Character Sketch of Charley, Louisa and Sam The Third Level


Give a Character Sketch of Charley, Louisa and Sam from Class 12 English Chapter 1 The Third Level


Character Sketch of Charley

Charlie was a nervous person. His hobby was collecting stamps. He was a young man, yet he was afraid to live in the violent society. He desired to visit a peaceful and idyllic place. Charley is an optimist who constantly sees the positive aspects of situations. He regularly expresses his desire to escape the ordinary reality of his daily existence and is also a dreamer. His fascination with time travel has led him to think that the Third Level of Grand Central Station serves as a gateway to the past. Charley is an adventurous person who welcomes a challenge. Sam is reluctant at first, but Charley persuades him to go with him to explore the Third Level. 

The Third Level Overview – The third level represents a break from the “full of insecurity, fear, war, worry and all the rest of it” modern world. The 1890s depict a tranquil lifestyle that is not feasible in the present. The main character wants to take his wife Louisa to Galesburg, Illinois, from this point on. While his psychiatrist friend refers to it as a “waking-dream wish fulfilment,” for him, it is a part of reality.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Charley

Q1. How would you describe Charley’s personality?
Q2. What is Charley’s fascination with the Third Level?
Q3. How does Charley encourage Sam to join him in exploring the Third Level?
Q4. How does Charley show his loyalty to Sam?
Q5. What are Charley’s positive qualities?


Character Sketch of Louisa

Louisa is a practical, level-headed, and rational person. Louisa helps her husband stay grounded by reminding him of his responsibilities in the outside world.  She is also portrayed as being a loving and understanding wife to her anxious husband. Louisa first has doubts about the Third Level and believes it is just a figment of her husband’s imagination. She hears him out, makes an effort to comprehend his anxieties, and implores him to get help from a professional. She is kind to him and encourages him as he makes baby strides towards recovery.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Louisa

Q1. How would you describe Louisa’s personality in “The Third Level” by Jack Finney?
Q2. How does Louisa react when she learns about her husband’s fascination with the Third Level?
Q3. What is Louisa’s role in the story “The Third Level”?
Q4. How does Louisa help her husband cope with his anxiety?
Q5. What does Louisa’s character symbolize in the story “The Third Level”?

Character Sketch of Sam

Sam was a psychiatrist. He was Charley’s friend as well. Sam is a practical and sensible individual who enjoys his life. He retains his composure and is resistant to Charley’s imaginative ideas. However, out of curiosity and a desire to disprove Charley, Sam ultimately decides to go with him. 
He spoke with several psychic patients every day, who shared their problems and fears with him. Sam’s life has become burdened as a result of this. He also began looking for a sojourn. After hearing about the suffering of those with mental illnesses, he yearned to leave the miserable life he had come to lead. Sam prevents himself from enjoying the full potential of life by his reluctance to take chances and investigate new ideas.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Sam

Q1. How would you describe Sam’s personality in “The Third Level”?
Q2. How does Sam react to Charley’s suggestion to explore the Third Level?
Q3. What is Sam’s role in the story?
Q4. How does Sam’s character change throughout the story?
Q5. What are some of Sam’s strengths and weaknesses as a character?
Q6. Comment on the ethics of a doctor as you come across the characters of Sam and Sadao Hoki.
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