Character Sketch of Evans, Governor, Mc Leery, Stephens | Evans Tries an O- Level


Give a Character Sketch Evans, Governor, Mc Leery, Stephens from Class 12 English Chapter 7 Evans Tries an O- Level


Character Sketch of Evans

Evans is a prisoner known as “Evans the break” as he had successfully escaped thrice from the prison before. He is cunning and determined to escape again. He is a genius in planning and is an excellent manipulator. His entire plan is well thought-out and each step is calculated. Apart from being clever, Evans is a keen observer. It is due to his intelligence, presence of mind and cleverness that he is taken out of the prison house by Carter himself. Evans is an excellent actor and understands human psychology very well.


Evans Tries an O- Level Overview – The plot of the story “Evans Tries an O Level” centres around a clever prison break that a prisoner orchestrates under the guise of taking a language test. Even after being discovered, the criminal escapes and enjoys the last laugh.

The narrative also emphasises the importance of being aware of one’s opposition. Although the police officers were well-prepared, they failed to account for Evans and his ability to trick them.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Evans

Q1. What kind of person is Evans according to his fellow inmates?
Q2. How does Evans react to the news of his upcoming O-level examination?
Q3. What motivates Evans to pass the O-level examination?
Q4. What is the relationship between Evans and the prison governor?
Q5. How does Evans’s character change over the course of the story?


Character Sketch of Governor

The Governor of the HM Prison, Oxford, appears to be a kind-hearted and generous human being. – He takes his responsibilities very seriously. He arranges for an O-level exam for a prisoner, who is renowned for his ability to escape. He was, though, quite skeptical of Evans and took every necessary precaution to make sure that Evans had no means to escape. He was just and a fair person. He complied with Evans’ requests despite his misgivings. He was also very proud and self-conscious. He had a sharp presence of mind, which was clear from the fact that he cross-checked every call that was made to the prison that day. However, he got over-confident of his arrangements and somehow underestimated Evans. 


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Governor

Q1. How would you describe the Governor’s personality?
Q2. What is the Governor’s role in the story?
Q3. How does the Governor react to the prisoners’ plan to escape?
Q4. What does the Governor’s handling of the situation say about his character?
Q5. Does the Governor show any empathy towards the prisoners?


Character Sketch of Mc Leery

He is a churchman appointed as an invigilator and sent to Oxford Prison to act as a proctor for Evans’s O-level German exam. He has a short, choppy haircut and wears a clerical shirt and collar, glasses, and a long coat. He initially appears to be a patient, respectable man who only briefly loses his patience when one of the prison officers searches his briefcase and interrogates him about a strange blow-up tube he’s carrying—which, he tersely replies, is a special cushion he has to sit on due to chronic hemorrhoids. Near the end of the story, the so-called Mc Leery turns out to be an imposter—one of Evans’s many “friends” who helps him escape from prison. Readers only get a brief glimpse of the real McLeery—at the end of the story, he’s found tied up with ropes in his office

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mc Leery

Q1. Who is Mc Leery in the chapter “Evans tries an O Level”?
Q2. What kind of relationship does Mc Leery have with Evans?
Q3. How does Mc Leery treat the other prisoners in the chapter “Evans tries an O Level”?
Q4. What are some of Mc Leery’s notable traits in the chapter “Evans tries an O Level”?
Q5. How does Mc Leery contribute to the plot of “Evans tries an O Level”?


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Character Sketch of Stephens

Stephens is new to his post as an officer at Oxford Prison, where he reports to the senior prison officer, Jackson. Stephens is a “burly, surly-looking man,” who is supposed to sit in Evans’s cell during his exam. Evans balks at this, however, claiming he can’t concentrate. Afraid of looking too concerned about the threat of Evans escaping, the Governor allows Stephens to leave the cell and just check on Evans through the peephole every minute. Like the Governor, Stephens is adept at talking himself out of his suspicions for the sake of looking in-control and unbothered. Although Stephens feels proud that he’s the one chosen for such an important job.  He is attentive and cautious but fails to notice Evans’s impersonation.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Stephens

Q1. How would you describe Stephens’ physical appearance?
Q2. What are some of Stephens’ personality traits?