The Third Level MCQs Class 12 English Vistas book Chapter 1


the third level MCQs

Class 12 English Vistas reader chapter 1 The Third Level MCQs. Students of Class 12 can prepare the MCQs of Chapter 1 from the Vistas reader published by NCERT. Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. Students can also take a free test of these MCQ Questions from the Chapter The Third Level.

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The Third Level MCQs from Vistas book Chapter 1 

Q1- Who is the author of The Third Level?

A)George Orwell
B) Agatha Christie
C) James Joyce
D) Jack Finney


Q2- What was Jack’s full name?

A) Walter Braden Jack Finey
B) Stephen Jone Jack
C) Ray Douglas Bradbury
D) None


Q3- Why was the author renamed?

A) to change his name
B) Priest’s suggestion
C) to honor his mother
D) as an honor to his father


Q4- What are the author’s best known works?

A) English and Science fiction
B) Science and history fiction
C) Science fiction and nature
D) Science fiction and thrillers


Q5- What is the meaning of ‘Waking dream wish fulfillment”?

A) a pleasant wish that makes one forget the present
B) a pleasant wish that takes one to the future
C) A pleasant wish which inspires to work
D) a pleasant wish that makes one forget the present


Q6- What is the theme of the lesson?

A) human tendency of escapism because of the harsh realities of the present
B) time travelling
C) theory of escapism
D) a dialogue between a patient and a psychiatrist


Q7- How does the story begin?

A) in a jovial manner
B) in an aggressive manner
C) on a happy note
D) in a serious manner


Q8- What does the Third level signify?

A) a human tendency to escape from the harsh realities of the present to past happy times
B) A third way on Grand Central station
C) A third gate on Grand Central Station
D) None


Q9- What is ‘Waking dream wish fulfillment” according to the psychiatrist in the lesson?

A) Charles finding of a Third level at Grand Central Stationand realization of his wish to visit Galesberg Illinois
B) Charles escapism
C) Charles escapism from realities
D) None


Q10- Who was Charles’ wife?

A) a woman
B) a woman with bright top
C) A woman at The Third Level
D) Louisa


Q11- What is Sam’s letter to Charles represent?

A) A blend
B) an acceptance to visit
C) a proof of his fantasy
D) a blend of reality with fantasy


Q12- What is Sam’s letter testimony to in the lesson proving?

A) his acceptance to travel
B) his refusal to travel
C) Sam accompanying Charles
D) Charles’ tendency of escapism from the realities


Q13- In what way do we try to overcome the insecurities of the present harsh times

A) by engaging ourselves in practical activities
B) by talking to friends and family
C) reading good books
D) All these


Q14- What is the significance of 1894 in the lesson?

A) it was past
B) Authors’ parents were alive
C) Author’s childhood time
D) representing a peaceful , romantic living time


Q15- Who was sam in The Third Level?

A) a doctor
B) a friend
C) a psychiatrist and a friend of Charley
D) None


Q16- Why did Charley visit Sam?

A) To consult the incident of Third level incident at Grand Central Station
B) To invite him
C) to invite him to accompany at Galesberg
D) To guide him in Galesberg


Q17- Does the Third Level really exist at Grand Station?

A) Yes
B) yes, there were 3 levels
C) No, there were only two levels at the station
D) None


Q18- What unusual thing the narrator sees at the Grand Central Sation?

A) Trees
B) motorcars
C) Third Level
D) All these


Q19- Why was the narrator seeing this Third Level?

A) as a wish to visit Galesberg
B) wanted to meet his friends
C) wanted to take a break from office
D) As a result of stress and anxiety in his mind




Q20- What does the Psychiatrist explain to Charlie?

A) Third level is a beautiful place
B) Third level is worthseeing
C) Third level is well maintained
D) That it was the result of stress and anxiety of his mind


Q21- How did Charlie reach the Third Level?

A) In his fantasy he takes a subway or a corridor faster than a bus
B) in a superfast train
C) in jetways
D) in an escalator


Q22- What was the Third Level?

A) a third tier on the station
B) a third storey on the station
C) an imaginary discovery of the narrator’s mind
D) none


Q23- What did Charley see at the Third Level?

A) flickering gas lights and people with funny mustaches
B) brass spittoons
C) men wearing a tan gabardine suit and a straw
D) All these


Q24- Why was Louisa,Charley’s wife worried?

A) Knowing the incident of Third Level
B) for not getting tickets
C) tickets were delayed
D) Sam was scaring


Q25- Why does Charley want to visit Galesberg?

A) to escape from the troublesome world
B) to enjoy
C) to see the beautiful landscape
D) to meet his old friends


Q26- Why do you think the Third Level was an escape for Charley?

A) Because it existed at the third storey
B) Because Sam knew about it
C) Because he shared it with Sam
D) Because it existed only in his fantasy and not in reality


Q27- What is First Day Cover?

A) A new stamp gets the Postmark and date
B) A gift
C) A gift wrapper
D) A gift wrapped in a beautiful wrapper


Q28- How does the story interweave fantasy and reality?

A) For Charle’s tendency to treat harsh realities with his imaginary Third Level
B) It presents imagination
C) imagination happens on Central Station
D) None


Q29- What specific difference did Charley notice at the Third Level of Central Station?

A) Everything was weird
B) Everything was old styled and smaller in size
C) everything was too big
D) everything was shining


Q30- Where was Charley ducked on Central Station?

A) into a room
B) into an office
C) into an arched door heading for subway
D) into a store


Q31- What was the strangest thing at The Third Level?

A) Beards
B) Mustaches
C) dresses
D) The corridor that led him into the past.


Q32- Where was Charley often lost?

A) from a train
B) from the footpath
C) from an escalator
D) from a subway faster than bus at The Central Station


Q33- What did Charley find in his stamp collection?

A) old addresses
B) hair styles
C) old letters
D) First day cover


Q34- What happens when Charley enters the Grand Central Station?

A) He finds a huge tree like Station
B) new staircases,corridors and tunnels
C) tree keeps spreading its roots throwing rooms and windows
D) All of these


Q35- What convinced Charly that he had reached the Third Level Grand Central Station and not the second level?

A) A different world of gas lights and brass spittoons
B) beards and mustaches of 1894
C) newspaper with a date June11, 1894
D) All of these


Q36- Who had sent that ‘First Day cover and when?

A) Sam’s father
B) Sam’s uncle
C) Sam’s friend
D) Sam a psychiatrist in 1894


Q37- Whose signatures were there on the letter?

A) Charle’s teacher
B) Charle’s friend
C) Sam
D) None


Q38- What did the letter state?

A) That everything is okay
B) that Sam is joining them
C) Third level do exist and Charle was advised to keep looking at this worthseeing place
D) None


Q39- What was Sam invited for according to the letter?

A) for a party
B) for a tea party
C) for a bachelor’s party
D) for a lemonade party


Q40- What kind of appearances people had at Third level and why did the clerk refuse to accept money?

A) funny and clerk refused to accept money because it was currency of modern times
B) weird and notes were big
C) weird and notes were torn
D) weird and notes were wet




1 D 11 D 21 A 31 D
2 A 12 D 22 C 32 D
3 C 13 D 23 D 33 D
4 D 14 D 24 A 34 D
5 A 15 C 25 A 35 D
6 A 16 A 26 D 36 D
7 D 17 C 27 A 37 C
8 A 18 C 28 A 38 C
9 A 19 D 29 B 39 D
10 D 20 D 30 C 40 A

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