulous revisions he makes until he is satisfied with what he produces. He is humble and reserved and prefers to blend into the background than stand out. While he is a man of few words, when he does, they are well-chosen and perceptive. He is able to relate to people deeply, and his work displays his comprehension of the human condition. He is a great observer of life, and the people and events he runs across in his daily life often serve as inspiration for his novels.

Poets and Pancakes Overview – The chapter tells us about the different ways in which people work together despite having a dislike for each other. We also come to know the difference between reel life and real life. The narrator gives us an idea of the back stage happenings that took place at the Gemini studio, the relationship between the various artists, poets and other team members. The process for preparing the artists to perform in movie roles is also talked about.

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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Ashokamitran


Q1. Who is Ashokamitran in the chapter “Poet and Pancakes”?
Q2. How is Ashokamitran portrayed in the chapter?
Q.3 What are some of the notable traits of Ashokamitran’s character?
Q5. How does Ashokamitran’s character contribute to the overall themes of the chapter?

Character Sketch of Kothamangalam Subbu

Kothamangalam Subbu has been portrayed as a man whom everyone at Gemini Studios held in high esteem. He was born a Brahmin and perhaps due to this virtue, rose to the position of No. 2 at Gemini Studios. He had contacts with affluent people. He was cool, calm and composed and even a flop film, in which he was involved, never made him sad or unhappy. He looked cheerful all the time. He was very loyal to his boss and that endeared him to the boss. He was a man who could be inspired when commanded. He was creative and displayed this skill when effortlessly, he could give fourteen alternative ways to handle a particular scene. Subbu was a poet of calibre and had a separate identity as a poet. His success in films overshadowed his literacy achievements. He was an amazing actor yet never aspired to play lead roles. He loved everyone genuinely and selflessly. He was charitable and improvident. The author Asokamitran has portrayed him as an extremely talented, creative and lovable human being.  

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Kothamangalam Subbu


Q1. Who is Kothamangalam Subbu, and what is his profession in “Poet and Pancakes”?
Q2. How is Kothamangalam Subbu’s personality described in the chapter?
Q3. What is Kothamangalam Subbu’s attitude towards the film industry and his work in it?
Q4. How does Kothamangalam Subbu’s relationship with the lawyer in the chapter evolve over time?
Q5. What is the significance of Kothamangalam Subbu’s character in the chapter?

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Character Sketch of Office Boy

The office boy was a forty year old makeup artist in Gemini studios, who was not satisfied with his present job as he wanted to become a successful director. He was  jealous of Subbu, as he was closer to his boss. Due to his unsuccessful career, he had a tendency to criticize others. The office boy demonstrates the plight of those people who are not able to realise their dreams and spend their life in misery.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Office Boy

Q1. How is the Office Boy portrayed in the chapter “Poet and Pancakes”?
Q2. What is the Office Boy’s attitude towards his work?
Q3. How does the Office Boy’s character differ from that of the Lawyer’s?
Q4. How does the Office Boy contribute to the overall theme of the chapter?
Q5. What can we learn from the Office Boy’s character?

Character Sketch of Stephen Spender

Stephen Spender was a renowned British poet and intellectual, who played an important role in the literary and cultural scene of the 20th century. He was educated at Oxford University and became a part of the literary circle known as the “Auden Group,” He was a prolific writer and wrote numerous poems, essays, and books throughout his career. 

In the chapter “Poets and Pancakes,” Spender is portrayed as a reserved and introspective individual who is deeply committed to his art. He is shown as being slightly aloof and detached from the other poets in the group, but also deeply thoughtful and introspective. He is depicted as being deeply committed to social justice. He is shown as being interested in exploring the complexities of human relationships and the emotional struggles that people face in their lives.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Stephen Spender

Q1. How is Stephen Spender’s personality portrayed in the chapter “Poet and Pancakes”?
Q2.  What is the significance of Stephen Spender’s character in the chapter “Poet and Pancakes”?


Character Sketch of Lawyer

The Lawyer in the chapter “Poets and the Pancakes” is shown as a cunning and opportunistic individual. He has a reputation for taking on issues that are morally dubious but could make him rich and famous. The lawyer is an assured and persuasive public speaker who is skilled at using the legal system to his advantage. He also demonstrates an ability to look for opportunities that might be used to his advantage. He has a reputation for being somewhat harsh and unsympathetic. As long as his clients can afford his fees, he is willing to represent those who have committed terrible acts of violence. Additionally, he appears unconcerned about utilising his legal expertise to take advantage of others or to get ahead in his career.

Some questions on Character Sketch of Lawyer


Q1. How is the Lawyer’s character portrayed in the chapter “Poet and Pancakes”?
Q2. What are some positive traits of the Lawyer’s character?
Q3. What are some negative traits of the Lawyer’s character?
Q4. How does the Lawyer’s character add to the overall theme of the story?
Q5. What is the reader’s overall impression of the Lawyer’s character?
Q6. Evaluate the characters of lawyers as shown in Poets and Pancakes and Indigo. What character traits can be seen as common in all advocates?


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