MCQs for Chapter 6 “The Ghat of the Only World” Class 11 English Snapshots book

CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 6 “The Ghat of the Only World” Multiple Choice Questions ‌(MCQs) with Answers

Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 6 – The Ghat of the Only World. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference.


Q1. Who is the writer of “The Ghat of the Only World”?

    A. Amitav Ghosh
    B. Agha Shahid Ali
    C. James Merrill
    D. Suketu Mehta


Q2. When did Shahid speak to the author about his approaching death?

    A. 25 April 2000
    B. February 2000
    C. 27 October 2001
    D. 25 April 2001


Q3. “The Ghat of the Only World” is written by the author as a promise to his _______.

    A. mother
    B. father
    C. friend
    D. sister


Q4. Agha Shahid Ali was undergoing a treatment for ___________.

    A. neurosis
    B. cancer
    C. knee injury
    D. slip disc


Q5. What did Shahid want the author to do after his death?

    A. Inform his family
    B. Draw a painting in his memory
    C. Write a song for him
    D. Write something about him

Correct Ans. D


Q6. When did Shahid have his first blackout?

    A. February 2000
    B. April 2001
    C. February 1999
    D. April 2000

Correct Ans. A


Q7. According to the author, what was the most impressive work of Shahid?

    A. Barcelona Airport
    B. His writings of Kashmir
    C. The Country Without a Post Office
    D. None of the above

Correct Ans. C


Q8. When did Shahid and the author become friends in a real sense?

    A. When they studied in the Delhi University
    B. When Shahid moved to Brooklyn
    C. When the author moved to Manhattan
    D. When a common friend introduced them to each other

Correct Ans. B


Q9. Shahid and the author had shared love for ____________.

    A. rogan josh
    B. Kishore Kumar
    C. Roshnara Begum
    D. All of the above

Correct Ans. D


Q10. The author has described Shahid as a _________ person.

    A. unsociable
    B. pessimistic
    C. sociable
    D. None of the above

Correct Ans. C


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Q11. Shahid described ‘the view of the Brooklyn waterfront slipping into the East River’ as a __________.

    A. ghat
    B. waterfall
    C. fountain
    D. None of the above

Correct Ans. A


Q12. Even after he knew about his nearing death, what did Shahid enjoy?

    A. Being left alone
    B. Gatherings at his home
    C. Poetry
    D. Both (B) and (C)

Correct Ans. D


Q13. Who had a great influence on Shahid’s poetry?

    A. Amitav Gosh
    B. Suketu Mehta
    C. James Merrill
    D. Roshnara Begum

Correct Ans. C


Q14. Shahid had a special passion for which food in particular?

    A. Bengali food
    B. Kashmiri food in the Pandit Style
    C. Traditional foods
    D. Not mentioned in the story


Q15. “No matter what the question, Shahid worked _________ into his answer.” Complete the sentence.

    A. poetry
    B. passion
    C. nationalism
    D. music


Q16. As a teacher, Shahid was _________ by his students.

    A. disliked
    B. adored
    C. envied
    D. worshipped


Q17. What did Shahid describe as “the happiest time of his life”?

    A. His time in Arizona
    B. His time at New York University
    C. His time at Manhattan’s college
    D. His time at Penn State


Q18. Shahid’s parents continued to live in __________.

    A. Manhattan
    B. Srinagar
    C. New York
    D. Jammu


Q19. Shahid by inclination was a political poet.

    A. Yes
    B. Somewhat
    C. No
    D. Not mentioned in the story


Q20. Did Shahid write about being a victim of Kashmir’s destiny?

    A. Yes
    B. No
    C. Somewhat
    D. Not mentioned in the story


Q21. Shahid firmly believed in ________ politics and religion.

    A. separating
    B. interconnecting
    C. mingling
    D. None of the above


Q22. Shahid always believed in _________ of members of all religions.

    A. separation
    B. inclusiveness
    C. nationalism
    D. differentiation


Q23. Once in his childhood, what did Shahid’s mother help to create in his room?

    A. A murti
    B. A holy scripture
    C. An artwork of Hindu gods
    D. A Hindu temple


Q24. What was Shahid’s reaction when he got to know that ‘there was not much hope’?

    A. He panicked
    B. He was calm and untroubled
    C. He got depressed
    D. He isolated himself


Q25. Shahid wanted to go to ______ during his last days.

    A. Northampton
    B. New York
    C. Kashmir
    D. None of the above


Q26. Shahid was in a continuous conflict with his approaching end.

    A. False
    B. Maybe
    C. True
    D. Not mentioned in the story


Q27. Shahid passed away while he was ______.

    A. driving
    B. asleep
    C. cooking
    D. writing


Q28. When did Shahid pass away?

    A. 8 December 2001
    B. 27 October 2001
    C. 25 April 2001
    D. 5 May 2001


Q29. What impact did Shahid’s death have upon the author ?

    A. He remains unaffected
    B. He moved out of his place to distract himself
    C. He felt a deep void
    D. Not mentioned in the story


Q30. After reading “The Ghat of the Only World”, what impression do you have of Shahid?

    A. He was depressed due to his disease
    B. He was full of life
    C. He enjoyed people’s company
    D. Both (B) and (C)


Answer key for Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 6 – The Ghat of the Only World

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