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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas The Enemy Important Question Answers Lesson 4

Class 12 English The Enemy Question Answers – Looking for The Enemy question answers (NCERT solutions) for CBSE Class 12 English Vistas Book Chapter 4? Look no further! Our comprehensive compilation of important questions will help you brush up on your subject knowledge. Practising Class 12 English question answers can significantly improve your performance in the board exam. Our solutions provide a clear idea of how to write the answers effectively. Improve your chances of scoring high marks by exploring Chapter 4: The Enemy question answers now. The questions listed below are based on the latest CBSE exam pattern, wherein we have given NCERT solutions to the chapter’s extract based questions, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and long answer questions

 Also, practising with different kinds of questions can help students learn new ways to solve problems that they may not have seen before. This can ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and better performance on exams. 


Class 12 English The Enemy Question Answers Lesson 4 – Extract Based Questions

Extract-based questions are of the multiple-choice variety, and students must select the correct option for each question by carefully reading the passage.

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A. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

Sadao had taken this into his mind as he did everything his father said, his father who never joked or played with him but who spent infinite pains upon him who was his only son. Sadao knew that his education was his father’s chief concern. For this reason he had been sent at twenty-two to America to learn all that could be learned of surgery and medicine. He had come back at thirty, and before his father died he had seen Sadao become famous not only as a surgeon but as a scientist. Because he was perfecting a discovery which would render wounds entirely clean, he had not been sent abroad with the troops. Also, he knew, there was some slight danger that the old General might need an operation for a condition for which he was now being treated medically, and for this possibility Sadao was being kept in Japan.


1. What does the word ‘infinite’ mean?
A Calculable
B Sempiternal
C Never ending
D Both B and C
Ans D Both B and C

2. What does the speaker mean by “Perfecting a discovery”?
A Honing the discovery
B Making the discovery perfect
C Making himself perfect for Hana
D Both A and B
Ans D Both A and B

3. Why was Dr. Sadao never sent abroad with the troops?
A For he remained ill
B For the General remained ill
C For the was perfecting a discovery
D Both B and C
Ans D Both B and C

4. What does the word ‘troops’ mean?
A Group of soldiers
B Group of generals
C Group of commanders
D Group of brigadiers
Ans A Group of soldiers


B. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

The professor and his wife had been kind people anxious to do something for their few foreign students, and the students, though bored, had accepted this kindness. Sadao had often told Hana how nearly he had not gone to Professor Harley’s house that night-the rooms were so small, the food so bad, the professor’s wife so voluble. But he had gone and there he had found Hana, a new student, and had felt he would love her if it were at all possible.


1. Name the Professor.
A. Anatomy Professor
B Professor Harley
C Professor Tom
D None of these
Ans B Professor Harley

2. What does the word ‘Voluble’ mean?
A Garrulous
B Gassy
C Loquacious
D All of the above
Ans D All of the above

3. Where was Dr Sadao putting up when he met Hana?
A Japan.
B America
C At General’s home
D All of these
Ans B America

4. Which race did Hana belong to?
A. American
B Japanese
C Indian
D Chinese
Ans B Japanese

C. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

The mists screened them now completely, and at this time of day no one came by. The fishermen had gone home and even the chance beachcombers would have considered the day at an end. “What shall we do with this man?” Sadao muttered. But his trained hands seemed of their own will to be doing what they could to stanch the fearful bleeding. He packed the wound with the sea moss that strewed the beach. The man moaned with pain in his stupor but he did not awaken. “The best thing that we could do would be to put him back in the sea,” Sadao said, answering himself.


1. What does the speaker mean by ‘The mists screened them’?
A Mist had hidden them
B Mist had protected them
C Mist had concealed them
D All of these
Ans. D All of these

2. Who is a beachcomber?
A. A vagrant living on beach
B A person walks along a beach looking for valuables
C A wanderer searching for things on the beach
D All of these
Ans D All of these

3. What does the word ‘Strewed’ mean?
A spread out
B protected
C Uncovered
D Unavailable
Ans A spread out

4. Why did they want to throw the man back into the sea?
A For he was an American
B For he was an enemy
C For he was a P.O.W.
D All of these
Ans D All of these


D. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

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Thus agreed, together they lifted the man. He was very light, like a fowl that had been half-starved for a long time until it had only feathers and a skeleton. So, his arms hanging, they carried him up the steps and into the side door of the house. This door opened into a passage, and down the passage they carried the man towards an empty bedroom. It had been the bedroom of Sadao’s father, and since his death it had not been used. They laid the man on the deeply matted floor. Everything here had been Japanese to please the old man, who would never in his own home sit on a chair or sleep in a foreign bed.

1. Which poetic device has been used in the first line?
A Hyperbole
B Antithesis
C Metonymy
D Simile
Ans D Simile

2. What is a fowl?
A Bird
B Goat
C Pig
D None of these
Ans A Bird

3. Who has been called ‘Old man’ in the above extract?
A. Sadao’s father
B General Takima
C Sadao’s servant (Gardener)
D None of these
Ans A Sadao’s father

4. Find out the synonym of the word ‘Please’ from the following.
A To make him happy
B To make him sad
C To make him tiresome
D To make his nostalgic
Ans A To make him happy


E. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow: 

But the utter pallor of the man’s unconscious face moved him first to stoop and feel his pulse. It was faint but it was there. He put his hand against the man’s cold breast. The heart too was yet alive. “He will die unless he is operated on,” Sadao said, considering. “The question is whether he will not die anyway.” Hana cried out in fear. “Don’t try to save him! What if he should live?” “What if he should die?” Sadao replied. He stood gazing down on the motionless man. This man must have extraordinary vitality or he would have been dead by now.


1. What does the word ‘Utter’ mean?
A Complete
B Incomplete
C Pale
D partial
Ans A Complete

2. What made Sadao say that the man had extraordinary vitality?
A Since he was bleeding
B Since he was being taken care of
C Since he was getting saved time and again
D Since he had lost much of his blood yet he was alive
Ans D Since he had lost much of his blood yet he was alive

3. What was the colour of the man’s face according to the speaker?
A White
B Yellow
C Reddish
D None of these
Ans B Yellow

4. What does the phrasal verb ‘Gaze down’ mean?
A To stare
B To look angrily
C To threaten angrily
D To scare
Ans A To stare


F. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

The two servants were frightened at what their master had just told them. The old gardener, who was also a house servant, pulled the few hairs on his upper lip. “The master ought not to heal the wound of this white Iman,” he said bluntly to Hana. “The white man ought to die. First he was shot. Then the sea caught him and wounded him with her rocks. If the master heals what the gun did and what the sea did they will take revenge on us.” “I will tell him what you say,” Hana replied courteously.

1. What does the speaker mean by ‘Pulled the few hairs on his upper lip”?
A That he was worried
B That he was baffled
C That he was perplexed
D All of these
Ans D All of these

2. Find out the synonym of ‘Heal’ from the following.
A Cure
B Treat
C Bring around
D All of these
Ans D All of these

3. “They will take revenge on us.” Who said this?
A Hana
B Yumi
C Cook
D None of these
Ans D None of these

4. What does the last few lines of the extract show about the gardener?
A That he was modern
B That he was advanced
C That he was superstitious
D None of these
Ans C That he was superstitious


G. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:

Her hands went weak and she could not draw her breath. The servants must have told already. She ran to Sadao, gasping, unable to utter a word. But by then the messenger had simply followed her through the garden and there he stood. She pointed at him helplessly. Sadao looked up from his book. He was in his office, the other partition of which was thrown open to the garden for the southern sunshine.


1. Who is ‘She’ in the above lines?
A Hana
B Yumi
C Cook
D None of these
Ans A Hana

2. Whose messenger was he?
A General Takima
B General Roosevelt
C General Edward Gait
D None of these
Ans A General Takima

3. Whom did Hana doubt for informing the police?
A Neighbours
B Servants
C Army of Japan
D All of these
Ans B Servants

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4. What does the word ‘Utter’ mean?
A Hesitate
B Speak
C Listen
D All of these
Ans B Speak


Class 12 English Vistas The Enemy Lesson 4 Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are a type of objective assessment in which a person is asked to choose one or more correct answers from a list of available options. An MCQ presents a question along with several possible answers.


Q1 When Sadao was a student, the American apartment manager had
A she nursed him through influenza
B she gave him food for a month
C she had mended his clothes
D had missed a month of rent payments.
Ans A she nursed him through influenza

Q2 Sadao got his reward when
A the prisoner could escape.
B when he received a government honour
C when his servants returned
D when his wife appreciated him
Ans A the prisoner could escape

Q3 Prisoner was forced to dress up by Sadao in ____________.
A Korean clothes
B Chinese clothes
C Indian clothes
D Japanese clothes
Ans D Japanese clothes

Q4 If food ran short, the little prisoner was instructed to flash the light _____________.
A twice
B thrice
C once
D not at all
Ans A twice

Q5 When the assassins did not come Sadao decided to
A kill the prisoner himself
B help him to escape
C hand him over to the police
D send him to America
Ans B help him to escape

Q6 The only reason the General wanted Sadao to operate on him was __________.
A Sadao was very skilled
B General didn’t like any other doctors
C General was a good friend of his
D General didn’t want to have surgery abroad since
Ans A Sadao was very skilled

Q7 “Why are we different from other Japanese?” this was said by
A the servant
B the General
C Sadao
D Hana
Ans D Hana

Q8 The day Sadao removed the stitches from the soldier, he ___________.
A called the police
B typed out a letter to the Chief of Police
C made him run away
D tied him up
Ans A called the police

Q9 All the servants in Sadao’s household
A were happy with their master
B felt that he deserved a reward
C were very critical of him
D wanted him to let the soldier die
Ans C were very critical of him

Q10 The recovering soldier was fed by
A Sadao
B Sadao’s servant
C Yumi
D Hana
Ans D Hana

Q11 Sadao retrieved the bullet from soldier’s body, close to his __________.
A heart
B liver lungs
C Kidney
D lungs
Ans C Kidney

Q12 The reaction of the servants, when they were told about the injured person, was
A. they got angry
B they were frightened
C they were willing to help
D they ran away
Ans B they were frightened

Q13 The initial care which Sadao provided to the injured soldier was ____________.
A his wounds were washed
B he was operated upon
C he was fed
D his wounds were dressed
Ans A his wounds were washed

Q14 Where did Dr. Sadao meet Hana?
A in Japan
B in his neighbour
C in the battlefield
D at professor Harley’s house in America
Ans D at professor Harley’s house in America

Q15 What does this chapter revolve around?
A war between Israel and Japan
B war between Israel and America
C war between Malaysia and America
D war between Japan and America
Ans D war between Japan and America

Q16 Dr. Sadao mutters the word ‘my friend’ while treating the American P.O.W. in the light of the circumstances, we can say that this was (CBSE SQP 2021-22)
A. humourous.
B. climactic.
C. ironical.
D. ominous
Ans. C. ironical.

Q17. Sadao’s servants leave his house, but none of them betrays the secret of the American P.O.W. (CBSE SQP 2021-22)
Select the option that explains this.
A. The servants truly believed that they must not be a part of the household which sheltered a prisoner of war, but their love and loyalty to Sadao made them keep the secret safe.
B. The servants knew that any information about the P.O.W would result in punishment for them and their families which is why they revealed nothing.
C. The servants were superstitious and scared with a white man on the premises and consequently, chose to remove themselves and stay silent about the situation.
D. The servants did not want to incur the wrath of Dr. Sadao and lose their jobs, therefore they chose to exit instead, and return later.
Ans. A. The servants truly believed that they must not be a part of the household which sheltered a prisoner of war, but their love and loyalty to Sadao made them keep the secret safe.

Q18. Stupor is a state of ______
A. Being dead
B. Semi-unconciousness
C. Alertness
D. None of these
Ans. B. Semi-unconciousness

Q19. “They were staring with a curios repulsion upon the inert figure”. Inert means-
A. Inactive
B. dead
C. Dirty
D. All of these
Ans. A. Inactive

Q20. Why did Hana hesitate from giving the soft quilt to the injured soldier?
A. It had been gifted by her mother
B. It was new
C. It was pure white silk
D. None of these
Ans. C. It was pure white silk


Class 12 English The Enemy Short Question Answers (including questions from Previous Years Question Papers)

In this post we are also providing important short answer questions from the Chapter 4 The Enemy for CBSE Class 12 Boards in the coming session. These questions have been taken from previous years class 12 Board exams and the year is mentioned in the bracket along with the question.


Q1 What was the main worry his father had regarding Dr. Sadao?
Ans. The father of Sadao took his son’s future seriously. He never made jokes or played games with him. The education of his son was his father’s first priority. Sadao was therefore sent to America at the age of twenty-two to learn everything there was to know about surgery and medicine.

Q2 What state was the American soldier in when Dr. Sadao discovered him by the shore?
Ans. The US soldier was severely hurt, and there was already a blood stain soaking through the sand on one side of him. Sadao noticed that the man had a gunshot wound that had reopened on the right side of his lower back. If the man did not receive emergency medical attention, he would undoubtedly pass away.

Q3 How did the American professor contribute to the connection between Sadao and Hana?
Ans Sadao and Hana first connected at the professor’s home. Hana gained Sadao’s favour. Even though the professor’s wife was quite talkative, the couple was nice, and Sadao soon moved in as a paying guest. We might therefore conclude that the American professor and his wife were crucial in bringing Sadao and Hana together.

Q4 What was the father of Dr. Sadao’s vision for his son? How did Sadao become aware of it?
Ans Dr. Sadao’s father desired for his son to have a prosperous career. With him, he never made jokes or plays. Sadao was sent to the United States to study every aspect of surgery and medicine. Sadao eventually rose to prominence as one of Japan’s most renowned surgeons and scientists. Sadao accomplished his father’s wish in this manner.

Q5 Why, despite the fact that it was an unpatriotic act on his part, did Dr. Sadao treat the American soldier?
Ans Dr. Sadao was taught that if he could save someone, he should never let them die. Thus, Dr. Sadao did not act in an unpatriotic manner. Even the old General was informed about the enemy soldier. Dr. Sadao did not save an American life; he merely carried out his duty and saved the life of a human. 

Q6 Despite learning that Dr. Sadao had been hiding the American soldier, the General did not take any action against him. Why?
Ans Dr. Sadao’s expertise as a physician and surgeon was required for the treatment of the General. He admitted to Dr. Sadao that no one else in all of Japan had the skills necessary to save his life. Dr. Sadao’s own death would result from any action taken against him.

Q7 How did Hana help Dr Sadao?
Ans Hana helped her husband in the operation. She washed the injured man. While Sadao performed the operation, Hana helped him in giving the anesthetic. She acted as a nurse while her husband was performing the operation.

Q8 Why had Hana personally cleaned the injured man?
Ans Hana asked Yumi, the governess, to help her wash the man. Yumi, however, categorically refused, stating that she had never cleaned a white guy and would never do so. And that man was their adversary. Hana was therefore forced to wash the man by herself.

Q9 How could you say that the American was tortured? Who might have abused him?
Ans On the American’s neck’s backside, there were crimson marks. It was evident that the man had endured severe torture. The wicked General Takima of Japan was a terrible person. It’s likely that he tortured the man. 

Q10 Why did the housekeepers quit the Dr. Sadao residence?
The servants of Sadao and Hana reflect a particular mindset of the general public in society towards the thinking and broad-minded human beings. Elaborate with the help of the story “The Enemy”. (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2018-19)
Ans A hostile soldier had received sanctuary from Dr. Sadao. The servants said that it was a treasonous act. As Japan and America were at war, they saw the Americans as their foes. They made the decision to leave Dr. Sadao’s home when they learned that he had chosen to cure the enemy soldier rather than turn him over to the authorities.

Q11 Why wasn’t Dr. Sadao sent to the front lines?
Ans Japanese surgeon and scientist Dr. Sadao was well-known. Also, he was tending to the senior General. Dr. Sadao was not deployed to the battlefield since the General might need surgery at any time.

Q12 How did Dr. Sadao eliminate the hostile soldier?
Ans Dr. Sadao had worked very hard to save the man. He didn’t want to turn him in to the police and end up getting him dead. So he made the choice to assist the man in using his boat to escape. He carried enough supplies onto his boat. He instructed the man to row the boat towards a nearby island. 

Q13 How did Dr. Sadao remove a bullet from the American soldier’s body?
Ans An operation was required to remove a bullet from the US soldier’s body, and anesthesia was administered to the patient. Dr. Sadao touched the instrument’s tip with a hard object, which turned out to be a bullet. After that, Dr. Sadao used his fingers to probe and carefully remove the bullet.

 Q14 What transpired as the second event of the afternoon? Why did this scare Hana, the doctor’s wife, so badly?
Ans The second event occurred in the afternoon. Hana was really alarmed when a messenger in a business suit arrived at their home. She guessed that he might have come to take her husband into custody. But, the man insisted that Dr. Sadao accompany him because the old General was in pain. 

Q15 How did the General respond to Dr. Sadao’s account of hiding the enemy combatant?
Ans Dr. Sadao went to the elderly General and told him the entire tale. Also, he informed him because he had worked hard to save the man, he didn’t want to turn him over to the police. The General now volunteered to send him hired killers. They were quite skilled and knowledgeable about internal bleeding, he claimed.

Q16 What happened on the seventh day after Dr Sadao had typed the letter? (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2019-20)
Ans The cook, the gardener, and Yumi packed up their possessions and left together on the seventh day. Hana, though, put up a strong face. The second event was the appearance of a messenger informing Sadao that he had been summoned to the palace because the general was once more experiencing pain.

Q17 How do we know that Dr. Sadao was conscientious as well as loyal? (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2022-23)
Ans Dr. Sadao was a professional who took his job seriously. He saved the soldier by carefully treating his injuries as a doctor. On the other side, he fulfilled his responsibility as a devoted citizen by alerting the General about the prisoner and by agreeing to help with the soldier’s intended assassination.

Q18 The author has used ‘blood’ as a symbol in the story. Comment on its impact on the reader. (CBSE QUESTION BANK)
Ans Blood has an effect on readers, making them realise how racist or prejudiced nationalistic pride is.
An important part of the story’s main topic involves blood. The cook also permits the bird’s blood into the wisteria. An elaborate symbol is blood. The blood-covered doctors who are tending to both American and Japanese soldiers represent the interconnectedness of all humankind.

Q19 In The Enemy, Hana’s thoughts and actions regarding Tom were in discord. Support this statement with examples from the text. (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2022-23)
Ans Hana says that returning Tom to the water would be the most compassionate thing they could do for him, however she brings him back inside the home with Sadao. She also prevents Sadao from attempting to save Tom when he agrees to perform the surgery. Even though she gags at the sight of blood, she agrees when Sadao asks her to assist him in administering anesthesia.


Class 12 The Enemy Long Answer Questions Lesson 4

Q1 To choose between professional loyalty and patriotism was a dilemma for Dr Sadao. How did he succeed in betraying neither?
Ans Sadao was instructed in the medical study, not to allow anyone to perish if he or she can be helped. On the seashore close to his home, he came across an enemy soldier who was seriously hurt. If the man didn’t get the right medical care, he might die. Now, Dr. Sadao made the decision to operate on the man despite the fact that he was an enemy soldier. He gave him excellent care and attention.

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Dr. Sadao was able to uphold his commitment to his career in this way. Yet, Dr. Sadao had a deep sense of patriotism. He was aware that harbouring an enemy soldier constituted treason. He therefore addressed a letter about it to the authorities and stored it in his drawer. Even the old General received the full account of the enemy soldier from him. Another issue is that the general did nothing to stop the enemy soldier. But Dr. Sadao managed to strike the ideal balance between his dedication to his profession and his country.

Q2 Good values are far above any other value system. How did Dr Sadao succeed as a doctor as well as a patriot?
Sadao and Hana have a moral compass which urges them to save the prisoner’s life. Do we all need this moral compass? Why? (CBSE QUESTION BANK)
Ans Dr. Sadao embodies the higher ideals of kindness, compassion, and love for people as well as love for one’s interest. He was trained not to let someone die if he could heal them because he is a doctor. On the seashore close to his home, he discovered an enemy soldier one evening who was seriously hurt. If the man didn’t get the right medical care, he might die.
Now, despite the fact that the man was an enemy soldier, Dr. Sadao chose to operate on him. As a result of his excellent care and attention, Dr. Sadao was able to uphold his commitment to his career. Yet, Dr. Sadao had a deep sense of patriotism. He was aware that harbouring an enemy soldier constituted treason. As a result, he wrote a letter about it to the authorities and stored it in his drawer. Even the old General received the full account of the enemy soldier from him. Another issue is that the general did nothing to stop the enemy soldier. As a result, Dr. Sadao was successful both as a physician and a patriot.

Q3 How can you say that Sadao’s father was very serious about his son’s study?
Ans The father of Dr. Sadao took his son’s education extremely seriously. Dr. Sadao shared a home with his father that was perched on a cliff not far from the seashore. When he was a schoolboy, he used to play there. The Japanese beach was close to a few islands. His father frequently took him there, telling him that the Islands served as a stepping stone for Japan’s future. Sadao’s father took planning for his future extremely seriously. He never cracked jokes or made fun of him. Sadao was aware that his father was mostly concerned with his studies.
At the age of 22, Sadao was sent to America to study all there was to know about surgery and medicine. He returned at the age of thirty and went on to become a well-known scientist and surgeon. He had not been transported overseas with the Troop because he was working to perfect a finding that would completely heal wounds. We might claim that Dr. Sadao’s success as a scientist and surgeon was made possible by his father’s efforts.

Q4 Explain the reaction of the servants in Dr Sadao’s house when he decided to give shelter to an enemy in the house.
Pearl Buck depicts the servants in a way to convey a message about Japanese people and culture. Support your answer with textual evidence. (CBSE QUESTION BANK)
Ans The concept of housing an enemy soldier did not go well with Dr. Sadao’s household staff. Yumi, the doctor’s child’s nurse, flatly declined to bathe the white man. She declared that she had never washed a white man and would never do so. The elderly gardener believed in superstitions. He declared that saving the man was pointless.
He frankly stated to Hana that the white man should not be saved. He had been shot first. He was then captured by the waves. But, they believed that Dr. Sadao had betrayed them when they learned that he would not turn the man over to the police. They chose to go from his home.

Q5 Write in brief the character sketch of General Takima.
Ans An elderly Japanese general, General Takima. He was an extremely vicious individual. He used to brutally abuse his wife. He also brutally tormented the war prisoners. Even private assassins were at his disposal to assassinate anyone. He offered to send two of them to murder the American soldier for Dr. Sadao. They were highly adept, he claimed, and could even remove the soldier’s corpse.

But he didn’t do that later. In actuality, it was done out of selfishness. He needed the medical assistance of Dr. Sadao. He didn’t want to encounter any issues. He therefore turned the entire situation over to Dr. Sadao. While in reality he was a highly egotistical person, he pretended to be a patriot. He didn’t want him to get involved in the situation. He might have wished for Dr. Sadao to commit suicide. The General was, in fact, a highly egotistical individual.

Q6 Dr Sadao faced a dilemma. Should he use his surgical skills to save the life of a wounded American POW or should he hand him over to the Japanese police? How did he resolve the clash of values? (CBSE 2015)
Ans Sadao is instructed as a doctor not to allow anyone to perish if he or she can be helped. On a nearby sea beach one evening, he discovers a seriously hurt enemy soldier. If the man didn’t get the right medical care, he might die. Now that the man is an enemy soldier, Dr. Sadao performs an operation on him using his surgical expertise. In this way, Dr. Sadao upholds his commitment to his profession and is able to use his surgical expertise to save the life of the POW. He treated him well and took excellent care of him.
Dr. Sadao is a nationalist as well, though. He therefore tells the senior General of everything. The general promises to send his personal killers to assassinate the target. But Dr. Sadao made a valiant effort to save that man. He obviously does not want that individual to suffer any damage. As a result, towards the conclusion of the tale, he aids the man on the boat in fleeing.

Q7 How did Dr Sadao help the American POW to escape? What humanitarian values do you find in his act?
Ans Dr. Sadao put significant effort into saving the life of an American POW. He made the decision to set up that man’s escape since, of course, he did not want anything bad to happen to him and, as a result, all his efforts would be in vain. Dr. Sadao made the decision to leave his yacht on the pier. He also made the decision to put enough food on the boat. The American was wearing Japanese clothing that Sadao had provided for him, and at the last second, Sadao placed a black cloth around his blond head.
He was instructed to row the boat to a nearby island, which was uninhabited because it was submerged in the water for the majority of the year. In this narrative, the doctor demonstrates higher human qualities. He remembers his duties and commitments as a doctor despite the fact that his nation is at war with America. Even at the risk of his own life and reputation, he intervenes to save the enemy’s life.

Q8 Sadao’s acceptance of the General’s plan to assassinate Tom was counterproductive to having put him on the path of recovery. Substantiate with reason/s. (CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2020-21)
Ans  Although it was unwise for Sadao to agree to the General’s plot to kill Tom, doing so set him on the road to recovery. He had received assurances from General Takima that he would dispatch his personal hit men to his home, kill him, and dispose of the body. Later, when the General fell ill, he was so distraught that he neglected to send the assassins. It took Sadao three days to wait.
POW, meanwhile, quickly healed and regained his health. Sadao made the decision to assist the POW in finding a safe escape. He gave him a boat, enough food for a few days, and a lamp to use if he needed to signal for more assistance. He gave him instructions to board a Korean vessel and travel to an American base.
He had to go to the General for an examination after a few days. He brought up his pledge to send his killers. The general asked him not to divulge his forgetfulness to anybody as he may be in serious danger and charged with treason. The general also apologised for forgetting to send the assassins.

Q9 Sadao and Hana look upon their time in America with disdain due to the prejudice that they were subjected to. How does racial prejudice taint a person’s soul forever? (CBSE QUESTION BANK)
Ans Doctor Sadao was a highly obedient and humanitarian person. He felt strongly compelled by his obligation to aid the enemy soldier. He put the needs of the American soldier ahead of the prejudices of race and nation. Without caring if the patient was a friend or foe, his wife also offered a helping hand. He was juggling his doctoral responsibilities on the one hand and the adversary on the other, but humanity and compassion won out.
While Japan and America were at war at the time, no one could provide shelter to an enemy. He had been aware of the negative effects of racial discrimination among whites even throughout his training. His emotions of patriotism prevented him from ignoring his medical obligations because it is a doctor’s responsibility to save humanity. Here, Dr. Sadao’s sense of national allegiance and professional commitment clashed. He could have faced all charges of being a traitor, but he risked his own life to save the American soldier. He operated on him and provided for him in the most perilous circumstances.


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