NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Evans tries an O-Level Important Question Answers Lesson 7

Class 12 English Evans tries an O-Level Question Answers – Looking for Evans tries an O-Level question answers (NCERT solutions) for CBSE Class 12 English Vistas Book Chapter 7? Look no further! Our comprehensive compilation of important questions will help you brush up on your subject knowledge. Practising Class 12 English question answers can significantly improve your performance in the board exam. Our solutions provide a clear idea of how to write the answers effectively. Improve your chances of scoring high marks by exploring Chapter 7: Evans tries an O-Level now. The questions listed below are based on the latest CBSE exam pattern, wherein we have given NCERT solutions to the chapter’s extract based questions, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and long answer questions.

Also, practising with different kinds of questions can help students learn new ways to solve problems that they may not have seen before. This can ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and better performance on exams. 

Evans tries an O-Level Important Question Answers Lesson 7



Class 12 English Evans tries an O-Level Question Answers Lesson 7 – Extract Based Questions


Extract-based questions are of the multiple-choice variety, and students must select the correct option for each question by carefully reading the passage

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A. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

But… but still that little nagging doubt! Might Evans try to take advantage of McLeery? Get him to smuggle in a chisel or two, or a rope ladder, or The Governor sat up sharply. It was all very well getting rid of – any potential weapon that Evans could have used; but what about McLeery? What if, quite unwittingly, the innocent McLeery had brought in something himself? A jack-knife, perhaps? And what if Evans held him hostage with such a weapon? The Governor reached for the phone. It was 9.12 a.m.


1. Name the chapter.
A. On the Face of It
B Evans Tries an O Level
C Should Wizard hit Mommy
D The Enemy
Ans B Evans Tries an O-Level

2. What is a chisel?
A. An edge tool
B An edge machine
C An edge wood
D None of these
Ans A An edge tool

3. Who was in dilemma?
A Jackson
B Governor
C Evans
D Stephens
Ans B Governor

4. What does the word ‘Unwittingly’ mean?
A Without knowledge
B Without money
C Without power
D All of these
Ans A Without knowledge

B Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

“Do you mind telling me why you’ve brought this, sir?” He held up a smallish semi-inflated rubber ring, such as a young child with a waist of about twelve inches might have struggled into. “You thinking of going for a swim, sir?” McLeery’s hitherto amiable demeanor was slightly ruffled by this tasteless little pleasantry, and he answered Jackson somewhat sourly. “If ye must know, I suffer from hemorrhoids, and when I’m sitting down for any length o’ time-” “Very sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to, er…”


1. For what had McLeary brought that semi-inflated rubber ring?
A For concealing blood
B For concealing sharp objects
C For concealing correction slip
D For hemorrhoids
Ans A For concealing blood

2. What was there in that semi-inflated rubber ring?
A Dog’s blood
B Pig’s blood
C Human’s blood
D None of these
Ans B Pig’s blood

3. What does the speaker mean by “Hemorrhoids”?
A Piles
B Fisher
C Cataract
D None of these
Ans A Piles

4. Name the author of this chapter.
A Susan Hill
B Alphonse Daudet
C John Updike
D None of these
Ans D None of these

C. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

“How am I supposed to concentrate on my exam… with someone breathin’ down my neck? Christ! Sorry, sir, I didn’t mean “The Governor reached for the phone. “Jackson? Ah, good. Get Stephens out of that cell, will you? I think we’re perhaps overdoing things.” “As you wish, sir.”


1. Who was unable to concentrate on his exam?
A Stephens
B Jackson
C Evans
D Governor
Ans C Evans

2. Which exam was Evans appearing in?
A Italian
B French
C German
D Indian
Ans C German

3. Who was overdoing the things according to the Governor?
A Jackson
B Stephens
C Both of them
D None of them
Ans C Both of them

4. What did the Governor order Jackson to do?
A To call Stephens out
B To step in the cell
C To sit with Stephens
D To search Evans again
Ans A To call Stephens out

D. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

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At 11.22 a.m. Jackson shouted along the corridor to Stephens. The Governor wanted to speak with him “Hurry, man!” Stephens picked up the phone apprehensively and listened to the rapidly spoken orders. Stephens himself was to accompany McLeery to the main prison gates. Understood? Stephens personally was to make absolutely sure that the door was locked on Evans after McLeery had left the cell. Understood?


1. Who called Jackson just before the exam was about to be over?
A Governor
B Evans’s friends
C McLeery
D None of these
Ans B Evans’s friends

2. When was the exam supposed to get over?
A 11:30 a.m.
B 11:20 a.m.
C 11:25 a.m.
D 12 Noon
Ans C 11:25 a.m.

3. What was Stephens ordered to do?
A To check McLeery again
B To see off McLeery at the main door
C To go to Canteen along with McLeery
D None of these
Ans B To see off McLeery at the main door

4. What does the word ‘Apprehensive’ mean?
A. Anxiously
B Uneasily
C Worriedly
D All of these
Ans D All of these

E. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

But something stopped him from making his way directly to the canteen for a belated cup of coffee. He wanted to take just one last look at Evans. It was like a programme he’d seen on TV-about a woman who could never really convince herself that she’d locked the front door when she’d gone to bed: often she’d got up twelve, fifteen, sometimes twenty times to check the bolts. He re-entered D Wing, made his way along to Evans’s cell, and opened the peep-hole once more. Oh, no! CHRIST, NO!


1. Why did Stephens decide to skip his coffee?
A .For he wanted to have another look at Evans
B For he was informed to do so by Governor
C For he had to pay for it
D None of these
Ans A For he wanted to have another look at Evans

2. What was the mental state of that woman?
A Confused
B Confident
C Biased
D All of these
Ans A Confused

3. What is a peep-hole?
A. A spy hole
B An eye hole
C A hole to peep
D All of these
Ans D All of these

4. What did Stephens notice in the cell?
A That there was no one
B That there were two people
C That McLeery was injured
D All of these
Ans C That McLeery was injured


Class 12 English Vistas Evans tries an O-Level Lesson 7 Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are a type of objective assessment in which a person is asked to choose one or more correct answers from a list of available options. An MCQ presents a question along with several possible answers.


Q1 Evans was approached by cops in a hotel by the name of ____________.
A  the Lion’s Den
B Lion’s Cage
C the Golden Lion
D the Golden Web
Ans C the Golden Lion

Q2 Carter tells the Governor that he had left Mc Leery at _______________.
A Radcliffe Hospital
B Broad Street
C St. Mary’s Mag
D Elsfield Way
Ans A Radcliffe Hospital

Q3 McLeery directed the superintendent to lead him towards ____________.
A Radcliffe Hospital
B Elsfield Way
C Broad Street
D Oxford Lane
Ans B Elsfield Way

Q4 The wounded man in the cell was _____________.
A McLeery
B Jackson
C Stephens
D Evans
Ans D Evans

Q5 What made Evans have his last laugh?
A His pal, a jail guard, unlocked his handcuffs and assisted him in making his getaway.
B Evans was locked up but his friend unlocked the cell and released him
C Evans was released by the prison guards because they were bribed by him
D None
Ans A His pal, a jail guard, unlocked his handcuffs and assisted him in making his getaway.

Q6 What precautions did the authorities take to conduct the examination smoothly?
A The Governor personally supervised security
B Evan’s cell was checked thoroughly
C Evan’s entire possessions were taken away.
D All of these
Ans D All of these

Q7 How is it possible to declare that Evans failed the O-Level German exam?
A he is unable to understand simple expressions like Gutten Glück
B he didn’t study
C didn’t attend any class
D was behind the bars
Ans A he is unable to understand simple expressions like Gutten Glück

Q8 What information did the governor receive from the detective Superintendent?
A Mcleery had spotted Evans
B Evans was seen near Elsfield way
C chased Evans but lost him
D All of these
Ans D All of these

Q9 What was it that the Governor wanted from Carter?
A he wanted him to check Evans
B he wanted him to go with Evans
C he wanted him to accompany him
D he wanted him to go along with injured Mc Leery
Ans D he wanted him to go along with injured Mc Leery

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Q10 Who made the initial call to the governor?
A Assistant Secretary
B Joint Secretary
C Assistant commissioner
D All of these
Ans A Assistant Secretary

Q11 Why did Evans clip his hair short?
A to facilitate his escape strategy and afterwards pose as Mc Leery
B he was feeling hot
C to give a modern look
D to give a young look
Ans A to facilitate his escape strategy and afterwards pose as Mc Leery

Q12 What aided Evan’s arrest?
A his friends
B his gang
C secret agents
D The clues Evans left
Ans D The clues Evans left

Q13 From where did they learn the name of the hotel where Evans was a guest?
A from the police
B from the people
C secret agent
D from the correction slip
Ans D from the correction slip

Q14 How was the governor able to locate Evans?
A by putting together 6 figures
B by decoding
C with the aid of the Oxfordshire Ordnance Survey map
D All of these
Ans D All of these

Q15 Name the author of the lesson.
A William Blake
B Sir Johnson
C H.L. Hegde
D Norman Colin Dexter
Ans D Norman Colin Dexter

Q16. Find a synonym of ‘incommunicado’.
A. Sober
B. Secluded
C. Talkative
D. Gullible
Ans. B. Secluded

Q17. The invigilator was from __________
A. St John’s
B. St. Xavier’s
C. St. Mary Mags
D. Not mentioned
Ans. C. St. Mary Mags

Q18. Which of these represents the cradle of the phone?

cradle of the phone

Ans. B

Q19. Who has been called ‘Einstein’?
A. Evans
B. Stephens
C. Governor
D. Jackson
Ans. A. Evans

Q20. What does “someone breathing down my neck” mean?
A. Someone breathing deeply, near one’s neck
B. Someone standing close and monitoring one’s actions
C. Someone not able to breathe easy
D. To eat other’s food
Ans. B. Someone standing close and monitoring one’s actions


Class 12 English Evans tries an O-Level Question Answers (including questions from Previous Years Question Papers)

In this post we are also providing
important short answer questions from the Chapter 7 Evans tries an O-Level for CBSE Class 12 Boards in the coming session. These questions have been taken from previous years class 12 Board exams and the year is mentioned in the bracket along with the question.

Q1 When and why did the Governor call the Examination Board Secretary?

Ans Early in March, the governor of Oxford Prison called the secretary of the examination board to let him know that one of the inmates, Evans, wished to sit for the German O-Level exam.

Q2 What was Evans’ nickname among the guards at the prison? What decision did the governor make?

Ans The prison officers used to call Evans as Evans the Break. He had escaped from the prison thrice already but this time the Governor decided that he would see everything personally.

Q3 Who were Jackson and Stephens?
Ans Stephens worked as an officer at the Oxford Prison, while Jackson served as the senior prison guard in D wing. He was just recently hired for the position. Yet, they both turned out to be worthless and tended to draw conclusions too quickly without performing any research.

Q4 What were the contents of the small suitcase that McLeery carried?
Ans A yellow invigilation sheet, a sealed envelope containing the question paper, a copy of the Bible, and a newspaper were all found in the suitcase that McLeery carried. The Church Times, a paper knife, and a tiny rubber ring with air within. McLerry claimed that he had piles and required it if he had to sit for an extended period of time.

Q5 Do you think Evans was really keen to get some sort of academic qualification?
Ans No, Evans had no interest in pursuing any type of academic degree. To get out of jail, he feigned to take an O-level exam. His scheme involved the German teacher, the invigilator, someone from the Examination Board, and a fictitious prison officer.

Q6 When did the Governor receive a call from the Assistant Secretary Examination Board, and why?
Ans The Assistant Secretary of the Examination Board called the Governor at 9:40 am to inform him that someone had neglected to include a correction slip in the examination packet.

Q7 What was anything that Jackson requested Stephens remove from Evans’ cell, and why?
Ans Jackson requested Stephens to remove his nail file and the razor he planned to use to shave. In actuality, they didn’t want to leave anything that Evans could use to cause trouble.

Q8 What was the Governor’s response to the two calls that came in fast succession?
Ans  In the morning, the Governor received two calls in quick succession. One informed him of the rectification slip and was from the Examination Board. Both calls were fake and were a part of Evans’ escape strategy. The second call came from the magistrate’s court asking for the prison van.

Q9 Who was Reverend Stuart McLeery?
Ans Stuart McLeery, the reverend, was a pastor. He was chosen by the Examination Board to serve as an invigilator for the test that would be given in a jail. In actuality, one of Evans’ cronies was the one who arrived to invigilate. The genuine McLeery had been restrained, in his quarters.

Q10 How did the Governor describe Evans to the Secretary Examinations Board?
Ans Evans was a nice enough guy, according to the Governor. He had never been violent before. He was one of the main performers at the Christmas concert . He was, however, merely a kleptomaniac by nature.

Q11 What seating arrangements were made in Evans’ cell for the examination?
Ans  In the cell, two square tables were positioned across from one another. A table was positioned closer to the cell entrance. Stephens then delivered two sturdy chairs. These were put in front of each table.

Q12 What would Stephens see whenever he peeped from the peephole?
Ans Every time Stephens looked through the peephole, he noticed that the scene was essentially the same as before. Evans was sitting there staring directly at the door with his tongue between his lips. McLeery was positioned across from him, slightly off-center from the table.

Q13 What was the scene at the D-wing when Stephens went there after McLeery had left?
Ans  As Stephens returned to D Wing, he went to Evans’ cell and peeped through the door to see a man slumped backward in Evans’ chair. His closely cropped hair was stained fiercely red with blood, and a grey blanket was dropping off his shoulders.

Q14 What did Evans tell the Governor about the blood on his head?
Ans Evans was questioned by the governor about how the blood came to cover his head. Evans responded that the individual posing as McLeery had carried pig’s blood with him in a tiny rubber ring. To prevent it from clotting, they had to combine with trisodium citrate.

Q15 What kind of a person was Evans?
Ans Evans was a very pleasant individual. No history of violence had been found against him. He had been a celebrity performer during a Christmas concert held in prison. He was, however, a kleptomaniac. He was frequently detained by the police. Yet he was highly intelligent. He constantly succeeded in breaking out of jail. Hence, he would go by the nickname “Evans the Break” among the jail staff.

Q16 Would you say that kindness is a weakness in a law enforcement officer? Support your opinion based on your reading of the story ‘Evans Tries an O Level’. (CBSE QUESTION BANK)
Ans Jackson demonstrated some consideration for Evans by allowing him to wear his bobble hat, which covered the instruments for his escape, demonstrating that kindness may be a weakness in a law enforcement officer. Evans profited from Jackson’s sympathy.

Q17 The story is a statement against rehabilitation of criminals. Do you agree? Justify your stance. (CBSE QUESTION BANK)
Ans I disagree. It is essential for society that criminals in jail receive rehabilitation. Evans was a rare criminal who repeatedly managed to elude capture. Some people cannot and do not. This does not imply that all offenders do not require rehabilitation. That implies that the rehabilitation system has to be modernised and modified as per individual requirement.

Q18 Would you call Evans the hero of the story? Justify your stance. (CBSE QUESTION BANK)
Ans Evans served as the narrative’s protagonist or hero. He faced a challenge because he was incarcerated, but he overcame it with planning and cunningness. He may therefore be regarded as the story’s protagonist or hero.

Q19  It was important that the recaptured Evans keep up the façade till the very last moment of his interaction with the Governor. Support this statement with a rationale. (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2020-21)
Ans Evans did indeed put on a front to keep the governor relaxed. Evans’ escape strategy included being apprehended by law enforcement at the Golden Lion hotel. The governor was completely unaware of Evans’ cunning scheme. After catching Evans at the hotel, the governor must have felt relieved, but he was blind to the fact that Evans had planned to catch him off guard. Real astonishment wouldn’t surface until after his capture. Evans had previously planned his subsequent escape after being apprehended.


Class 12 Evans tries an O-Level Long Answer Questions Lesson 7


Q1 Who checked McLeery’s suitcase and why? What things had McLeery brought with him?
Ans Jackson took McLeery’s suitcase and opened it. The guards at the prison had no doubts about McLeery, but they believed that he might have brought something on purpose that Evans might use to take him hostage. Jackson took each package in turn, gently ran his hands over the surfaces, and then appeared content.|
But he was most perplexed by one of the items. It was an inflatable ring with a circumference of roughly twelve inches. McLeery claimed that he needed it when he had to sit for a long period of time since he had hemorrhoids. A paper knife, a Bible, a copy of The Church Times, a sealed question paper envelope, a yellow invigilation form, a special authentication card from the Examination Board, and additional items were also there. Jackson took away the paper knife.

Q2 Describe the precautions taken by the prison officers to prevent Evans from escaping?
Ans To keep Evans from fleeing, every precaution was taken. The governor made the decision to examine every arrangement: The prisoner’s cell served as the location of the examination. It was secured from the outside using a powerful lock. The talk could be heard thanks to a gadget that was put inside the cell. All of Evans’ offensive possessions were removed. Even the monitor underwent a search.
Jackson grabbed his paper knife and took it away. Stephens was required to look through the peephole in the cell door every minute. The prison staff didn’t want to risk anything with Evans. Yet they couldn’t match Evans’ intelligence. Despite all of these plans, he was able to flee.

Q3 Where did the Governor find Evans? How was he able to locate that place?
Ans Evans made the decision to head back to the hotel after taking a leisurely stroll through Chipping Norton’s downtown. He proceeded up the stairs to his room after getting his keys from the front desk. The door was unlocked, and he softly slammed it behind him. But, he was rendered motionless when he saw the very last man in the world that he had wished to see lying on the bed.
It was the Governor. Evans questioned him about how he learned he would be at the Golden Lion Hotel. The governor informed him, using the correction slip. As there must be thousands of hotels with the same name, Evans then questioned how he learned the location of the establishment. The Governor then stated that the Index number 313’s centre number was 271. He discovered the location on an Ordnance Survey map of Oxfordshire, which showed it to be in Chipping Norton’s centre.

Q4 How far was Stephens helpful for Evans’ escape?
Ans Stephens was a recently hired jail officer. He took great care to demonstrate his effectiveness in front of higher authorities. The fact that he was in charge of the examination made him extremely happy. He neglected to consider the risk involved in handling a dangerous felon like Evans, who complained about Stephens breathing and forced him out of the cell on his own. Stephens continued to look into the cell after exiting it, but he eventually became tired of it.
He left the cell door and returned at regular intervals, demonstrating his confidence and effectiveness. The brief gaps quickly grew longer and longer, enabling Evans time to change inside the cell. When Stephens received the phone from the Governor asking him to remove the prison invigilator, he was filled with the utmost satisfaction. He did a superb job of facilitating Evans’ escape when, filled with pride, he removed the invigilator from the facility.

Q5 Write a brief character sketch of the Governor?
Ans The Governor was a responsible official. He did all necessary preparations to ensure the examination went smoothly, although he may have been a little too self-assured. The Governor, who presumably spoke a little German, concluded that Evans was at hotel Golden Lion. He was able to determine that the hotel would be in the heart of Chipping Norton by looking at the index number and centre number.
Yet he went there by himself rather than going there with the entire police force. Evans had been deceiving them since the morning, as he had already witnessed. He turned him over to the prison guard, who was a stranger to him. He had no idea that the prison guard might also be one of Evans’ cronies.
And indeed, it was the situation. As a result, Evans was able to flee once more. So, we might conclude that he was simply a gullible, amusing person.

Q6 What were the precautions taken for the smooth conduct of the examination?
Give a detailed account of the preparations made by the Governor for Evans James to write his examination. (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2018-19)
Ans The necessary steps were made to ensure the examination went off without a hitch. The Governor made the decision to closely monitor the situation. The inspection took place in the prisoner’s cell. The cell’s door was closed and secured. Before the day of the examination, the cell was extensively searched. Evans’ razor, nail file, and any other items that might have aided in his escape were taken from the area. The prison staff placed a device over the cell door so that the Governor could hear every word said while the examination was taking place.
When the examination began, Stephens was stationed outside the cell and even the invigilator McLeery was carefully frisked. He was instructed to look via the peephole to make sure everything was proceeding without a hitch. Nevertheless, none of these plans worked, and Evans was able to escape from jail.

Q7 Did the Governor and his staff finally heave a sigh of relief?
Ans  For a short while, the governor and his staff breathed a sigh of relief. Stephens opted to take a look at Evans after leading McLeery beyond the jail gates. He discovered a man sitting in Evans’ chair who was gravely injured. He knew right away that Evans had smacked McLeery in the head and fled. When he sounded the alarm, fear broke out everywhere.
The injured McLeery claimed to be aware of Evans’ whereabouts. But McLeery wasn’t the one who feigned to be hurt. In fact, he provided some of these leads that led the authorities in the wrong direction. He was given an ambulance by the prison guards because they believed him to be McLeery. Evans managed to break out of jail once more. As a result, the Governor had no relief but rather problems.

Q8 Reflecting on the story, what did you feel about Evans’ having the last laugh?
Ans The phrase “having the last laugh” refers to a decisive win over a competitor. By following the clue on the question paper, the Governor found Evans’ hotel, apprehended him, learned how he had plotted his escape, and declared that his game was finished.
Evans gave himself over to the Governor. Evans was informed by the Governor that they would meet soon. But, Evans still had one more trick in his sleeve. The handcuffs were unlocked by the so-called prison officer, a friend of Evans, as soon as the governor left the room. The driver was requested to go quickly, and Evans instructed him to turn towards Newbury. Hence, Evans has the last laugh.

Q9 How did the mistakes committed by the prison authorities help Evans in escaping from the prison? (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2019-20)
Ans The prison staff made numerous mistakes despite being aware that Evans was constantly eluding capture. The errors that they made were as follows: The German tutor’s reliability was not verified. Evans was permitted to take the exam despite the fact that he lacked academic aptitude and without anyone checking to see if he had learned any German. allowing Evans to see the invigilator’s name on the paperwork. Despite knowing Evans knew his name, they did not take any further security measures to confirm the invigilator’s identity. Evans was permitted to put the cap on for luck. letting McLeery enter with the rubber tube. Seeing Evans just sitting there not writing at all, but choosing not to enter the jail. not checking the call from the governor. While leaving, I saw McLeery appeared leaner but I didn’t examine him.
Appointing a new guard, Stephens, to watch over Evans. When Evans objected, he let Stephens leave the cell. Evans was informed that the cell had been bugged. allowing the phone call from the Examination Board to go through without authenticating it. allowing Evans to cover his shoulders with a blanket Believing the information on the corrected page and that Evans had unintentionally left it behind. requesting the cops rather than the ambulance. allowing Evans to flee in a van a second time without checking the security personnel Although McLeery was bleeding and nobody bothered to verify his wounds, everyone simply accepted Stephens’ assertion that the man in the cell was McLeery. getting duped by Evans’ impersonation of McLeery despite the fact that everyone knew Evans was a skilled impersonator.

Q10 Colin Dexter, the author of Evans Tries an O-level employs the red herring technique of intentionally misleading readers by placing false clues to keep the plot enigmatic. Substantiate with reference to text, in about 120-150 words. (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2021-22)

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Ans. The protagonist of Evans tries the O-Level is Evans, a kleptomaniac who has repeatedly escaped from prison and is currently being held in a high-security facility. He makes a further attempt to flee under the guise of taking the German O-Level test. He was a scruffy-looking man with a talent for diverting others with words of cheerful banter. His intelligence and his exceptional capacity for deception are obscured by the veneer. He sports a silly-looking bobble hat, which he employs as a diversion.
He utilises the front of Reverend Stuart McLeery, who was actually his friend posing as the examiner, to get out of the jail. Stephens kept a close eye on them at regular intervals to make sure Evans didn’t get free again. He starts to be wary of MC Leery after noticing how emaciated and slouched he has gotten. Evans had planned a town-wide chase using the hints offered in the exam paper. The details of Dan’s escape strategy were to be finalized on the photocopy sheet that was overlayed and the correction ship. The solution sheet’s centre number 271 and index number 313 turned out to be the hints. By combining the two, the astute Governor discovered Evans within the hotel.



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