MCQs for Chapter 2 “The Address” Class 11 English Snapshots book

CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 2 “The Address” Multiple Choice Questions ‌(MCQs‌) with Answers

Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 2– The Address. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new Exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference

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Q1. How did Mrs. Dorling treat the author when the author visited her?
A. Warm & welcoming
B. Cold & inhospitable
C. Overjoyed
D. Both (A) and (C)


Q2. “Her face gave absolutely no sign of recognition.” Who is her?
A. Mrs. S
B. Mrs. Dorling’s daughter
C. Mrs. Dorling
D. Mrs. S’s daughter


Q3. In what attire did the author find Mrs. Dorling?
A. Author’s mother’s green knitted cardigan
B. Author’s green knitted cardigan
C. Author is unable to recognise it
A. Not mentioned in the story


Q4. “I thought that no one had come back.” Why does Mrs. Dorling say this?
A. Because she was happy to see the protagonist
B. Because she had been waiting for the protagonist for a long time
C. Because she thought everyone in the protagonist’s family were dead
D. None of the above


Q5. What was the address that the author’s mother asked her to remember?
A. Number 50, Marconi Street
B. Number 46, Baker Street
C. Number 54, Marconi Street
D. Number 46, Marconi Street


Q6. Mrs. Dorling’s was _________ of Mrs. S.
A. a sister
B. an old acquaintance
C. an old friend
D. a relative


Q7. Mrs. Dorling took the possessions of the things on the pretence of __________.
A. using them
B. selling them
C. keeping them safe
D. Both (A) and (B)


Q8. Was the author convinced with her mother’s idea of letting Mrs. Dorling take away their things?
A. Absolutely
B. Partially
C. Not at all
D. Not mentioned in the story


Q9. How does the author describe Mrs. Dorling when she saw her the first time during the war?
A. A woman with a broad back
B. A woman with a round back
C. A woman with a straight back
D. None of the above


Q10. Why did the author wait for such a long time before visiting “The Address”?
A. Because she was not interested
B. Because she was afraid to confront her mother’s belongings
C. Both (A) and (B)
D. None of the above


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Q11. Why had the author come to visit Mrs. Dorling?
A. Because Mrs. Dorling had belongings of author’s mother
B. Because Mrs. Dorling called her
C. Because she missed Mrs. Dorling
D. None of the above


Q12. Who opened the door upon the author’s second visit to Mrs. Dorling’s house?
A. Mrs. Dorling
B. Mrs. Dorling’s daughter
C. Mrs. Dorling’s husband
D. No one opened the door


Q13. Unlike Mrs. Dorling, her daughter was __________ towards the author.
A. rude
B. mature
C. hospitable
D. mean


Q14. What was the protagonist’s reaction when she entered the living-room?
A. Thrilled
B. Emotional
C. Nervous
D. Horrified


Q15. “I was in a room I knew and did not know.” What does author mean by this?
A. She saw familiar things but in unfamiliar surroundings
B. She saw unfamiliar things but in familiar surroundings
C. She did not recognize the things she saw
D. She did not want to remember anything


Q16. How does the author describe the living room?
A. Muggy smell
B. Strange atmosphere
C. Sophisticated
D. Both (A) and (B)


Q17. In what condition did the author find the living room?
A. Haphazard
B. Well arranged
C. Empty
D. Old fashioned


Q18. The author remembered that the woollen table-cloth had _________.
A. an ink-mark
B. a defect
C. a burn mark
D. None of the above


Q19. According to the author, when do we notice the things in the house?
A. When they are out of our sight
B. When they are used
C. When they are shown
D. All of the above


Q20. What was the ‘silver’ that the author was once asked to clean by her mother?
A. Jewellery
B. Cutlery
C. Sculptures
D. Stones


Q21. Why did the author leave Mrs. Dorling in a hurry?
A. Because she was getting late for the train
B. Because she no longer wanted to stay there
C. Both (A) and (B)
D. None of the above


Q22. Why did the objects lose their value for the author?
A. Because their prices fell down
B. Because they were difficult to take along
C. Because she had new objects
D. Because she saw them in different surroundings


Q23. At the end, what does the author decide?
A. To forget the address
B. To visit next year again
C. To remember the address forever
D. None of the above


Q24. Who is the protagonist of “The Address”?
A. Mrs. Dorling
B. Mrs. S’s daughter
C. Mrs. S
D. Mrs. Dorling’s daughter


Q25. The author had come to visit Mrs. Dorling _______ the war.
A. during
B. before
C. after
D. Not mentioned in the story


Q26. What was the very first out of her mother’s possessions that the protagonist could recognize?
A. Hanukkah candle-holder
B. Woollen table-cloth
C. White tea pot
D. Green knitted cardigan


Q27. In total, how many times did the author visit the given address?
A. Twice
B. Once
C. Thrice
D. Never


Q28. Who is the author of “The Address”?
A. Manon Uphoff
B. Marga Minco
C. Marente de Moor
D. None of the above


Q29. After reading “The Address”, how would you describe Mrs. Dorling?
A. Materialistic
B. Selfish
C. Opportunist
D. All of the above


Q30. What message does “The Address” talk about?
A. Importance of things
B. Not to trust someone
C. Human predicament of war
D. None of the above

Answer key for Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 2 – The Address

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 B 11 A 21 C
2 C 12 B 22 D
3 A 13 C 23 A
4 C 14 D 24 B
5 D 15 A 25 C
6 B 16 D 26 D
7 C 17 A 27 A
8 B 18 C 28 B
9 A 19 A 29 D
10 C 20 B 30 C

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