Give a Character Sketch Wu Daozi and Quinten Metsys from Class 11 English Hornbill Book Chapter 4 Landscape of the Soul



Character Sketch of Wu Daozi

Wu Daozi was a painter who lived in the eighth Century. He painted to adorn and increase the beauty of the walls of the palace of the then emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty. Wu painted beautiful scenery with lofty mountains, waterfalls, thick and green foresters, and blue skies with people living in harmony and brotherhood. He painted a very utopian style of painting and he also painted a cave at the foot of a mountain that was haunted by a spirit. As he clapped his hands, the door to the cave opened. The inside was splendid. He offered to show the emperor inside the cave but after Wu entered, the door of the cave closed. With that the painting vanished from the wall and so did Wu Daozi disappear.
Landscape of the Soul Overview – The chapter is about how different the Chinese Art form is, from the European art form. The writer uses two stories to make a contrast. European art is about reproducing an actual view whereas Chinese art is about creating a real landscape.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Wu Daozi

Q1. Who was Wu Daozi in Landscape of the Soul?
Q2. Who was Wu Daozi and what was his concept of painting?

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Character Sketch of Quinten Metsys

Quinten Metsys was a Master Blacksmith in the 15th century, Antwerp, a province in present day Belgium. He fell in love with a painter’s daughter. As he knew, the girl’s father wouldn’t accept a guy with such a profession, he painted a fly with such a skill called delicate realism, that he was accepted as an apprentice at the studio. Finally, he got to marry his beloved.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Quinten Metsys

Q1. Who was Quinten?
Q2. What did Quinten paint on the painter’s painting in the chapter landscape of the soul?


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