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on the face of it

CBSE Class 12 English Chapter 6 On the Face of It Multiple Choice Question Answers from Vistas Book


On the Face of It MCQs – CBSE Class 12 English Chapter 6 On the Face of it MCQs by Susan Hill have been compiled for students to practice. Students of Class 12 can prepare the MCQs of Chapter 6- On the Face of it from NCERT Vistas book. Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. Students can also take a free test of the MCQs of On the Face of it. These MCQ Questions have been selected based on the latest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.


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Q1- Who has written On The Face Of It?

A) Susan Hill
B) William Sydne
C) Salman Rushdie
D) Chetan Bhagat


Q2- What is this play featuring?

A) an old man and a small boy meeting in old man’s garden
B) gossip of old man
C) old man’s woes
D) brave acts of a small boy


Q3- Who is Mr. Lamb?

A) a young man
B) a middleaged man
C) an old man
D) none


Q4- What were Derry and Mr. Lamb victims of?

A) vision impairment
B) Physical impairment
C) war
D) none


Q5- Why did Mr. Lamb help Derry?

A) because both were victims of war
B) both were sad
C) both were victims of physical impairment
D) because he wanted Derry to change his view of life.


Q6- Who is Derry?

A) Derek- a boy of 14 and has acid burnt on his face
B) a small boy
C) a boy
D) a young boy


Q7- What unites Mr. Lamb and Derry?

A) their age
B) their woes
C) their life stories
D) their physical impairment


Q8- How does Mr. Lamb keep himself busy?

A) by reading books
B) by chatting with people
C) by pulling down the ripe crab apples of his garden
D) All these


Q9- Why did Derry go to Mr. Lamb’s garden?

A) to steal apples
B) to speak to Mr. Lamb
C) to help the old man
D) to feel that place


Q10- How did Derry enter the garden?

A) from the front gate
B) from the side gate
C) from back gate
D) by climbing the garden wall


Q11- Why did Mr. Lamb keep the door of his garden open?

A) to keep an eye over his garden
B) to be safe
C) to chat with the people and the children who come there to take fruit
D) none


Q12- Why did children call Mr. Lamb Lamey Lamb?

A) because he stopped them from taking apples
B) he spoke rudely
C) they didn’t like him
D) because of his broken leg in a bomb exploison


Q13- Why didn’t Mr. Lamb feel hurt by chidren’s comments?

A) because he thought that it suits him
B) he loves children
C) he likes them
D) he want them to play in his garden


Q14- What does Mr. Lamb grow in his garden?

A) cherry
B) peach
C) pomegranate
D) apples


Q15- How did Mr. Lamb pick apples?

A) bending down
B) with the help of his servant
C) with the help of children
D) using a ladder and a stick


Q16- How did Mr. Lamb use the apples?

A) made jam
B) made pickle
C) earned money
D) he used to make jelly with them


Q17- Why did Derry go to Mr. Lamb at the end?

A) because of his wish to live a free life
B) he wanted apples
C) he wanted to play in the garden
D) none


Q18- Why did Derry’s mother stop him to stay with Mr. Lamb?

A) because he was not well
B) because he would scold him
C) because he talked too much
D) because she didn’t want him to stay with a stranger


Q19- Why did Derry share his fear with Mr. Lamb?

A) because he had a garden
B) because he was old
C) because he understood him and was friendly
D) none



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Q20- How did Mr. Lamb help Derry?

A) by giving him apples
B) by talking to him
C) by helping his mother
D) by giving him a positive outlook towards life


Q21- Why did Mr. Lamb call Derry blessed?

A) because he was young
B) because he had a mother
C) because he had friends
D) because except a burnt face he had a perfectly healthy body


Q22- Which story did Mr. Lamb narrate to Derry?

A) Cindrella
B) The snowman
C) The Dwarfman
D) the beauty of the beast


Q23- What kind of a garden did Mr. Lamb have ?

A) cherry
B) plum
C) peach
D) Apple garden


Q24- Where was Mr. Lamb’s house?

A) on atree
B) on the road
C) oin a street
D) inside the garden


Q25- How did Derry burn his face?

A) in a fire
B) with a gas stove
C) hot water
D) acid burnt his face


Q26- Why even inspite of physical disability Mr. Lamb did not feel lonely?

A) because he was busy
B) because he had a garden
C) he had servants
D) because he never let himself to be alone and keep himself busy


Q27- Why did Mr. Lamb keep the door of his garden open?

A) to let the people come in
B) to get fresh air
C) to avoid opening the door again and again
D) to have fine contact with the outer world and enjoy


Q28- Why did Derry develop an inferiority complex?

A) he didn’t have a big house
B) he didn’t have much money
C) because of his burnt face
D) none


Q29- Why did Derry like to be alone?

A) because of burnt face
B) because he couldn’t bear with people’s comments
C) because of inferiority complex
D) All these


Q30- How the meeting With Mr. Lamb became a turning point for Derry?

A) h encouraged Derry to be friends with everyone and not to be bothered by their comments
B) he taught him to look at everything positively
C) he taught him to admire everything
D) All these


Q31- What did Derry learn from the fairy tale?

A) how to look beautiful
B) how to make friends
C) learnt to love and appreciate himself
D) All these


Q32- How was Mr. Lamb happy inspite of his disability?

A) because of his acceptance of it
B) because he was wise
C) because he had grown old
D) All these


Q33- Why did Derry always find a vacant place to live?

A) he liked to be alone
B) was scared of people
C) because of inferioritu complex as he had a burnt face
D) All these


Q34- Why was Derry startled entering the garden?

A) because of trees
B) because of apples
C) because he expected no one else but seeing Mr.Lamb
D) none


Q35- What complex does Derry suffer from?

A) Superiority
B) oedipus
C) inferiority
D) All these


Q36- Why did Mr. Lamb not have curtains in his house?

A) it’s difficult to wash
B) too expensive
C) because he wanted visitors in his house
D) none


Q37- What did Mr. Lamb tell about himself?

A) he had a tin leg
B) still he was happy
C) he never mind even if children teased him
D) All these


Q38- What specific things about Mr. Lamb does Derry notice?

A) A man of firm resolution
B) always remains happy inspite of his deformitu
C) had a positive outlook
D) All these


Q39- In what sense was friendship between Lamb and Derry was fruitful?

A) he gave him fruit to eat
B) his maturity
C) both were good companions and Lamb’s mature experiences and words helped Derry to have a positive view of life
D) none


Q40- What draws Derry towards Lamb?

A) his appearance
B) his grief
C) his positive outlook
D) All these




1 A 11 C 21 D 31 D
2 A 12 D 22 D 32 D
3 C 13 A 23 D 33 D
4 B 14 D 24 D 34 C
5 D 15 D 25 D 35 C
6 A 16 D 26 D 36 C
7 D 17 A 27 D 37 D
8 D 18 D 28 C 38 D
9 D 19 C 29 D 39 C
10 D 20 D 30 D 40 C


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