Give a Character Sketch Ranga, Shyama and Ratna from Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 3 Ranga’s Marriage



Character Sketch of Ranga

Ranga was the son of the accountant who had been sent to Bangalore for his studies. He was a well-mannered, educated boy who was respectful of his elders, in spite of having studied away from his village. It was usually the custom that people who left home also left behind their customs and traditions at home. But Ranga’s deference towards his elders as exhibited during his meeting with the narrator left him with no room for doubt about Ranga being different from the uppity present-day boys. His education is displayed through his idea of an ideal wife who should not be a docile homebound beauty but someone who stimulates him intellectually and can be on par with him. In general, we can sum him up as a mature, sensible young man with enough intelligence to be of service to society.
Ranga’s Marriage Overview – The story revolves around Ranga, the accountant’s son who got the opportunity to go out of the village to study. The narrator takes you through a journey where he changes Ranga’s perception about marriage, how he staged their union with the help of a Shastri and what role English has played in their village. The entire story involves funny instances and references for the narrator has made sure your mind stays occupied with the story.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Ranga

Q1 Who is Ranga in the chapter “Ranga’s Marriage”?
Q2 What are Ranga’s interests and hobbies?
Q3 How would you describe Ranga’s personality?
Q4 What are Ranga’s aspirations in life?

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Character Sketch of Shyama

Shyama is the narrator of the story, “Ranga’s Marriage” and also the central character. He is an old and experienced man, who has more faith in traditional beliefs than Ranga’s modern notions. He is passionately in love with his village and the villagers and rambles incessantly while describing it. He manipulates Ranga in such a manner that he ends up marrying Ratna, an eleven year old girl, in spite of his notions about marriage. The manipulation is done in such a manner that Ranga marries Ratna out of his own free will. He means well and his intentions are good. Shyama is also an intelligent man, who has great knowledge of human nature and is almost a psychiatrist in his own right.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Shyama

Q1. What important role did Shyama play in Ranga’s marriage?
Q2. What kind of person was Shyama?
Q3. Who is Shyama in the chapter “Ranga’s Marriage”?
Q4. How does Shyama behave during Ranga’s visit to his village?
Q5. How does Shyama’s character contribute to the overall theme of the chapter?


Character Sketch of Ratna

Ratna was Rama Rao’s niece. She was just eleven years old. She lived in a big town and had come to live at his uncle’s home in Hosahali after her parents’ death. She was quite pretty and had many qualities. She could play the Veena and harmonium. She could also sing melodiously. Masti Venkatesha Iyengar planned to get Ranga married to Ratna. At the end he succeeded in his plan and Ratna was happily married to Ranga.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Ratna

Q1 How would you describe Ratna’s appearance in “Ranga’s Marriage”?
Q2 What is Ratna’s role in the story?
Q3 How would you characterize Ratna’s personality?


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