Character Sketch of The Bond of Love


Give a Character Sketch of Narrator, Narrator’s Wife and Bruno (Sloth Bear) from Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 9 The Bond of Love

Character Sketch of Narrator (Kenneth Anderson)

The narrator was a hunter by profession but he was good and compassionate at heart. Also, he is a loving husband. When the narrator’s friends killed the sloth bear out of fear, they noticed a baby bear on the back of the mother bear. The narrator captured the baby bear and gifted it to his wife. When Bruno (Sloth Bear), grew too big to be kept at home, he was sent to Mysore Zoo. The narrator saw his wife fretting after being separated from Bruno, he took her to visit him at the zoo. He even reconciles with her decision to bring him back home.

The Bond of Love Overview – The story highlights the emotional bond between human beings and animals. The narrator’s wife shares affection with a wild bear and they get attached to each other shows that animals have feelings and reciprocate love with warmth and affection.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Narrator (Kenneth Anderson)

Q1: How did the narrator come across Bruno?
Q2: How would you describe the narrator’s personality in “The Bond of Love”?
Q3: What were the circumstances that led to the narrator getting Bruno home?
Q4: How did the narrator come across Bruno?


Character Sketch of Narrator’s wife

At the first look of it, we understand that the narrator’s wife has a special liking towards animals. She is the caretaker of the sloth bear which was gifted by her husband. She names the sloth bear Bruno and later on affectionately calls him ‘Baba’ because she considers him as her own baby boy. They develop a strong sense of attachment. When Bruno was sent to Mysore Zoo, she felt so miserable that she could not be consoled. She wept and kept worrying about the bear. She even refused to eat anything for some days. To inquire about the well-being of Bruno, she used to write a letter to the curator of the zoo. Eventually, with the permission of the superintendent she brings Bruno back home. This shows that the Narrator’s wife is an embodiment of love, care, concern, consideration and kindness.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Narrator’s wife

Q1: How did the narrator’s wife receive the baby sloth bear?
Q2: What were the preparations done by the narrator’s wife to welcome Bruno back?
Q3: Why did the narrator’s wife change the name of Bruno?
Q4: What kind of relationship was there between the narrator’s wife and Bruno?


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Character Sketch of Bruno/ Baba, the sloth bear

Bruno, the pet sloth bear in the author’s home, is an affectionate, emotional, sensitive, and playful animal. Once brought to the family and presented as a pet, Bruno behaves like a member of the family with a deep bond of love with the Narrator’s wife. Bruno’s affectionate nature wins him the love of the Alsatian dogs and the children of the tenants. Brought up in the family with great care, he loves eating and enjoys every kind of food and drink. Because of eating a good quality and variety of food, he grows at a very fast pace. Affectionately called ‘Baba’ by the author’s wife, he behaves like a young child in the family. Bruno’s selfless love is evident when he is sent to the zoo where he suffers the pain of separation. He frets and refuses to eat. He is overjoyed when he sees the narrator’s wife after three months. He is overjoyed when brought back home. Through him, the author reveals that animals are sensitive beings with emotions akin to human emotions.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Bruno

Q1: How would you describe Bruno’s physical appearance?
Q2: What are some of Bruno’s distinctive personality traits?
Q4: Describe an incident that showcases Bruno’s intelligence.
Q5: How does Bruno display his affection for the narrator’s wife?



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