NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill book Birth Important Question Answers Lesson 7

Class 11 English Birth Question Answers –  Looking for Birth question answers (NCERT solutions) for CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 7? Look no further! Our comprehensive compilation of important questions will help you brush up on your subject knowledge. Practising Class 11 English question answers can significantly improve your performance in the exam. Our solutions provide a clear idea of how to write the answers effectively. Improve your chances of scoring high marks by exploring Chapter 7: Birth now. The questions listed below are based on the latest CBSE exam pattern, wherein we have given NCERT solutions to the chapter’s extract based questions, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and long answer questions

Also, practising with different kinds of questions can help students learn new ways to solve problems that they may not have seen before. This can ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and better performance on exams. 




Class 11 English Birth Question Answers Lesson 7 – Extract Based Questions

Extract-based questions are of the multiple-choice variety, and students must select the correct option for each question by carefully reading the passage.

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A. His thoughts were heavy, muddled. The episode he had witnessed at Cardiff station still obsessed him morbidly. He thought of Bramwell, foolishly devoted to a woman who deceived him sordidly, of Edward Page, bound to the shrewish Blodwen, of Denny, living unhappily, apart from his wife. His reason told him that all these marriages were dismal failures.

1 Who is ‘He’ in this extract?
A) Joe Morgan
B) Jack Manson
C) Susan Morgan
D) Andrew Manson
Ans. D) Andrew Manson

2 What was his view about the marriages of his acquaintances?
A) They were huge success
B) They were huge failures
C) They were impeccable
D) None of these
Ans. B) They were huge failures

3 What was Andrew Manson by profession?
A) Driller
B) Compounder
C) Doctor
D) Numerologist
Ans.C) Doctor

4 What does the word ‘Morbidly’ mean?
A) Suggesting a healthy state of mind
B) Suggesting a unhealthy state of mind
C) Suggesting a perfect state of mind
D) None of these.
Ans. B) Suggesting a unhealthy state of mind

B.Susan said not to give her the chloroform if it would harm the baby. She’s awful set upon this child, Doctor, bach.” Her old eyes warmed at a sudden thought. She added in a low tone: “Ay, we all are, I fancy.” He collected himself with an effort.
“It won’t do any harm, the anesthetic,” he said kindly. “They’ll be all right.”

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1 Who is ‘She’ in this extract?
A) Joe Morgan
B) Susan Morgan’s mother in law
C) Susan Morgan’s mother
D) Andrew Manson
Ans. C) Susan Morgan’s mother

2 Why did Susan’s mother not want chloroform to be given to her daughter?
A) For the baby could die
B) for it could harm her
C) For it could harm the baby
D) Both B and C
Ans. D) Both B and C

3 What is anesthetic?
A) Drug that leads to sensibility
B) Drug that leads to insensibility
C) Drug that leads to mental disorder
D) Drug that numbs the whole head
Ans. B) Drug that leads to insensibility

4 Why were all the Morgans worried?
A) For they were expecting their first child after a long period
B) For they were expecting their second child after a long period
C) For they were expecting their third child after a long period
D) For they were expecting their fourth child after a long period
Ans. A) For they were expecting their first child after a long period

C. As he gazed at the still form a shiver of horror passed over Andrew. After all that he had promised! His face, heated with his own exertions, chilled suddenly. He hesitated, between his desire to attempt to resuscitate the child, and his obligation towards the mother, who was herself in a desperate state. The dilemma was so urgent he did not solve it consciously. Blindly, instinctively, he gave the child to the nurse and turned his attention to Susan Morgan who now lay collapsed, almost pulseless, and not yet out of the ether, upon her side.

1 How was the child born?
A) Lively
B) Lifeless
C) Lame
D) Blind
Ans. B) Lifeless

2 What does the word ‘Resuscitate’ mean?
A) To revive
B) To bathe
C) To clean
D) To stamp
Ans. A) To revive

3 Which ugly middle position was Manson caught in?
A) Whether to save the child or not
B) Whether to save the mother or not
C) Whether to pay attention to child or to mother
D) Whether to pay attention to family or mother
Ans. C) Whether to pay attention to child or to mother

4 What had Dr. Manson promised to the Morgans?
A) Safe delivery of the child and mother
B) Less amount to be charged for delivery
C) No admission charges for the baby
D) That he would not be able to save the mother
Ans. A) Safe delivery of the child and mother

D. In a flash Andrew knelt down. Fishing amongst the sodden newspapers below the bed, he pulled out the child. A boy, perfectly formed. The limp, warm body was white and soft as tallow. The cord, hastily slashed, lay like a broken stem. The skin was of a lovely texture, smooth and tender. The head lolled on the thin neck. The limbs seemed boneless.

1 What does the word ‘Sodden’ mean?
A) Dry
B) Wet
C) Cleaned
D) None of these
Ans. B) Wet

2 Which literary device has been used in ‘Lay like a broken stem’?
A) Simile
B) Metaphor
C) Personification
D) Alliteration
Ans. A) Simile

3 Which literary device has been used in ‘White and soft as tallow’?
A) Simile
B) Zeugma
C) Epithet
D) Metonymy
Ans. A) Simile

4 Who slashed the child’s cord hastily?
A) Joe Morgan
B) Susan Morgan
C) Susan Morgan’s mother
D) Andrew Manson
Ans. D) Andrew Manson


Class 11 English Snapshots Birth Lesson 7 Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are a type of objective assessment in which a person is asked to choose one or more correct answers from a list of available options. An MCQ presents a question along with several possible answers.

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Q1 How was the newborn child?
A. Healthy
B. Lifeless
C. Underweight
D. Anaemic
Ans. B. Lifeless

Q2. What dilemma did doctor Andrew confront?
A. Whether the child could be saved or not
B. Whether the treatment would be successful
C. Whether to attend the child or the mother
D. Whether to inform Joe or not
Ans. C. Whether to attend the child or the mother

Q3 In the dilemma he faced, what did Andrew do?
A. Check upon Susan first
B. Check upon the child first
C. Ran away
D. Left it to handle to the midwife
Ans. A. Check upon Susan first

Q4 Where had the midwife placed the stillborn child?
A. She held the child in her arms
B. Gave him to Susan’s mother
C. Under the bed
D. Handled him to Joe
Ans. C. Under the bed

Q5 What did Andrew conclude from the whiteness of the child?
A. That he was dead
B. That he suffered from lack of oxygen
C. That he should be taken to hospital
D. That Andrew couldn’t save him
Ans. B. That he suffered from lack of oxygen

Q6 What did Andrew remember about Samaritan?
A. A place he went to volunteer
B. Someone he met there
C. A treatment he witnessed
D. Not mentioned in the story
Ans. C. A treatment he witnessed

Q7 What all things did Andrew use in the treatment?
A. Hot and cold water
B. Basins and towels
C. A blanket
D. All of the above
Ans. D. All of the above

Q8 How did Andrew try to save the still born?
A. Using a special method of respiration
B. Calling Dr. Edward
C. Taking him to a hospital
D. Giving him blood
Ans. A. Using a special method of respiration

Q9 After trying for fifteen minutes, Andrew felt ________.
A. accomplished
B. hopeful
C. hopeless
D. confident
Ans. C. hopeless

Q10 What did Andrew remember in the middle of ongoing treatment?
A. About his love for Christine
B. Morgan family’s longing for a child
C. His time in Samaritan
D. About his obligation as a doctor
Ans. B. Morgan family’s longing for a child

Q11 Why did the child become slippery in Andrew’s hand?
A. Because of atmosphere in the room
B. Because Andrew was losing his focus
C. Because of constant juggling between waters
D. None of the above
Ans. C. Because of constant juggling between waters

Q12 How long did it take for Andrew’s efforts to yield results?
A. Fifteen minutes
B. All efforts went into vain
C. One hour
D. Half an hour
Ans. D. Half an hour

Q13 What does the author refer to as ‘a miracle’?
A. Life getting into the stillborn child
B. Morgan family welcoming a child
C. Susan getting consciousness
D. None of the above
Ans. A. Life getting into the stillborn child

Q14 “But her hands were together, her lips moved without sound.” Who is she?
A. Susan
B. Midwife
C. Mrs. Morgan’s mother
D. Not clear from the story
Ans. C. Mrs. Morgan’s mother

Q15 Why did Andrew get oblivious to all the work he had done in Blaenelly?
A. Because he got all hopeless
B. Because he did something extraordinary that night
C. Because he was leaving Blaenelly
D. Because he got tired
Ans.B. Because he did something extraordinary that night

Q16 During the whole incident, Joe did not enter the house. Why?
A. Because he was superstitious
B. Because he didn’t want to disturb
C. Because he didn’t want to see the child
D. Because he was anxious
Ans. D. Because he was anxious

Q17 After how many years were Joe and Susan blessed with a child?
A. Ten years
B. One year
C. Five years
D. Twenty years
Ans. D. Twenty years

Q18 Why is the lesson named “Birth”?
A. Because the doctor is specialist in childbirths
B. Because a lot of childbirths take place
C. Because it is about birth of a child
D. Because it talks about philosophy of life
Ans.C. Because it is about birth of a child

Q19 Birth of Susan’s child was a turning point in Dr. Andrew’s life. Do you agree?
A. Absolutely
B. Not at all
C. Partially
D. Not clear from the story
Ans. A. Absolutely

Q20 What can you say about Dr. Andrew after reading “Birth”?
A. He did not put all his efforts
B. He fulfilled his obligations well as a doctor
C. His skills were not enough
D. He was arrogant
Ans. B. He fulfilled his obligations well as a doctor


Class 11 English Birth Question Answers (including questions from Previous Years Question Papers)

In this post we are also providing important short answer questions from the Chapter 7 Birth for CBSE Class 11 exams for the coming session.


Q1. Who was Joe Morgan? Why was he so tense, and waiting anxiously for Dr Andrew that night?
Answer. Joe Morgan worked as an excavator in Blaenelly, a mining town. He was a tall, robust, heavy-set man in his forties. Joe and his wife of nearly 20 years, Susan, were expecting their first child. Joe Morgan was in desperate need of Dr. Andrew’s assistance. Susan, his wife, was in labor. After 20 years of marriage, she was about to give birth to their first child. Joe and Susan were anxious for the baby to arrive safely. So he waited for the doctor with bated breath.

Q2. That night proved unusual and it influenced Dr Andrew’s whole future in Blaenelly. What miraculous thing happened that night?
Answer. Dr Andrew began his medical career in the mining town of Blaenelly. The successful handling of Mrs Joe’s case was a watershed moment in his life. It was nothing short of a miracle that he had restored life in a stillborn child by alternating between dipping it in cold and warm water. He gained not only satisfaction but also name and fame.

Q3. Why were Susan and her Old mother so tense that night?
Answer. Susan was about to give birth to her first child after 20 years of marriage. She and her husband Joe were naturally tense. Susan’s elderly mother stood beside her, tense but hopeful.

Q4. Susan’s mother was wise in experience. What hints did she give of her wisdom?
Answer. Susan’s mother was a tall, gray-haired woman who was nearly seventy years old. She knew from personal experience that childbirth would take some time. She was astute enough to suspect that Dr Andrew would not be patient for long. So she tried to persuade him to stay by offering him tea and sitting next to him.

Q5. Name the five central characters in the story Birth who played the key role?
Answer. Joe Morgan, his wife Susan, his elderly mother-in-law, a stalwart midwife, and, of course, Dr Andrew are the story’s five central characters. The doctor was instrumental in saving Susan’s and her ostensibly stillborn baby’s lives.

Q6. Dr Andrew faced the biggest dilemma of his life that night. How did he act and save two lives?
Answer. Dr. Andrew was summoned to oversee Susan Morgan’s first and most crucial delivery. He was tense and sleep deprived. Nonetheless, he chose to wait. He promised Joe and his wife that everything would be fine. However, he became concerned when he discovered that both the mother and her baby were in danger. Susan was first given an injection to calm her down. He then lifted the stillborn child and alternately immersed him in hot and cold water and pressed the child’s chest. Fortunately, he saved both of them.

Q7. Comment on the behavior and role of the midwife attending Susan Morgan.
Answer. Susan’s midwife demonstrated a lack of experience and a professional demeanor. She immediately declared that the baby was stillborn. She tucked it beneath the bed. Even when Andrew was attempting to resuscitate the baby, she expressed her disbelief and even discouraged Andrew from continuing his feverish efforts. Her joy was heightened by the baby’s cry.

Q8. What did the stillborn child look like when Andrew turned his attention to it?
Answer. Although the baby’s body was fully formed and warm, it was devoid of life. It had been placed beneath the bed by the nurse. But Andrew drew the child out. It had a limp warm body that was as white and soft as animal fat. The skin was smooth, but the limbs appeared to be boneless. It was depleted of oxygen.

Q9. What did Andrew do to restore life in the stillborn child?
Answer. Andrew remembered a similar situation in the past. He treated the stillborn baby the same way. He requested hot and icy cold water. He alternated between immersing the baby in cold and warm water. He rubbed the child’s chest with a rough towel and pressed and released his hands on the child’s chest. A miracle occurred. It cried as its skin turned pink.

Q10. How did Andrew turn his sense of defeat and hopelessness into one of joy and victory? Describe the last effort he made.
Answer. When Susan appeared to be safe, Andrew picked up the limp, lifeless baby. He used water treatment on it. Even after a half-hour of feverish effort, there was no sign of improvement. He finally gave it his all. With both hands, he pressed and released the small chest. This treatment was successful, and the tiny heart began to beat.


Class 11 Birth Long Answer Questions Lesson 7


Q1. Give a brief life-sketch and achievements of Dr Andrew Manson.
Answer. Dr. Andrew Manson had just graduated from medical school. In a small mining town, he was working as an assistant to Dr. Edward Page. He had a crush on Christine, but he had a bad night with her when he met Joe. He was exhausted and tense. It was well after midnight. But, true to his calling, he went with Joe to see Susan Morgan, who was in labor. Andrew wasn’t bothered by the wait. He waited until daybreak without sleeping a wink. When he was faced with a dilemma, he proved his worth. The baby had no heartbeat, and the mother was sinking. He worked tirelessly to save both.
He first saved the mother by administering a life-saving injection to her. When he took the lifeless but warm baby into his arms, he was reminded of a similar case from medical school. He gave the baby the same treatment and saved him. He resurrected both of them.

Q2. What was Andrew’s dilemma after the delivery? How did he solve the problem so successfully?
Answer. The baby was born at dawn. As he looked at the lifeless baby, Dr Andrew was filled with horror. He was now dealing with two patients. Susan’s pulse was rapidly fading. The infant was white, limp, and lifeless. Andrew was at a loss as to who he should prioritize. He injected Susan and pulled her out of danger based on instinct. Then he drew out the child, who was warm but not breathing. He used cold and hot water, as well as the pressure of his hands, to give it an unusual treatment. There was also a miracle. When the child cried out, he thanked God.

Q3. Narrate the story Birth in about 100 words of your own. What message does it convey?
Answer. The ‘Birth’ is an enthralling story. It tells the story of a young doctor who saves two lives. Both the mother and her newborn baby were critically ill. It emphasizes the ability of a physician to perform miracles. Andrew was a young physician. He was called in to supervise childbirth. Joe and Susan had been married for nearly two decades. They were about to have their first child. Susan’s elderly mother and a midwife were already at her bedside.
Andrew chose to wait until the job was finished. Susan’s condition worsened after she gave birth to the baby. The child was born stillborn, limp, and boneless. Andrew attended to the mother first, giving her a life-saving injection. He then took the child in his arms. He alternated between dipping it in hot and ice cold water. He gently pressed on the child’s chest. He continued this treatment for nearly thirty minutes, or until the baby began to breathe and cry. Thus, Andrew saved both the lives.

Q4. Bookish knowledge is theoretical. It is practice and observation which makes a man with theoretical knowledge a man perfect in his field. Discuss.
Answer. Bookish knowledge is essential because it imparts theoretical knowledge. It teaches a man the complexities of a problem and its possible solutions. A man with theoretical knowledge who lacks practical experience may fail in his job. A man with practical knowledge and experience, on the other hand, has a better chance of achieving the desired results. In our daily lives, we encounter compounders who outnumber doctors and physicians. A physician who has read the procedure for administering an injection but has not performed it with his own hands will fail in his attempt. A compounder, on the other hand, can outperform a physician due to his practical experience.
Similarly, if you have minutely observed a man performing his job flawlessly, you can put that very practical experience to use and achieve success. Dr. Andrew was able to save the child because he had witnessed someone saving a nearly lifeless child. He used his practical experience and knowledge to complete his task quickly. So, for success, especially in the medical field, both theoretical knowledge and practical experience are required. So, if not seasoned with practical experience, bookish or oral knowledge may prove futile and worthless.

Q5. What impression of Andrew Manson do you form on the basis of the story ‘Birth’?
Answer. Andrew is a conscientious, truthful, and professional doctor. He is also a kind human being. Despite not being in the best of spirits, Andrew delivers Joe’s wife expertly. Despite the fact that the child was stillborn, Andrew did not give up hope. He recalled his medical expertise and revived the infant. In contrast, the midwife accompanying the doctor assists the reader in analysing Andrew’s character. Andrew is a determined individual who recognises that a family’s dreams are dependent on the survival of the child. He gives his all and is rewarded when the child begins to breathe. He was constantly willing to assist others. He always helps people, no matter how exhausted he is. He also enjoys experimenting in his career to find new and better ways to help others.
He was a mature and intelligent individual who always made the right decision. Andrew Manson was able to solve any challenge since he is constantly full of fresh and better ideas.

Q6. If you work to respect the feelings, yearnings and desires of others, success is always yours. Explain on the basis of the lesson ‘Birth’ by A. J. Cronin.
Answer. Dr. Andrew Mason was sensitive to the Morgan family’s feelings. He’d gone to help Mrs. Morgan with her childbirth. Mrs. Morgan was about to have her first child after twenty years of marriage, so it was a difficult task, coupled with the fact that she was no longer younger in age. As a result, Andrew recognised that the baby was extremely valuable to the family. He knew he had to save both the mother and the baby for the sake of the family’s happiness.
Dr. Andrew quickly realized how difficult the task was. Mrs. Morgan began to sink, and the child appeared to be stillborn. He handed the baby over to the midwife and focused on reviving the mother. He turned to save the child after saving the mother’s life. He was able to revive the child by working hard and bringing his experience and knowledge to the forefront.

Q7. Why was Joe Morgan relieved to see Andrew?
Answer. Joe Morgan was relieved to see Dr. Andrew Manson after waiting for him at his clinic for a long time. He’d come to take him home. After twenty years of marriage, his wife was expecting a child. Joe Morgan wanted the delivery to go as smoothly as possible. He wanted Dr. Andrew to be there at his home to assure the safety of his wife and the expected kid.

Q8. What response did Andrew get when he asked, “Where is the child”? Describe what followed.
Answer. The midwife was terrified because she had buried the baby under the bed, believing it to be dead. Andrew extracted it from a pile of soaked newspapers. He began by injecting Mrs Morgan, who was sinking, and pumping her heart. Then he turned to look at the baby who had been declared dead. He discovered that the child had been suffocated and was unconscious as a result of a lack of oxygen. He tried some unusual treatments. He alternated between immersing the baby in hot and cold water. He then attempted to stimulate the baby’s heart. The baby miraculously responded and began breathing.

Q9. “Andrew had no premonition that that night would influence his whole future in Blaenelly.” How did this happen?
Answer. Andrew had no idea how that night would affect his future in Blaenelly. That night, he saved Mrs Morgan’s and her baby’s lives, earning him Joe Morgan’s eternal gratitude and firmly establishing him in the good graces of the villagers. Mrs. Joe Morgan gave birth to a nearly lifeless child after a difficult labor. Her own situation was dire. Andrew had to work quickly to save the baby and the mother. He turned to face the mother after handing the baby over to the nurse. He administered injections and pumped her heart. Then he turned to look at the baby who had been declared dead. He noticed that the child had suffocated and was unconscious as a result of a lack of oxygen. He tried some unconventional treatment. He immersed the baby alternately in hot and cold water. Then he tried to quicken the baby’s heart. Miraculously the baby responded and started breathing.

Q10. Compare and contrast Andrew’s emotional, mental and physical state at the beginning of the story and at the end.
Answer. Andrew is physically fatigued and emotionally upset at the start of the story. He’s just returned from a sour evening with Christine, the girl he adored. His thoughts are jumbled and thick. The incident he witnessed at Cardiff station was still fresh in his mind. Though he imagined marriage to be a blissful condition, he couldn’t help but recall the tragic failures of many couples.Andrew is physically fatigued by the end of the story, but emotionally and psychologically aware. His thoughts are filled with happiness and self-satisfaction. He has accomplished an extraordinary feat, no less than a miracle. He asks God to bear witness that he has finally done something real. This sense of accomplishment aids him in overcoming physical exhaustion. His sense of duty towards his patients helps him to attend them whole-heartedly. He forgets his personal feelings and thinks only of reviving the patients.


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