Give a Character Sketch Nick Middleton (Narrator), Daniel, Lhamo, Tsetan and Norbu from Class 11 English Hornbill Book Chapter 8 Silk Road



Character Sketch of Nick Middleton (Narrator)

Nick Middleton, the narrator of the story is a young, curious, and adventurous traveler from England. He is on a journey to Mount Kailash. He is quite brave, courageous, and daring. He is open-minded, eager to explore new cultures, and has a strong sense of adventure. He is also shown to be observant and perceptive, paying attention to intricate details during his journey. He faces many obstacles during his journey. He shows great adaptability throughout his journey. He interacts with the locals and learns from them, which helps him overcome various obstacles and adjust to different environments.
Silk Road Overview – This chapter is about the narrator’s journey from slopes of Ravu to Mount Kailash to complete the kora. To bid him farewell, Lhamo gave him a long sleeve sheepskin coat. He hired Tsetan’s car for his journey and took Daniel along to escort him to Darchen.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Nick Middleton

1. Who is Nick Middleton?
2. What are some of Nick Middleton’s personality traits?
3. How does Nick Middleton adapt to the challenges he faces during his journey?
4. What motivates Nick Middleton to undertake the journey along the Silk Road?
5. How does Nick Middleton’s journey along the Silk Road impact him?

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Character Sketch of Daniel

Daniel was the translator whom Nick Middleton had hired. He helped the narrator to communicate with the local Tibetans. He accompanied the narrator up to the town of Hor. There he parted from him as he was to go to Lhasa. Fortunately he got a ride in a truck to Lhasa.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Daniel

1. What was the role of Daniel in Silk Road?
2. What are the physical characteristics of Daniel as described in the chapter “Silk Road”?
3. How would you describe Daniel’s personality based on his actions in the chapter?


Character Sketch of Tsetan

Tsetan was a local Tibetan whose profession was to ferry visitors or tourists to places of interest in Tibet. He was expert in driving through the rugged Tibetan terrain and high altitude rough roads. He drove the car very carefully considering the safety of the passengers. During the journey, he spoke to the author and gave important details of the places they were passing by. When the narrator fell ill, Tsetan took him to Darchen medical college and cared for his health.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Tsetan

1. How did Tsetan support the author during the journey?
2. What is the character sketch of Tsetan in Silk Road?
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Character Sketch of Lhamo

Lhamo was the girl of the family with whom the narrator, Nick Middleton had stayed for a few days on the way to Mount Kailash. She developed friendship with the author. When narrator was about to leave, Lhamo gifted him a drokba, a long-sleeved sheepskin coat that men in Tibet usually wear. Lhamo felt the author did not have enough warm clothes for the severe cold he was to face later on while completing the Kora.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Lhamo

1. Who is Lhamo in the chapter “Silk Road”?

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Character Sketch of Norbu

The author met Norbu at Darchen. He is a Tibetan working at a Chinese academy of Social Sciences in Beijing who wants to carry out the pilgrimage to Mount Kailash. He had also come to do the Kora. Both the narrator and Norbu struck friendship and decided to do the Kora together. The narrator actually wanted to reach Mount Kailash to do kora to get a feel of what a pilgrimage was like. But he didn’t want to do it alone. He was looking for someone who could speak or understand English. When he was sitting in the only cafe at Darchen, Norbu, a plump Tibetan saw him reading an English book. So Norbu introduced himself to the author. He also was there to do kora, although he was not a religious person. So both of them decided to do kora together.

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