MCQs for Chapter 8 “The Tale of Melon City” Class 11 English Snapshots book

CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 8 “The Tale of Melon City” Multiple Choice Questions ‌(MCQs) with Answers

Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 8 – The Tale of Melon City. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference.

Q1. “The Tale of the Melon City” is written by __________.

    A. Amitav Ghosh
    B. Arundhati Roy
    C. Vikram Seth
    D. Idries Shah


Q2. How does the writer describe the King?

    A. Arrogant
    B. Just and placid
    C. Egocentric
    D. Merciful


Q3. What did the King order to be constructed?

    A. An arch
    B. A tomb
    C. Footsteps
    D. A building


Q4. What was the purpose of the construction ordered by the King?

    A. To continue a legacy
    B. To solidify the King’s rule
    C. To improve viewers morally
    D. To carry out a ritual


Q5. What happened when the King rode down the thoroughfare?

    A. The crowd cheered
    B. No one was impressed
    C. The King’s crown fell
    D. Not mentioned


Q6. Why did the King’s crown fall?

    A. Because the arch was built too low
    B. Because he lost his balance
    C. Because the crown was heavy
    D. Because he was attacked


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Q7. “This is a disgrace.” What was a disgrace?

    A. Poorly built arch
    B. Unenthusiastic crowd
    C. Crown being stroked
    D. None of the above


Q8. What order did the King give after the incident?

    A. He ordered workmen to be hanged
    B. He ordered to hang the chief of builders
    C. He ordered to summon the architect
    D. He ordered to gather all people


Q9. Who did the chief of builders blame?

    A. The public
    B. The architect
    C. The masons
    D. The workmen


Q10. What reason did the workmen give to the King?

    A. Instructions given were wrong
    B. Time provided was less
    C. Bricks were of the wrong size
    D. Changes were made at the last point


Q11. According to the architect, who made the amendments?

    A. The King
    B. The chief of the builders
    C. He himself
    D. The masons


Q12. Listening about his own hanging, who did the King call for?

    A. The oldest man in the country
    B. The wisest man in the country
    C. The wisest minister in his administration
    D. All the people


Q13. Who according to the counsel was the culprit that was brought before the King?

    A. The King
    B. The crown
    C. The arch
    D. The chief of the builders


Q14. Why was it shameful to hang the arch’?

    A. Because it was innocent
    B. Because it was non-living
    C. Because it was newly built
    D. Because it had touched the King’s head


Q15. After all the considerations and discussions, the crowd was getting _______.

    A. restless
    B. amused
    C. horrified
    D. bored


Q16. What was the public demand that the King sought to fulfill?

    A. They wanted no one to be hanged
    B. They wanted a hanging
    C. They wanted the arch to be demolished
    D. The wanted a new king


Q17. How was the public demand fulfilled?

    A. By voting
    B. By the King’s discretion
    B. By measuring height one by one
    D. By the councillors’ decision


Q18. Finally, who was tall enough to reach the noose?

    A. The chief of the builders
    B. The architect
    C. Someone from the crowd
    D. The King


Q19. Who was to choose the next King?

    A. The next to pass the City Gate
    B. The Ministers
    C. The public
    D. The heir of the deceased King would be the king by rule


Q20. Who passed the City Gate?

    A. An old wise man
    B. An idiot
    C. A beggar
    D. A child


Q21. Who was chosen as the new King?

    A. A minister
    B. A horse
    C. A melon
    D. A sword


Q22. Why did the idiot reply the way he did?

    A. Because he liked melons
    B. Because he rode horses
    C. Because he knew how to use sword
    D. Because he grew melons


Q23. What sort of perception does the public hold for their chosen King after so many years?

    A. They don’t like him
    B. They are enraged
    C. They like him very much
    D. They have no problem whatsoever


Q24. What is most important to the public of the state?

    A. Their peace and liberty
    B. How the state is ruled
    C. Their wealth
    D. Their involvement in state decisions


Q25. What sort of principles seem to thrive in the state?

    A. Democratic
    B. Laissez faire
    C. Authoritative
    D. Communistic


Q26. After reading “The Tale of the Melon City”, what opinion do you form of the King?

    A. He was a just King
    B. He was a rule abiding King
    C. He was a foolish King
    D. He was a wise King


Q27. Do you think that the King took his ‘notion of justice’ too far?

    A. No, he did what a just King would do
    B. Maybe
    C. Yes, he lost his life in the process
    D. Can not determine

Q28. What impression do you form of the crowd of the state?

    A. They were of no good
    B. They were supportive of their King
    C. They were indifferent who was throned
    D. Both (A) and (C)


Q29. The ministers were foolish to ask an idiot about their next King. Do you agree?

    A. Yes
    B. No
    C. Partially
    D. Not clear from the poem


Q30. What is the genre of “The Tale of the Melon City”?

    A. Thriller
    B. Humorous
    C. Ironical
    D. Both (B) and (C)

Answer key for Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 8 – The Tale of Melon City

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 C 11 A 21 C
2 B 12 B 22 A
3 A 13 C 23 D
4 C 14 D 24 A
5 C 15 A 25 B
6 A 16 B 26 C
7 C 17 C 27 C
8 B 18 D 28 D
9 D 19 A 29 A
10 C 20 B 30 D


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