Class 12 English Vistas book chapter 4 – The Enemy MCQs

the enemy

MCQs of Class 12 English Chapter 4, The Enemy by Pearl S Buck for students to practice. Students of Class 12 can prepare the MCQs of Chapter 4 from the Vistas reader published by NCERT. Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. Students can also take a free test of these MCQs of The Enemy.

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Vistas book chapter 4 The Enemy

Q1- Who is the author of the lesson The Enemy?

A) Pearl S. Buck
B) Dickens
C) D.H.Lawrence
D) None


Q2- Why did Dr Sadao treat the soldier when he was from enemy’s nationality?

A) He was a doctor
B) It was against his professional ethics
C) as a doctor he could not let anyone die
D) All


Q3- Who was Dr. Sadao?

A) An Iranian Doctor
B) An American doctor
C) A Japanese doctor
D) None


Q4- How did Hana help Dr. Sadao?

A) By assisting him
B) by giving him money
C) by giving him tools
D) by working as a nurse


Q5- Why did the General not pass orders to arrest Dr. Sadao for giving space to a whiteman?

A) because he trusted him
B) because he needed him
C) General was not in good health and needed his services
D) None


Q6- Why did Dr become irritatable and impatient with his patients?

A) because of his inability to leave the white man to help his distressed wife
B) because of many patients
C) because of General’s pressure
D) All these


Q7- Why did Dr.’s wife feel distressed?

A) seeing many patients
B) Seeing General’s reaction
C) Seeing the orders
D) Seeing Whiteman’s blood


Q8- Why did the surgeon speak sharply to his wife?

A) to get things he needed
B) to get her help
C) to stop any disturbance that could lead to harm the wounded man.
D) None


Q9- What was Hana’s reaction over her husband’s words?

A) She held her mouth with her hands and vomited outside the operation room
B) she shouted
C) she cried
D) she stopped helping him


Q10- Why did Hana wash the wounded man herself?

A) Because of her servants
B) because her servants ran away
C) because her servants refused to help an American enemy soldier
D) none


Q11- Why did the servants refuse to help ?

A) out of fears
B) because of suoerstitions
C) because he was an American Soldier
D) All these


Q12- How did Dr. ensure that the American Soldier had left safely?

A) by escorting him
B) by seeing no signal of flashlight
C) by giving him a call
D) none


Q13- Why did Sadao marry a Japanese girl only?

A) because he liked Japanese
B) he didn’t like any other nationality
C) Because of his father’s fear
D) because he didn’t want to upset his father


Q14- What kind of person was Sadao’s father ?

A) a serious
B) a jollygood man
C) very strict
D) A true patriot and traditional person


Q15- Why did the messenger come to the doctor?

A) to meet him
B) for checkup
C) to inform about the General’s pain
D) All these


Q16- Seeing the messenger, what was Hana’s reaction?

A) She got frightened
B) she thought he has come to arrest her husband
C) General’s man
D) All these


Q17- What kind of person The General was?

A) a kind hearted
B) a wise man
C) a selfish man
D) none


Q18- Why did General spare the White American soldier?

A) to spare his own life
B) he himself was in pain
C) needed Dr Sadao’s help
D) All these


Q19- How did Dr get rid of the American Soldier?

A) by giving him instructions
B) by giving him flaslight to use in times of distress
C) by asking him to row to the island
D) All these



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Q20- Why was Dr. Sadao not sent to the battlefield?

A) because he had no interest
B) he didn’t love his country
C) he was supposed to offer his services to the General who was in pain
D) All these


Q21- Why did Dr. Give his flashlight to the enemy soldier?

A) to help him
B) to show him the way in the dark
C) so that he could send him signal in case of any distress
D) All these


Q22- What was General’s plan for American soldier?

A) he wanted him to reach safely
B) will inform his country
C) will get him assassinated by some private assassins
D) none


Q23- Why did the servants leave Dr.’s House?

A) Because he was wounded
B) because he was dirty
C) Because he was an American Soldier and they didn’t like him
D) All


Q24- Where did Dr find American soldier?

A) in the park
B) in the battlefield
C) outside his house
D) none


Q25- Why did Dr. help an enemy soldier?

A) because he was an ethical and sincere doctor
B) because he was his friend
C) because he knew him
D) none


Q26- What conflicting ideas disturb Dr.’s mind after he brought American soldier?

A) duty of a doctor and loyalty towards nation
B) his wife’s health and general’s health
C) patient’s health and servants
D) servants’ behavior


Q27- How did Dr emerge successfully out of all the conflicts?

A) by throwing the patients out of his house
B) by sending his servants out of the house
C) by succumbing before the general
D) By saving soldier’s life as a sincere doctorand helping him to escape


Q28- What kind of person Dr Sadao was?

A) an excellent doctor
B) a compassionate human being
C) Sincere and responsible citizen
D) All these


Q29- What idea do you form of Dr after reading the lesson?

A) an excellent doctor
B) a compassionate human being
C) Sincere and responsible citizen
D) All these


Q30- What were the dominant traits of Dr.’s personality?

A) expertise in his profession and compassion as a human
B) obstinate
C) doesn’t like to obey anyone
D) rude


Q31- Why did Dr. Sadao go to America?

A) to meet the soldiers
B) to meet his friends
C) to travel
D) to study surgery and medicine which was his father’s wish


Q32- What did Dr give to the soldier?

A) his boat
B) food to eat
C) flashlight to use in distress
D) All these


Q33- What does this chapter revolve around?

A) war
B) war between Israel and America
C) war between Malasia and America
D) war between Japan and America


Q34- What does the narrator speak about in the beginning of the chapter?

A) the war
B) the General
C) Dr. Sadao’s childhood and his father.
D) the servants and Dr ‘s wife


Q35- Where did Dr. meet Hana?

A) in Japan
B) in his neighbour
C) in the battlefield
D) at professor Harley’s house in America


Q36- Why did Dr feel alone at the beach?

A) for not bringing his wife with him
B) for not listening to General
C) for saving an American soldier’s life
D) none


Q37- At what age Dr. Sadao went to America?

A) 22
B) 32
C) 12
D) 42


Q38- At what age he came back to Japan?

A) 20
B) 40
C) 50
D) 30


Q39- How many children Dr. Sadao has?

A) 4
B) 5
C) 3
D) 2


Q40- What does Dr. Sadao remember towards the end of the story?

A) five American faces which had a lion’s share in his
B) which had a lion’s share in his life
C) his first landlady, who was full of prejudice, yet saved his life when he was suffering from influenza.
D) All these




1 A 11 D 21 C 31 D
2 D 12 B 22 C 32 D
3 C 13 D 23 C 33 D
4 D 14 D 24 C 34 C
5 C 15 C 25 A 35 D
6 A 16 D 26 A 36 C
7 D 17 C 27 D 37 A
8 C 18 D 28 D 38 D
9 A 19 D 29 D 39 D
10 C 20 C 30 A 40 D


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