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CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 8 The Bond of Love Important Question Answers from Beehive Book 


The Bond of Love Important QuestionsHere is the CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 8. The Bond of Love Important Question Answers from Beehive Book for Term 2 Exam. Students can Practice the Important Questions and Prepare Well for the Exam. Also, Take a Free Online Test for Class 9 Click Here


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The Bond of Love Important Question Answers


Q1. How were people driving away the wild pigs?

  1. a) By chasing them
  2. b) By shooting at them
  3. c) By hurling stones
  4. d) All of these

Ans : (b)

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Q2. The sloth bear came out panting in the hot sun. The word “panting” indicates that the bear was _______

  1. a) Wearing pants
  2. b) angry
  3. c) Out of breath
  4. d) hungry

Ans : (c)


Q3. “The little creature ran around its prostrate parent….” The word ‘prostrate’, as used here indicates that

  1. a) The mother bear was asleep
  2. b) The mother bear was dead
  3. c) The mother bear was exercising
  4. d) All of these

Ans : (b)


Q4. What does the word “scooted” mean?

  1. a) shouted
  2. b) Walked away
  3. c) Ran away
  4. d) screamed

Ans : (c)


Q5. Which word in the lesson means the same as ‘named’.

  1. a) presented
  2. b) delighted
  3. c) snapped
  4. d) christened

Ans : (d)


Q6. The author had _________ dogs.

  1. a) Alsatian
  2. b) German shepherd
  3. c) Dobermann
  4. d) Not mentioned

Ans : (a)


Q7. Bruno had been poisoned with ________ .

  1. a) Barium Sulphate
  2. b) Barium chloride
  3. c) Barium carbonate
  4. d) Barium oxide

Ans : (c)


Q8. Which of the following is the most suitable meaning of ‘antidote’.

  1. a) Juice
  2. b) ointment
  3. c) Type of coffee
  4. d) medicine

Ans : (d)


Q9. After ‘Bruno’, _______ was the new name given to the bear.

  1. a) Baby
  2. b) Boy
  3. c) Baba
  4. d) Bobby

Ans : (c)


Q10. Why was Baba kept chained most of the time?

  1. a) Because of the tenant’s children
  2. b) Because of the neighbours
  3. c) Because of the housekeeper
  4. d) All of these

Ans : (a)


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The Bond of Love Important Subjective Questions


Q1. How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved?

Important Points-

Bruno grew big and it was not comfortable to keep it at home

Sent to the zoo

Narrator and wife visited Bruno

Wife was sad to see unhappy Bruno

Decided to get it back

Separate island made, all requirements of Bruno were met with


Q2. With what tricks would Baba entertain the author’s family?

Important Points- 

At the command “Baba wrestle” , “Baba box” – it would vigorously tackle anyone who came forward for a rough and tumble.

Given a stick, commanded “Baba hold gun”, it would point the stick towards the speaker.

On asked “Baba, where’s baby?”, it produced and cradled a stump of wood


Q.3. Animals too feel the pain of separation. Elucidate with reference to the story The Bond of Love.

Important Points- 

Bruno sent to zoo – became depressed, missed author’s wife (she was like a mother to it).

Was sad and fretted, refused food

Became very thin

Met author’s wife after three months, howled with happiness.

Thus, the relation between Bruno and author’s wife shows that animals also feel pain of separation


Q.4. Narrate incidents from the lesson, The Bond of Love to show that the author’s wife and Baba, the bear, were extremely fond of each other.

Important Points- 

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Bruno had lost its mother, found the same affection in author’s wife.

She treated it like a son.

Both were unhappy on being separated

Wife – inconsolable, fretted, wept, did not eat

Baba – became thin, was sad, fretted

Both were happy on seeing each other. Provisions were made for its accommodation at home.


Q.5. On two occasions Bruno ate / drank something that should not be eaten / drunk. What happened to him on these occasions?

Important Points- 

First occasion – 

Drank poison to kill rats – Barium carbonate.

Got paralysed

Doctor injected 10cc of antidote followed by another shot.

After 30 mins Bruno was able to move his arms and legs

Second occasion – 

Drank a gallon of old engine oil. 

No ill effects were caused.


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