The Enemy Important Questions (1, 2 & 5) Markers Class 12 English Chapter 4 Vistas Book

CBSE Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Book Chapter 4 The Enemy Important Questions

Here are the The Enemy important questions of 1, 2 and 5 marks for CBSE Class 12 English Vista Book Chapter 4. The important questions we have compiled will help the students to brush up on their knowledge about the subject. Students can practice Class 12 English important questions to understand the subject better and improve their performance in the board exam. The solutions provided here will also give students an idea about how to write the answers. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 12


The Enemy Important Question for CBSE Class 12 English Vista Book Chapter 4 RTCs Questions (1 Marks)


1. Sadao stopped, Hana at his side, and turned the man’s head.
They saw the face. ‘A white man!’
Hana whispered. Yes, it was a white man.

(i) What did Dr. Sadao see when he turned the face of the man?
a. Man with yellow hair
b. Man with yellow beard
c. Man showing signs of being tortured
d. All of these

(ii) In what state was the white man lying?
a. Unconscious
b. Dead
c. Sleeping
d. Drunk

(iii) Which part of the body of young man had wound?
a. Left side of upper back
b. Head and chest
c. Both the legs
d. Right side of lower back


(iv) To which of these did the white man belong?
a. US Army
b. US Navy
c. Japanese Army
d. Japanese navy

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The Enemy 2 Marks Important Questions – 30 to 40 words


1. Why was the General apologetic when Sadao told him that the prisoner had escaped?
Ans. The General had promised Sadao that he would help him get ridof the prisoner by getting him killed. However, he forgot his promise. When Sadao informed him that the prisoner had escaped, he was apologetic that he had not kept his promise. (The general reasoned that neither did he lack patriotism, nor was it dereliction of duty; but it was his bad health due to which he had forgotten his promise.)

2. How did the writer indicate that Dr. Sadao’s father was a very traditional and conventional man?
Ans. We come to know that Dr Sadao’s father was a traditional and conventional man when the author mentions that he would not have accepted Hana as Sadao’s wife until he would have had been sure that she was a Japanese, of a pure race. Their marriage was also arranged in the old Japanese way.


3. What happened on the seventh day after Dr. Sadao had typed the letter?
Ans. On the seventh day, two things happened. In the morning, all the servants left. The cook, the gardener and Yumi – all three packed their belongings and left their master’s home. The second incident happened in the afternoon. A messenger from the General came looking for Dr. Sadao to inform him that the General was in pain and that he was called at the palace.


4. What dilemma did Sadao and his wife face when they saw the wounded American soldier?
Ans. The couple was in a dilemma to either save the wounded American soldier or to leave him there to die. Dr. Sadao was a patriot but a doctor too. So, he was confused whether he should save an enemy’s life or not. His duty of being a doctor and his love for his country put him on crossroads.


5. How did Dr. Sadao perform his duty as a patriotic Japanese?
Dr. Sadao performed his duty of being a patriotic Japanese by informing the General about the enemy soldier whom he had sheltered. Now, as the soldier was out of danger, he wanted to get rid of him, lest he be considered a traitor. Dr. Sadao sought the General’s help in getting rid of the American soldier.


6. Where had Dr. Sadao first met his wife? What had been his initial reaction?
Ans. – Dr. Sadao had met Hana in America. An American professor and his wife had invited their foreign students for dinner. Hana was a new student of theirs. Sadao had liked her and felt that he would love her if it were at all possible.


7. Sadao’s acceptance of the General’s plan to assassinate Tom was counter productive to having put him on the path of recovery. Substantiate with reason/s
Ans. On one hand, Sadao operated upon the injured soldier and saved his life. Thus, he performed his duty of being a doctor. On the other hand, he accepted the General’s plan of getting the enemy soldier assassinated. Thus, he performed his duty of being a patriot Japanese. This shows that his acceptance of the General’s plan would be counter productive to his action of saving the man.


8. Why was Dr. Sadao not sent to the battlefield?
– Dr. Sadao was not sent to the battlefield due to the General’s ill health. The General needed Sadao’s services. He could need a surgery any time. So, he did not send Sadao to the battlefield.


The Enemy 5 Marks Important Questions – 120 to 150 words

1. What Impression do you form about Dr. Sadao as a man and as a surgeon on your reading the chapter, ‘The Enemy’?
Ans – Value points
Great human being. Efficient surgeon.
True Japanese at heart – followed traditions.
Handled the situation well.
Saved the enemy soldier. Informed the General also.
Finally, rescued the man. Handled all the persons involved in the situation.


2. Dr. Sadao faced a dilemma. Should he use his surgical skills to save the life of a wounded person or hand an escaped American P.O.W. over to the Japanese police? How did he resolve this clash of values?
Ans – Value Points
He could not leave the injured man to die. Treated him. Hana helped him. Servants were against them and left.
Informed the General of the situation and sought his help in getting rid of the man.
Thus, he performed both the duties.


3. Do you think Dr. Sadao’s final decision was the best possible one in the circumstance? Why/Why not? Explain with reference to the story, ‘The Enemy’.
Ans –
Value points
He performed both roles well.
Finally, helped the man escape Japan. Although he hated America, he had to get rid of the man. Got no help from the General. So, he did not have any other option.


4. In marriage one expects complete trust and cooperation between husband and wife. How did Hana help Dr. Sadao when he was in trouble?
Ans – Value points
Hana helped Sadao
She nursed the injured man’s wounds
Cleaned the house, took care of the children, cooked food
When servants left, she supported Sadao


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