Give a Character Sketch Aram, Murad, Uncle Khosrove and John Byro from Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse



Character Sketch of Aram

Aram was the ten-year old cousin of Mourad. He was more practical. He was not as crazy as his elder cousin. He was aware of his tribe’s reputation for integrity. World was a delightful magnificence for him. He was fascinated by horses. He was over excited to know that the elder cousin had a horse as horse riding was his passion. He knew that Mourad had stolen the horse but justified the action saying that it was not stealing unless Mourad sold the horse for monetary gain. He was jealous of the bond that Mourad shared with the horse and hoped to have a similar connection someday. He found a way to keep the horse even when he came to know that John Byro was the owner.
The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Overview – The story is about two Armenian boys – Aram and Mourad who belong to the Garoghlanaian family. Their tribe is known for their honesty. They are poor and can hardly earn money for food. They both long to ride a horse. Mourad had stolen a horse from a farmer a month ago. One early morning, he brought it to the window of Aram and asked him to come along for a ride. They rode the horse for many days. When Aram gets to know the horse is stolen, he gets shocked but discounts the stealing in his mind. One day the owner of the horse, John Byro, comes to his house to complain about his missing horse to Uncle Khosrove.
One day on their way back to hide the horse on the deserted vineyard, they meet the owner and feel guilty at the end. The next morning, they returned the horse back to the owner’s barn.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Aram

Q1 Who is Aram in the chapter “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse”?
Q2 How would you describe Aram’s personality in the chapter?
Q3 What is Aram’s relationship with his cousin Mourad?
Q4 How does Aram feel about the white horse they find?

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Character Sketch of Mourad

Mourad is Aram’s thirteen-year-old cousin. He was considered to be crazy and a direct descendent of Uncle Khosrove. He had a special way with animals and even with people. He domesticated the wild horse of John Byro. He repaired the injured wing of a robin bird; he knew how to deal with a horse, and how to soothe a dog. He was able to make them feel calm and safe. He looked after the horse so well that John Byro found it better tempered and healthy on its return. He was fascinated by horses and did not mind breaking the rules to get what he wanted. He chose not to tell Aram that he had stolen the horse to save Aram from the trouble. He chooses to return the horse when he is reminded of his family’s honourable reputation.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mourad

Q1 What are Mourad’s personality traits as portrayed in the story?
Q2 How does Mourad demonstrate his love for animals?
Q3 How does Mourad show his determination and perseverance?


Character Sketch of Uncle Khosrove

Uncle Khosrove was a huge man with a large mustache. He is notorious for his bad temper. He is highly impatient and set aside any problem without even listening to the details. He was forced to leave Armenia and felt that his true home and a part of his identity had been stripped away. He felt a lack of belonging to the new land of Central Valley, California where the Armenians had settled. He possessed a sense of frustrated anger. He would often roar, “It is no matter. Pay no attention to it.” Nothing seemed to be very important to him anymore and nothing was too tragic or urgent. He strictly followed the Garoghlanian honesty


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Uncle Khosrove

Q1 Who is Uncle Khosrove in “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse”?
Q2 How would you describe Uncle Khosrove’s personality?
Q3 What role does Uncle Khosrove play in the story?


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Character Sketch of John Byro

John Byro was a farmer whose horse had been stolen by Mourad. Despite being an Assyrian himself, he had picked up Armenian. He had to cover great miles on foot without his surrey, and he missed his horse terribly. He was a simpleton with blind faith. When he accidentally caught Mourad and Aram and recognized the horse with them to be his stolen horse, he realised that he could not rely on his instincts regarding his own horse. Because he wanted the boys to admit the truth and give the horse back on their own, he refrained from accusing them of stealing his horse. He was worried about the reputation of integrity and honesty of the boys’ family.

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Some Questions on Character Sketch of John Byro

Q1: Who was John Byro? Why was he sad?
Q2: Why John Byro was a happy man?
Q3. Describe John Byro’s personality traits that make him a wise and mature individual.


score full marks class 11