Give a Character Sketch Narrator, Mrs. S and Mrs. Dorling from Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 2 The Address



Character Sketch of Narrator (Author Marga Minco)

The Narrator (Author Marga Minco) is a Jewish girl who faced the pain, sufferings, and losses, including the irreparable loss of her dear mother (Mrs. S) in war. She is a very loving, caring and obedient daughter. She is a brave and courageous girl who faces the challenges of a lonely life after the war was over. She is attached to her mother’s things and after returning to her home city, she goes to Mrs Dorling to claim her mother’s things back. Mrs Dorling’s cold, indifferent and discouraging behaviour further depresses her. She is practical and logical and seeing her mother’s belongings kept distastefully, she decided to forgo everything and return with only her mother’s good memories with her.
The Address Overview – The story is about the human predicament that follows the pre-War and Post-War periods. Mrs. S, who was a Jews was a rich lady. Whereas, Mrs. Dorling was a non-Jews. The girl, daughter of Mrs. S, had lost her house and her mother during the war and now she had decided to come back to take her possessions from Mrs. Dorling, an acquaintance whose address was given by her mother years ago. When she reached the house, the woman treated her with a cold reception and didn’t let her into the house. She decided to go back anyway and then she met her daughter who let her in and told her to wait inside. When she saw all the possessions in front of her, she couldn’t connect with them and decided to leave the house.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Narrator


  1. Who is the narrator in the chapter “The Address”?
  2. How would you describe the narrator’s personality in “The Address”?
  3. What is the narrator’s motivation for investigating the address?
  4. How does the narrator’s perspective change throughout the chapter?
  5. What does the narrator’s interaction with her mother reveal about her character?
  6. Compare the characters of Marga Minco in ‘The Address’ and Doris Pearson in ‘Mother’s day’ in context of their relationship with their mother.


Character Sketch of Mrs. Dorling

Mrs Dorling is an immoral character. She was a neighbour of the narrator a long time ago. She was an extremely rude person whocan be well judged by the way she treated the narrator. She used the author’s and the author’s mother’s belongings like clothes, utensils etc. despite promising to only look after them. She faked complete ignorance when asked if she recognised the narrator. She was dishonest and impolite. She did not invite Marga to her house to treat her like a good guest.

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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mrs. Dorling


  1. Describe the character of Mrs Dorling?
  2. Do you justify Mrs Dorling’s behaviour?


Character Sketch of Mrs. S

Mrs S (narrator’s mother) – Mrs S is shown to be a simple Jewish woman. The war in Holland proved to be a disaster for her. Mrs S was a good homemaker who took pride in her collection of household things such as crockery, cutlery, and upholstery. She took care of them and kept them clean at all times. Before leaving, Mrs S had given her precious and expensive household items to Mrs Dorling with the intention of taking them back after the war was over. But unfortunately, Mrs S didn’t survive the war.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mrs. S

Q1: Discuss the significance of Mrs. S’s pride in her aristocratic past and its impact on her character.
Q2: In what ways does Mrs. S’s character symbolize the strength of the human spirit and resistance against adversity?
Q3: Compare and contrast Mrs Dorling and Mrs S.


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