Give a Character Sketch Dr Andrew, Joe Morgan and Susan from Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 7 Birth


Character Sketch of Dr Andrew

Doctor Andrew Manson was a young man. He was a committed and diligent medical professional. He worked under Dr Edward Page. He never fell short in his mission. He has lots of ideas. He examined each case on its own merits. He displayed a fairly mature understanding of his patients. He never hesitated or stumbled. He made an appropriate decision immediately when faced with a choice between two conflicts. He is a man full of optimism and hope, as evidenced by his relentless and desperate efforts to bring the stillborn baby back to life.

Birth Overview – “Birth” is an excerpt from “The Citadel” that revolves around Andrew Manson who just graduated from medical school. It is an account of how the newly graduated medical practitioner helped in bringing Joe and Susan’s child into this world despite going through a tough time with his girlfriend Christine.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Dr Andrew

Q1. Briefly describe the character of Dr Andrew Manson.
Q2. What can we say about Andrew as a person?
Q3. What kind of doctor was Andrew?
Q4. Compare and contrast Andrew’s emotional, mental and physical state at the beginning of the story and at the end.


Character Sketch of Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan was a driller in the mining community of Blaenelly. He was a big, strong and heavy middle-aged person. After over twenty years of marriage, Joe and his wife Susan were expecting their first child. Joe awaited a doctor to assist Susan in giving birth to their child.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Joe Morgan

Q1. Who was Joe Morgan and what was his problem?
Q2. What do you know about Joe Morgan?


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Character Sketch of Susan

Mrs Susan Morgan was the wife of Joe Morgan. She was pregnant with her first child after 20 years of marriage. She was understandably tense because her concern was the safety of the child. Susan even refused to take chloroform as she believed it would harm the baby. She really wanted to have the baby.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Susan Morgan

Q1. Who is Susan in the story ‘Birth’?
Q2. Why did Susan not want to be injected with chloroform?

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