Character Sketch of Derry, Mr. Lamb and Derry's Mother On the Face of it


Give a Character Sketch Derry, Mr. Lamb and Derry’s Mother from Class 12 English Chapter 6 On the Face of it


Character Sketch of Derry

Derry is a 14-year-old boy who suffers from a sense of inferiority complex. It was because he was physically disabled due to a terrible accident in his childhood. As a result, he has a scarred face and is blind in one eye. This makes him lonely and withdrawn. He avoids the company of others. He thinks that people get scared when they look at his horrible face. So he keeps himself away from others. But his meeting with Lamb brings a turning point in his life. It gives him confidence. He is able to develop a positive attitude towards life.

Overall, Derry is a thoughtful and kind person who is able to see the beauty in the world despite his difficult circumstances.

On the Face of it Overview
– Susan Hill’s short tale “On the Face of It” addresses the subject of identity and the constraints that society places on people. We see two characters – Derry and Mr Lamb. Both are handicapped but still have different views about life. The writer wants to highlight that even though the characters are in similar physical condition, yet they have opposing views towards life which indicates the difference in their attitude.

The battle to discover and claim one’s own identity in the face of society expectations and constraints is the overall theme of “On the Face of It.”


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Derry

Q1. How would you describe Derry’s physical appearance in the chapter “On the Face of It”?
Q2. What is Derry’s personality like in the chapter “On the Face of It”?
Q3. What challenges does Derry face in the chapter “On the Face of It”?
Q4. How does Derry feel about Mr. Lamb in the chapter “On the Face of It”?
Q5. How does Derry’s relationship with Mr. Lamb change throughout the chapter “On the Face of It”?


Character Sketch of Mr. Lamb

Mr. Lamb is an elderly man who has a tin leg. Children called him Lamey- Lamb. He lived alone and kept the doors of his garden open which symbolises his openmindedness towards all who visited his garden. He becomes happy by spending time with others and reading books. He knows the art of living. He is a man with a positive attitude. 

He brought a major change in Derry’s attitude towards life as he was full of negativity due to the scar on his face. Mr. Lamb told him to meet people happily and learn to be happy with himself instead of burning himself with the acid of hatred for others. He demonstrates the power of kindness and empathy, and he serves as a role model for both Derry and the reader.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mr. Lamb

Q1. Who is Mr. Lamb in “On the Face of It”?
Q2. How is Mr. Lamb’s character described in the story?
Q3. What is Mr. Lamb’s relationship with Derry in the story?
Q4. How does Mr. Lamb’s relationship with Derry affect his character?
Q5. What is the significance of Mr. Lamb’s name in the story?


Character Sketch of Derry’s Mom

Derry’s mother is overprotective and doesn’t understand her son’s longing for companionship. She does not allow him to meet Mr. Lamb. She treats Derry with a sense of pity and robs him of his dignity by perpetually treating him like a helpless victim.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Derry’s Mom

Q1. How does Derry’s mom react when she sees him for the first time after his accident?
Q2. What is Derry’s mom’s attitude towards her son’s condition?
Q3. How does Derry’s mom feel about the kids who tease him?
Q4. What does Derry’s mom do to help him feel better about himself?
Q5. How does Derry’s mom show her love for him?
Q6. What comparison can you draw between Roger’s mother, Jo’s mother and Derek’s mother. Are these mothers concerned about their offsprings?


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