MCQs for Chapter 7 “Birth” Class 11 English Snapshots book

CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 7 “Birth” Multiple Choice Questions ‌(MCQs) with Answers

Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 7 – Birth. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference.


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Q1. Who is the author of “Birth”?

  1. A.J. Cornin
  2. J.B. Priestley
  3. Andrew Manson
  4. Edward Page


Q2. Andrew did his medical practice under the assistance of _________.

  1. Dr. Page
  2. Dr. Morgan
  3. Dr. William
  4. Dr. Shane


Q3. Who was waiting for Andrew at midnight?

  1. Dr. Edward
  2. Christine
  3. Joe Morgan
  4. Mrs. Morgan’s mother


Q4. Where did Joe Morgan live?

  1. Number 11, Blaina Terrace
  2. Number 14, Bryngower
  3. Number 12, Blaina Terrace
  4. Number 12, Bryngower


Q5. How does the author describe the bedroom of Joe’s house?

  • Well furnished
  • Poorly furnished
  • Dirty
  • Both (B) and (C)


Q6. How has the author described Mrs. Morgan’s mother?

  1. Wise
  2. Grey-haired
  3. In her seventies
  4. All of the above


Q7. When Andrew approached, Susan was accompanied by her mother and _________.

  1. Joe
  2. father
  3. a midwife
  4. mother-in-law


Q8. “Don’t fret, mother, I’ll not run away.” Why did Andrew say this?

  1. To reassure Mrs. Morgan’s mother
  2. To fulfill his obligations
  3. To break the silence
  4. To handle a critical situation well


Q9. Andrew decided to __________ at Joe’s house.

  1. sleep
  2. study
  3. stay
  4. eat


Q10. While waiting at Joe’s house, what did Andrew think about?

  1. Mrs. Morgan condition
  2. Failed marriages
  3. Christine
  4. Both (B) and (C)


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Q11. How was the newborn child?

  1. Healthy
  2. Lifeless
  3. Underweight
  4. Anaemic


Q12. What dilemma did doctor Andrew confront?

  1. Whether the child could be saved or not
  2. Whether the treatment would be successful
  3. Whether to attend the child or the mother
  4. Whether to inform Joe or not


Q13. In the dilemma he faced, what did Andrew do?

  1. Check upon Susan first
  2. Check upon the child first
  3. Ran away
  4. Left it to handle to the midwife


Q14. Where had the midwife placed the stillborn child?

  • She held the child in her arms
  • Gave him to Susan’s mother
  • Under the bed
  • Handled him to Joe


Q15. What did Andrew conclude from the whiteness of the child?

  1. That he was dead
  2. That he suffered from lack of oxygen
  3. That he should be taken to hospital
  4. That Andrew couldn’t save him


Q16. What did Andrew remember about Samaritan?

  1. A place he went to volunteer
  2. Someone he met there
  3. A treatment he witnessed
  4. Not mentioned in the story


Q17. What all things did Andrew use in the treatment?

  1. Hot and cold water
  2. Basins and towels
  3. A blanket
  4. All of the above


Q18. How did Andrew try to save the still born?

  1. Using a special method of respiration
  2. Calling Dr. Edward
  3. Taking him to a hospital
  4. Giving him blood


Q19. After trying for fifteen minutes, Andrew felt ________.

  1. accomplished
  2. hopeful
  3. hopeless
  4. confident


Q20. What did Andrew remember in the middle of ongoing treatment?

  1. About his love for Christine
  2. Morgan family’s longing for a child
  3. His time in Samaritan
  4. About his obligation as a doctor


Q21. Why did the child become slippery in Andrew’s hand?

  1. Because of atmosphere in the room
  2. Because Andrew was losing his focus
  3. Because of constant juggling between waters
  4. None of the above


Q22. How long did it take for Andrew’s efforts to yield results?

  1. Fifteen minutes
  2. All efforts went into vain
  3. One hour
  4. Half an hour


Q23. What does the author refer to as ‘a miracle’?

  1. Life getting into the stillborn
  2. Morgan family welcoming a child
  3. Susan getting consciousness
  4. None of the above


Q24. “But her hands were together, her lips moved without sound.” Who is her?

  1. Susan
  2. Midwife
  3. Mrs. Morgan’s mother
  4. Not clear from the story


Q25. Why did Andrew get oblivious to all the work he had done in Blaenelly?

  1. Because he got all hopeless
  2. Because he did something extraordinary that night
  3. Because he was leaving Blaenelly
  4. Because he got tired


Q26. During the whole incident, Joe did not enter the house. Why?

  1. Because he was superstitious
  2. Because he didn’t want to disturb
  3. Because he didn’t want to see the child
  4. Because he was anxious


Q27. After how many years were Joe and Susan blessed with a child?

  1. Ten years
  2. One year
  3. Five years
  4. Twenty years


Q28. Why is the lesson named “Birth”?

  1. Because the doctor is specialist in childbirths
  2. Because a lot of childbirths take place
  3. Because it is about birth of a child
  4. Because it talks about philosophy of life


Q29. Birth of Susan’s child was a turning point in Dr. Andrew’s life. Do you agree?

  1. Absolutely
  2. Not at all
  3. Partially
  4. Not clear from the story


Q30.What can you say about Dr. Andrew after reading “Birth”?

  • He did not put all his efforts
  • He fulfilled his obligations well as a doctor
  • His skills were not enough
  • He was arrogant


Answer key for Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 7 – Birth

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 A 11 B 21 C
2 A 12 C 22 D
3 C 13 A 23 A
4 C 14 C 24 C
5 B 15 B 25 B
6 D 16 C 26 D
7 C 17 D 27 D
8 A 18 A 28 C
9 C 19 C 29 A
10 D 20 B 30 B


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