Class 12 English Vistas book chapter 2 – The Tiger King MCQs

the tiger king

MCQs of Class 12 English Chapter 2, The Tiger King by Kalki have been compiled for students to practice. Students of Class 12 can prepare the MCQs of Chapter 2- The Tiger King from NCERT Vistas book. Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. Students can also take a free test of the MCQs of The Tiger King.These MCQ Questions have been selected based on the latest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

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Vistas book Chapter 2 The Tiger King

Q1- Who is the author of The Tiger King?

A) Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishnamurthy
B) Charles Dickens
C) Kamladas
D) None


Q2- What is author’s pen name?

A) chalki
B) Balki
C) Kalki
D) None


Q3- From where did the author derive his name?

A) from the prefix of his name
B) from the sufix of his name
C) from the sufix of his wife’s name
D) from the sufix of his and his wife’s name


Q4- What is the theme of the story?

A) birds
B) animals
C) birds and animals live on the planet
D) All birds and animals have an important role to maintain the ecological balance


Q5- On which issue is the story The Tiger King a satire on?

A) on people
B) on animals
C) on birds
D) on the false pride,ego and stubborness of the powerful people


Q6- About which time is the story based?

A) ancient times
B) modern times
C) medieval times
D) time of autocratic kings


Q7- Under whose rule were the kings living?

A) sovereign rule
B) queen’s rule
C) king’s rule
D) Under the thumb rule of the British

Correct Answer: D

Q8- What does Durai mean in the story?

A) Cief leader in bengal
B) Chief leader in andhra
C) chief leader in Tamil
D) none


Q9- Who was Duraisani?

A) an old lady
B) a young lady
C) a greedy woman ,wife of a high rank British officer
D) none


Q10- Who is The Tiger King in the story?

A) Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur
B) M.A.D
C) A.C.T.C.
D) C.R.C.K.


Q11- What did the astrologer predict?

A) the boy will be a king
B) the boy will visit the world
C) the king will be killed by 100th tiger
D) none


Q12- What did the king utter to astrologer’s prediction?

A) let tigers watch
B) Let tigers beware
C) let tigers be careful
D) none


Q13- How did the child grow?

A) drinkinking goat’s milk like other royal chidren
B) drinking buffalo’s milk like other royal chidren
C) drinkinking cow’s milk like other royal chidren
D) none


Q14- Who brought up the king?

A) a nanny
B) an English tutor
C) An English nanny
D) None


Q15- At what age the boy crowned as king?

A) 30
B) 15
C) 22
D) 20


Q16- How did the king challenge the prediction of the astrologer?

A) by killing the first tiger
B) by killing the 100th tiger
C) by killing all the tigers in the state
D) none


Q17- When did the Prince marry?

A) at the age of 20
B) when he killed the first tiger
C) After killing all the tigers in the State
D) None


Q18- Whom did the King marry?

A) to a girl
B) to a princess
C) to a princess whose father had many tigers
D) all


Q19- What is the theme of the story?

A) Desire of power
B) Desire to have power for one’s selfish interests and not for the welfare of the people
C) desire to help others
D) none



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Q20- Why did the King decide to marry?

A) to buy tigers
B) to own tigers
C) to tame tigers
D) to achieve his target of killing 100 tigers


Q21- What became the cause of King’s death?

A) a tiger
B) a tiger from his wife’s forest
C) a tiger in his state
D) the wooden tiger from the toyshop


Q22- What pierced Maharaja’s right hand?

A) the slivers on toy tiger’s body
B) tiger’s leg
C) tiger’s teeth
D) none


Q23- Who actually shot the 100th tiger?

A) one of the hunters who accompanied the king
B) a soldier
C) king’s guest
D) British high officer


Q24- Why was the king called The Tiger King?

A) he was fond of tigers
B) he kept many tigers
C) he tamed many tigers
D) because he killed 100 tigers


Q25- Why did Maharaja put a ban on Tiger hunting in his state?

A) to prove the priest’s prediction wrong
B) to prove his power
C) to show his love for animals
D) his kindness towards the animals


Q26- What does Kalki trying to show in this story?

A) The futility of going against the destiny
B) kings shallowness
C) false pride and ego
D) none


Q27- What is the irony in the story?

A) kings desire to prove predictions wrong
B) king’s desire to marry
C) king’s desire to kill tigers
D) The king killed 99 tigers and died because of a toy tiger


Q28- Why was the king in danger of losing his kingdom?

A) because he prohibited British officer from killing a tiger
B) because he killed all the tigers
C) becuse he killed atiger in the forest
D) All


Q29- What did the Maharaja do to ensure his safety?

A) He owned tigers
B) married a princess
C) prohibited British officer to enter his territory
D) He killed tigers


Q30- How did the 100th tiger take its revenge?

A) a silver on toy tiger’s body pricked his finger
B) by being fainted
C) by being killed by a hunter
D) by putting him in danger


Q31- Why was the Maharaja so anxious to kill 100th tiger?

A) to ensure his safety and to prove prediction wrong
B) to prove his hunting skills
C) to prove his power
D) none


Q32- Why did the Maharaja double the tax?

A) In his rage against the disappearance of the sheep and to find 100th tiger
B) to raise the funds
C) to increse the income of the state
D) none


Q33- Why did the king send rings to British official’s wife?

A) to save his state and to please The British
B) to invite them for hunting
C) to invite them for a feast
D) to find more tigers


Q34- What proved the Dewan’s resorcefulness?

A) his wits
B) his intelligence
C) his ability to mange a tiger in Madras
D) none


Q35- What birthday gift did the Maharaja present to his 3 years old son?

A) a toy
B) gold coins
C) forests
D) a toy tiger


Q36- What is the moral of the story?

A) Power
B) Power makes us powerful
C) Power is meaningless before destiny
D) All


Q37- What literary device has been used in the story?

A) metaphorical expressions
B) Irony
C) sarcasm
D) All


Q38- How has the writer has proved the futility of king’s desire?

A) by showing him a victim of a toy tiger
B) by showing him as a powerful king
C) by making the king kill 99 tigers
D) All


Q39- What shows the false ego and pride of the king in the story?

A) his killing of tigers and no concern for nature
B) his desire to marry
C) his orders from time to time
D) None


Q40- Why did The King not permit British officer to click a picture with the dead tiger?
A) to prove his might
B) he was scared of the British
C) because it was against the rules of his state
D) None




1 A 11 C 21 D 31 A
2 C 12 B 22 A 32 A
3 D 13 B 23 A 33 A
4 D 14 C 24 D 34 C
5 D 15 D 25 A 35 D
6 D 16 B 26 A 36 C
7 D 17 C 27 D 37 B
8 C 18 C 28 A 38 A
9 C 19 B 29 D 39 A
10 A 20 D 30 A 40 C


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