Give a Character Sketch Albert Einstein, Dr Weil and Yuri from Class 11 English Snapshots Book Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at School



Character Sketch of Albert Einstein

Einstein as a student was very frank and fearless. Albert Einstein showed the sparks of genius even at a young age. His way of thinking even at that age was quite mature and practical. He was an exceptional student and had solved not only the entire book of Mathematics but also knew very advanced level math. Albert has an enquiring mind and a curious nature. He had a thirst for information and he liked to study books on science. Einstein was quite considerate about the problems existing in society. His heart ached to see the young boys wasting their time in useless activities. He was very much worried about his career. He did not compromise or adjust to the system of education which encouraged learning without understanding. Albert knew the school was not doing him much good and so he wanted to get away from Munich and go to Milan for admission in a college.
Albert Einstein at School Overview – The lesson “Albert Einstein at School” is an extract from the biography of Albert Einstein, named “The Young Einstein” by Patrick Pringle. In this lesson, Patrick familiarises the reader with those years in Einstein’s life where he was struggling each day in school and as each day passed, the school diploma felt like a far-fetched dream. It throws light upon a few encounters with his teacher, what he felt about the neighborhood he lived in and how he had only one good friend, Yuri. The way Albert strategizes to get out of the miserable place (school) and how things turned around in the end, makes the story even more interesting.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Albert Einstein

Q1: How did Albert Einstein’s classmates and teachers perceive him at school?
Q2 What were some of Albert Einstein’s interests and passions outside of regular school subjects?
Q3 How did Albert Einstein’s personality reflect his non-conformist nature?
Q4 What were some challenges Albert Einstein faced during his school days?

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Character Sketch of Dr Weil

Dr. Ernest Weil was a very young doctor who had recently become a qualified doctor. He was a very kind human being. He was a good friend of Yuri and agreed to help Einstein when Yuri discussed his problem with him. His goodness is visible from the fact that before issuing a certificate for a nervous breakdown, he asked Einstein what he would do after quitting school. When he was satisfied with Einstein’s reply, only then he gave him the certificate. He did not charge a single penny from Einstein for the help, which shows his kind gesture.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Dr Weil

Q1: Who is Dr. Weil in the chapter “Albert Einstein at School”?
Q2: How does Dr. Weil view Albert Einstein?
Q3: What conflicts arise between Dr. Weil and Albert Einstein?


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Character Sketch of Yuri

Yuri is a student of the medical school who is senior to Einstein. Yuri was his only friend with whom he shared his sorrows, concerns and worries. Yuri was the only person who stood by Albert when he was feeling miserable at school and also at his lodging in Munich. Yuri not only comforted him and gave him hope, but he also found a doctor for him who could issue Albert a certificate for a nervous breakdown so that using it Albert could go away from the school, where he had some adjustment issues with his history teacher, Mr Braun.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Yuri

Q1 What is Yuri’s role in the chapter “Albert Einstein at School”?
Q2 How does Yuri’s character differ from Albert Einstein’s?
Q3 How does Yuri’s relationship with Einstein evolve throughout the chapter?
Q4 What are some key characteristics of Yuri’s personality?
Q5 How does Yuri’s character contribute to the overall theme of the chapter?


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