Give a Character Sketch Narrator, Mary, Jonathan and Suzanne from Class 11 English Hornbill Book Chapter 2 We are not Afraid to Die, if we can all be together



Character Sketch of Narrator

He was a 37-year-old businessman and a father of two beautiful and lovely children. He also proved to be a great captain of the ship, during their rough times amidst all odd situations. He used his wisdom and managed most of the tasks single-handedly. It was his sea-faring skills that save all of them from the mighty danger.
We are not Afraid to Die, if we can all be together Overview – Written by Gordan Cook and Alan East, the story is about a 37 year old businessman who is the narrator of the story. He has a wife named Mary and two children, Jonathan, aged 6 and Suzanne, aged 7. He and his wife both dream of a voyage around the world on their ship ‘Wave walker’ which is a 23 meter long, 30 ton wooden-hulled, just like that of the famous Captain James Cook.
The whole family started sailing from Plymouth, England on July 1976. The initial phase of the three-year-long journey was from Africa to Cape Town. It was pleasant. While heading east, along with two newly hired crewmen, strong waves hit them and their survival became a question. The story tells us about how they fought each day and survived till the end
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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Narrator

Q1. How would you describe the narrator’s personality?
Q2. What motivates the narrator to embark on the sailing expedition?
Q3. How does the narrator’s attitude change during the course of the chapter?
Q4. How does the narrator’s leadership qualities manifest throughout the chapter?
Q5. What role does the narrator play in fostering a sense of unity among the crew?

Character Sketch of Mary

Mary was the mother of Jonathan and Suzanne, and the wife of Captain Gordan Cook. She was a loving mom who was so protective of her family and was helpful and motivated the captain in a desperate situation, when he was exhausted physically and mentally. She was so affectionate that she somehow managed to find cheese and beefsteak for her hungry family. She was as optimistic as her husband was.
She was a courageous and brave woman. She stood by her husband after the wave badly damaged the boat. She steered the boat according to her husband’s instructions. She gave lots of emotional support to the narrator.

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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mary

Q1. Who is Mary and what role does she play in the chapter “We are not Afraid to Die, if we can all be together”?
Q2. How does Mary exhibit her bravery during the ordeal at sea?
Q3. Describe Mary’s role as a mother in the chapter.
Q4. How does Mary contribute to the family’s survival?
Q5. How does Mary’s character evolve throughout the chapter?

Character Sketch of Jonathan

Jonathan was Gordon Cook’s 6 year old son who had accompanied him on the round the world journey. After the Wavewalker was terribly broken by the wave, he acted very courageously. He gave a new strength to his father when he said he was not afraid to die if he could be together with the family. These words filled the author with new determination and courage. He resolved to fight till the end to save his family from being drowned in the stormy sea.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Jonathan

Q1. Who is Jonathan in the chapter “We Are Not Afraid to Die, if we can all be together”?
Q2. How does Jonathan exhibit his courageous qualities in the chapter?
Q3. How does Jonathan’s relationship with his family members contribute to the story?
Q4. How can we relate the characters of Khushwant Singh from ‘The portrait of a lady’ and Jonathan and Suzanne from ‘We are not Afraid to Die, if we are together’ in terms of family bonding and relationship with family elders? Take instances from the stories to support your answer.
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Character Sketch of Suzanne

She was though seven years of age,  but was mature enough and showed great courage even though she was badly injured. Her eyes were badly swollen and there was a deep cut on her arm but she did not cry and incessantly told her father that she was alright. She repeatedly told her father she was alright; the truth was that she was not. She had to undergo six minor operations to remove the blood clotting from her brain.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Suzanne

Q1. Describe Suzanne’s physical appearance in the chapter “We Are Not Afraid to Die. if we are all together.”
Q2. How would you characterize Suzanne’s personality based on her actions in the chapter?
Q3. How does Suzanne contribute to the overall spirit of the crew during their ordeal?

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