Give a Character Sketch of Jerome (Narrator) George, Harris and Montmorency (Dog) from Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 7 Packing

Character Sketch of Jerome (Narrator)

Jerome is the narrator of the story and the entire gamut of events are depicted from his point of view. He is overconfident and rates his packing skills a bit too high. He is also arrogant and expects his friends to carry out the tedious part of packing while he sits back and passes orders. His friends, however, do not take him seriously and finally, he has to struggle while trying to pack the bag. Jerome is both clumsy and forgetful. He first forgets to pack the shoes and they can’t recall if he has put in his toothbrush or not. He unpacks the bag twice clumsily to accommodate the missing items. When his friends fumble while packing the food hamper, he sits at the edge of the table and watches them because now it is his turn to have fun at their expense. However, he is an ordinary boy who ignores the shortcomings of his friends in the same way as he ignores his own.

Packing Overview – “Packing” is based on the theme that routine tasks are not as easy as they seem to be. The humorous account amuses the readers with the chaotic and confusing situations created by the clumsiness of three friends, all of whom consider packing to be child’s play.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Jerome

Q1: How would you describe Jerome’s personality in the chapter “Packing”?
Q2: What is Jerome’s attitude towards his friends?
Q3: How does Jerome handle unexpected situations?
Q4: What role does Jerome play within his group of friends?
Q5: How does Jerome demonstrate his attention to detail?


Character Sketch of Harris

Harris is a vain fellow who pretends to be extremely hard working but usually pushes of the burden onother people. He is outspoken and does not hesitate to tell his friends what he thinks about them even if it may not be pleasant. It may not be anything majorly important but if Harris is going to do it, the world would know about it. Like his friends, he is also not skilled at packing. He hits Montmorency with a frying pan to stop him from interfering in their packing business.
Some Questions on Character Sketch of Harris

Q1: How would you describe Harris’s physical appearance in the chapter “Packing”?
Q2: How does Harris react to the challenges faced during the packing process in the chapter “Packing”?

Character Sketch of George

George is one of the two friends who accompany J. on his trip George is quite a character, always boisterous. George is the second of the “three men” in the story. He sleeps a lot. He is teased by his friends for these characteristics. His tendency to sleep in some times creates funny situations. George, along with Harris started packing the food hamper in a light-hearted spirit as if to show J how to pack. But both turned out to be worse.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of George

Q1 How would you describe George’s personality based on his actions and behavior in the chapter?
Q2: What role does George play within the group of friends during the packing activity?
Q3: How does George react to the challenges faced during the packing process?


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Character Sketch Montmorency (Dog)

Montmorency, although a dog, is quite a character. Montomorrency was as funny and eccentric as Harris, George, and Jim were. He was a perfect companion for the three friends. He complimented them. His behavior and actions also contribute to the humor in the novel. Montmorency is a small fox terrier. He makes his presence felt everywhere. His behavior and actions also contribute to the humor in the novel.
He was a companion in the Packing. He did his bit by disturbing Harris and George. His ambition in life was to get in the way and get scolded. He wanted to get into unreachable places and create nuisance, rendering the master mad. Whenever Harris or George reached out for something, he propped his nose. He put the leg into the jam, shoved the spoons, smashed three lemons thinking them to be rats. Finally Harris hit it with a frying pan.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Montomorency (Dog)

Q1: Who is Montmorency in the chapter “Packing” from Class 9 NCERT English Literature book?
Q2: How does Montmorency behave throughout the chapter “Packing”?
Q3: What is Montmorency’s role in the chapter “Packing”?
Q4: How does Montmorency’s behavior affect the packing process?
Q5: How do the other characters in the chapter react to Montmorency?


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